What to Put Between Two Accent Chairs?

Accent chairs are a favorite piece of furniture for many decorators, but what should you put between them? Two chairs by themselves can look half-finished, yet it can be hard to decide exactly what should go with them. Don't worry, we have exactly the answer you're looking for!

When you need to create a finished space with two accent chairs, consider putting these items between them:

  • Small accent or end table
  • Large ottoman
  • Coffee Table
  • Storage Credenza or Chest
  • Bookcase
  • Floor lamp
  • Entryway Table
  • A walkway

There are several different options listed above, but it can be kind of tricky to use them well. Not only that, but there are plenty of extra ways to use these tips to add to the decor of your home while also rounding out the look you start with your chairs. Keep reading for more information on how to make those accent chairs stand out.

A collage of things you can put between two accent chairs, What to Put Between Two Accent Chairs?

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Small Accent or End Table

A gorgeous modern living room with wooden laminated flooring, blue colored carpet, and two patterned accent chairs

One of, if not the, most popular items to place between two accent chairs is a small accent table or end table. This is a great way to create a small area for conversation. Angle the two chairs towards each other. You can do this just slightly like the picture above to allow for more people to be included or turn them further inward for a more private discussion.


Use a simple pedestal table for a strictly conversational area or find a table with some storage for books and games. A lamp creates a cozy atmosphere or you can place a vase of fresh flowers on the table to bring a bit of the outdoors in. A small table between your accent chairs is a great way to add a few little touches that really make a room feel complete.

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Large Ottoman

An ottoman is a great option for something to put between two accent chairs. Much like the table, this encourages conversation, though with a more laid back vibe. An ottoman is just different enough that it's going to catch attention, drawing people to the accent chairs. Leave a wooden tray on the ottoman for drinks and snacks or leave it empty so family and friends can kick their feet up while chatting.

An ottoman can also be a great opportunity to add an extra flair to your decor. Choose one with velvet to add a bit of luxury or with raw wood for a more rustic vibe. You can also choose to purchase an ottoman with storage for keeping a few extra blankets in.

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Coffee Table

Place two accent chairs facing each other with a coffee table between them and you've created a cozy little space. Friends and family can easily sit and chat, play games like checkers, or quietly read while enjoying being close to each other.

Using accent chairs in this manner is perfect for an odd or awkward spot in your home. It creates a balanced, symmetrical look and gives the hard to decorate space a purpose.  You can easily add ambiance to this look with a candle or a floor lamp behind one of the chairs, as well as make it extra warm and inviting with throw pillows and blankets.

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Storage Credenza or Chest

When you have a large piece of furniture you store things in that you don't use often, it can easily become a bit of an annoyance. Instead of letting it jut out from the wall all by it's lonesome, put a pair of accent chairs around it.

You can still easily access what you have stored, but it won't look as lost as it did before. You can also use the flat top surface for things like a lamp or books. Even if the storage piece is a chest, a table lamp is easily moved to allow you access to what's inside it.

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If you've ever wanted a home library but you've never had enough space then here's your chance to make your own. Put a bookcase between your accent chairs to create a reading nook with your favorite titles at arms reach.

You don't have to use a bookcase just for books, however. You can easily display a favorite collection of items that are special to you as well. Add in a lamp or two for reading light or to draw attention to your display.

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Floor Lamp

If you don't have a ton of room, or even if you do but you don't really want another large piece of furniture in a small space, consider a floor lamp. Using a floor lamp between two accent chairs will still give you that warm and welcoming spot for conversations and reading. The added bonus is that it won't look crowded in a room already full of furniture. And, if it's a small room, it won't take up floor space you don't have.

A floor lamp is a great way to create ambiance in your room as well as further the design style you love. There are many different types of floor lamps to choose from depending on your favorite design and the functionality you need. Check out our ultimate guide post on floor lamps for more information on the different types here.

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Entryway Table

Using a pair of accent chairs in your entryway is a great way to welcome guests. Having the two chairs framing an entryway table is even better. The table can hold lamps, seasonal decorations, and other decors for a cheerful first impression while guests can easily slip off and on their shoes when arriving and leaving your home when they have a chair to sit in.

Using an entryway table with your accent tables can also make a statement as soon as guests enter your home. Use a table that's a different style from your chairs to mix and match looks and set the tone for the rest of your home.

A Walkway

Leaving empty space between two armchairs against a wall is one thing. Leaving that same space intentionally to allow for people to walk through is something entirely different. When you use armchairs across from a sofa or couch like in the picture above, you can separate them to allow easy access to the living space. The addition of the couch and coffee table across from the accent chairs makes everything look polished and complete, so no need to worry about the gap being awkward.

Using accent chairs this way allows for more open floor space, making the room look less cluttered than if you had a set of chairs as well as two couches. It also allows for more design options. You can easily add in textures by choosing a different fabric for your chairs than your couch, as well as colors.

Decorating with Accent Chairs

It can be a bit difficult at first to decide what to pair with your accent chairs so they don't look like they're floating aimlessly in your room. With this list, however, it's perfectly simple to decide what will look best with your chairs in your home. And don't be afraid to mix and match some of the tips above. Decide what will be the most functional for your particular needs and go for it! You'll have a beautiful sitting area in no time.

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