15 Purple Wallpaper Options for the Living Room You Should Check Out

Using purple wallpaper in the living room can be challenging - and yet rewarding. Purple adds drama and purple walls can either serve as a dramatic background or even take the center of the stage with the right pattern.

15 Purple Wallpaper Options For The Living Room You Should Check Out

To help you choose purple wallpaper that's a good fit for your home decor needs, we curated 15 varied examples from Amazon. Take a look at the list and hopefully, it will inspire you to use a purple-hued wallpaper in your living room, in the way that's perfect for your decor needs.

1. Damask Basic Removable Wallpaper by WallsbyMe

Welcome bright pops of purple into your interior and bask in its mesmerizing patterns. In this design, the artist utilizes intricate damask patterns with varying hues of purple.

The wallpaper is available in three different standard design sizes. Make sure to order enough to avoid color differences between different batches of wallpapers. This wallpaper is fully removable and does not require water or paste.

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2. Solid Purple Backsplash

Add a block of purple to your living room with this wallpaper. It features no design or abstracts, offering a gorgeous solid color that will pop up in any setting. This is a great choice if you're looking to hang an interesting set of wall decor items and need a neutral - yet very purple - background that won't steal the show.

The wallpaper is very easy to install: peel it and stick on a smooth surface. There is no need for glue or paste; it is efficient and saves you time. It is fully removable, so experiment with it endlessly and see what ‘sticks.’

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3. Purple Damask Wallpaper by Amao

If you’re a fan of stylish damask patterns and purple color, consider this wallpaper. The background is a dark hue of purple which sharply contrasts the gold and pink motifs. The wallpaper allows the different arrangement of shapes and colors to stand out and adds a touch of playfulness to your living room.

In terms of both installation and maintenance, this wallpaper could be worth the investment. It is easy to install and remove without the use of paste and glue. It is fully waterproof, allowing you to clean it with a moist cloth. In short, it’s the complete package.

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4. Purple Bricks Wallpaper by Womal

This purple wallpaper features a faux brick design that is skillfully designed by an artisan for realism. It utilizes shades of white to add contrast to the dark purple hues to add more definition to the bricks.

The only downside is that the wallpaper is available in only one size: 60 by 30 by 0.8 cm. As a result, you will have to order it in bulk to cover the entire wall.

What makes this wallpaper standout is the use of a soft foam that will absorb the force from any bumps and collisions, an outstanding feature to have if you have children.

Learn more about it here.

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5. Tuscom Shiny Purple

Nothing makes your wall standout like lustrous shine. It screams for attention and is bound to distract your audience from the less desirable areas of your room. It contains PVC material, which provides a combination of durability and longevity. While being durable, the wallpaper is easy to cut using a scissor into smaller pieces to make it fit into smaller places.

The dark purple is a great way to add playfulness to your living room and create an uplifting atmosphere. Furthermore, it is fully removable and does not require glue or paste for application. You can remove it for endless experimentation.

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6. Purple Mermaid Scales by Roostery

Roostery makes it easy to add life and energy to any room, and it is easily one of the best wallpaper makers in the world! Their purple mermaid wallpaper is something the kids will love since it will complement their creative imaginations. The fantastically colorful mermaid scale design will give the kids something to interact with while making your living room stunning.

The wallpaper is PBC free, and FSC certified, making it environmentally friendly and free of toxic materials. One unique feature of the wallpaper is the leathered texture that feels super comfortable to the skin.

You can order the wallpaper here.

7. Purple Wallpaper Stripes by artgeist

This purple striped wallpaper boasts an eye-catching design which is ideal if you wish to make your living room look bigger, or at least create the illusion of a higher ceiling. The sophisticated horizontal stripes feature a blend of neutral colors with purple, a combination that is ideal for living rooms. The contrasting purple and grey colors create a sense of depth and character to your walls.

This abstract is waterproof, allowing you to clean it without damaging the print or texture. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to reposition.

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8. Buffalo Plaid Purple Wallpaper by Spoonflower

Spoonflower is one of the most popular brands known for playful wallpapers with quirky designs. The purple buffalo plaid wallpaper is no different and allows you to introduce the famous checkered design without looking too overpowering. It is available in 5 different standard sizes, including a sample swatch. Make sure to order the wallpaper in bulk to ensure the color is uniform.

The abstract is printed on 100% polyester, which has a host of features such as being eco-friendly and being PVC free. Make sure to install this wallpaper on smooth and flat surfaces.

Learn more about the wallpaper here on Amazon.

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9. Purple Mosaic Pattern by YENHOME

The purple mosaic pattern offers a refreshing look with a tranquil design. Numerous squares contain contrasting hues of pink in light and dark tones. This combination will be an eye-catcher for both homeowners and their guests alike. Whether your room is filled with dark or light colored furniture, the color palette of the wallpaper should work effortlessly in both cases.

The wallpaper itself is feature-rich, being self-adhesive and fully removable. This allows you to reposition for best results.

You can learn more here on Amazon.

10. Purple Flower Wallpaper by Amao

Achieve a relaxed and refreshing interior look into your living room by installing this purple-flowered wallpaper. It will spread positivity to your surroundings and make your guests feel cheerful. The white backdrop is contrasted beautifully by the purple floral designs. Meanwhile, the small bits of greenery add more versatility to the color.

This wallpaper is eco-friendly and fully waterproof, making maintenance easy. The installation process is slightly more complicated, requiring a heat gun and squeegee. But if you like the design, it’s an excellent combination to have.

You can learn more here on Amazon.

11. Purple Damask Wallpaper by DecorationPaper

The grey damask motif is complemented by the visually uplifting dark purple backsplash, which helps create an extravagantly elegant space in your living room. The theme features a detailed illustration of geometric floral patterns that are saturated with purple to create a visually striking look. Our only complaint with the wallpaper is that it isn’t effortless to install and requires adhesive.

Make sure to match the dark purple color with deeper colors to complete the look. You can use traditional furniture with stylish patterns for a more vintage appearance.

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12. Fantasia Nocturnal Wallpaper by Arthouse

Bring the charm of roses into your room with this wallpaper. The artist infused the print with gel glitter to subtly highlight important areas of the wallpaper. It’s never a bad idea to cover large portions of your walls with floral wallpapers, especially if you enjoy the blooms of rose.

The wallpaper will easily take the focal point in your room. But if you’re against the idea of that happening, make sure to add accessories with bright colors. It is optimized to work in darker settings making it ideal for dinner settings. This wallpaper does require paste for installation.  The pattern repeats every 53cm. Only one size dimension is available for purchase: 32.10 ft by 21 inches.

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13. Jhyhome Purple Glitter Wallpaper

If you want to add some sparkle to your living room, it is now easier with this wallpaper. It features an on-trend floral design that perfectly complements your living room with swirling patterns. Everyone, both old and young, will love the simple, shiny design. Having glitter wallpaper such as this one is a great option if you are looking for a beautiful print.

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14. Purple Panoramic Wallpaper by sssxka

Create a stunning feature wall in your living room with this spectacular rose 3D wallpaper. It has fabulous detail with bold colors that will add a contemporary interior to your spaces. By incorporating a range of different colors such as white, purple, and pink hues, this wallpaper allows you to capture the appearance of flowers.

The wallpaper is easy to install, although it does require glue to stick on the wall. It is fully removable allowing you to reposition the wallpaper without damaging the print or color.

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15. Purple Grey Wallpaper by Romosa Wallcoverings

This wallpaper uses a unique combination of grey and purple. The purple provides a strong foundation for the grey patterns inspired by a floral design. This style creates an aesthetic that allows you to add color and depth to your feature wall in the living room.

The wallpaper is fully removable but will require paste to apply on your wall.

You can order it here on Amazon.

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