What to Put in an Empty Corner of the Bedroom?

When it comes to putting together your dream room, it feels out of place to have empty space. What do you do if you find yourself in this predicament? If you find yourself with a barren corner, there are a few solutions you could add to pull everything together perfectly.

You could fill an empty corner with:

  • Standing lamp
  • Chair
  • Mirror
  • Coat Rack
  • Corner shelves/bookcase

There are some quick pieces you could find to create a bedroom that doesn't seem overcrowded in one area and empty in another. We're here to help you envision solutions that will fit your space and to answer your questions. Keep reading on for some examples.

Grey armchair next to white cupboard with plants in blue bedroom interior with posters, What to Put in an Empty Corner of the Bedroom?

Selecting What to Put in an Empty Corner

When it comes to figuring out what to add to that bit of space in your bedroom you have tucked away, it's best to think about the design you are going for, as well as the practical things that you need.

In need of storage space? Add shelves or a coat rack to make the empty corner work for you. The same principle applies to all the options, so as we go through, keep in mind what personally will work for you. The possibilities are out there.


Standing Lamp

An easy solution to an empty to corner is a standing lamp. The good news is that this will take up space in small corners while keeping the room well lit. Most lamps are relatively inexpensive, so you can fill a space without hurting your wallet.

Lamps are also something that can be combined with a few other pieces or work solo. It all depends on what you're looking for. Here are some products to help illustrate just the concept we are talking about today.

This product is great as it has a few shelves along with some character. Decorating your room this way, the lamp makes a statement and fills in the corner nicely.

Click here to see this lamp on Amazon. 

Another choice available to you is something like this caged style lamp. The design is modern and sleek. It remains very functional and elevated to make it a perfect choice for the corner.

This product, in particular, is great because the lights are dimmable.

Click here to see this lamp on Amazon.


Probably one of the best things to put in the empty corner of a bedroom is a chair. This could be a nice cozy armchair to read in or just a small butterfly chair. It's best to keep in mind that if the room is already feeling cramped that a chair will only take up more space and make things feel cluttered.

If you have the space in your corner, a chair is a fantastic option.

Chairs that can lean back or have ottomans included are optimal for those who have a big space to fill. This can also allow for some extra storage area if you find a chair with a storage ottoman. The possibilities are endless.

We think pairing a lamp with your chair will make the corner even better, especially for reading.

It's all up to you, but we have a few suggestions on the best options for chairs in your space.

This option has a modern element while remaining cozy. It does take up quite a bit of space but offers ultimate relaxation and high-quality materials.

Click here to see this chair at Amazon. 

If you have a smaller corner to fill or are looking for something to fit a tight budget, we suggest that you look into getting a butterfly chair or adult-sized bean bag. It all depends on the design of your room.

For example, this lovely hexagon folding chair is small but still adds comfort to the corner.

Click here to see this chair at Amazon. 


Speaking of tight spaces, a mirror is one of the best things to put into a room that is cramped and magically make it feel bigger. It's one of the most basic optical illusions for interior design, along with light paint colors and good lighting.

If the only element or piece you want to add into your space is a mirror, then go with a full-length mirror laid vertically in the corner. This will make everything seem bigger and help you select the perfect outfit every time.

The mirror that we recommend is the Rose Home Fashion Frame. It has raving reviews, and it leans. No driving in screws for this quick addition.

Click here to see this mirror on Amazon. 

A mirror or two, along with a chair or lamp in the corner, will open things up and fill in any empty walls.

For tips on where to place mirrors, read our expert article on the subject right here.

This Kole mirror 2-pack is a great way to add a little something extra to your space without paying an arm and a leg.

Click here to see this mirror on Amazon. 

Coat Rack

Choosing a coat rack as the thing to ramp up the space is great for those with not enough closet space. And whoever has that?

This smart solution to your corner can be elevated. We think that some of the options out there today are simply marvelous! While it is true, there are some plain and simple ones; there are plenty of innovative designs that will leave your corner looking fabulous with or without any clothing items on the rack.

Just to show you what we're talking about, we've selected Copree Bamboo Garment Rack. It's a great option because it has shelves in addition to plenty of hanging spots. It's fresh and fun and made to fit in corners.

Click here to view this coat rack on Amazon. 

If you are looking for something a little more simple, we think that the Vasagle Coat Rack is a fantastic option. It has 11 hooks, so it is very functional and is durable because it is made of solid wood.

Click here to view this coat rack on Amazon.

Corner Shelves/Bookcase

These solutions are best for people who have an empty corner but boxes full of things that don't yet have a place to go.

Corner shelves are all the rage now. It's a great idea to get some of these and install them. They can be used as plant holders, a book holder, anything really. They require a bit of installation, as well as drilling some holes to secure them properly. We believe it is so worth it.

The Greenco Wall Mount shelves are the perfect option. They offer five shelves (plenty of surface area for storage) that are practical and well designed.

Click here to view this corner shelf option on Amazon.

Perhaps you are more in the market for shelves designed especially for books and lots of them. We found this fantastic tiered rotating bookshelf that is sure to wow. It fits perfectly in the corner and optimizes storage space.

Click here to view this bookshelf on Amazon. 

Keep in mind that many of the suggestions work well together and individually, so go ahead and experiment!

How Do You Make a Corner Cozy?

Maybe as you've been hunting for your search, you've heard or read about corner cozies and are wondering how to create your own in your empty bedroom nook.

Well, first things first, let's define a corner cozy. It is a designated area of a room that offers its users relaxation and coziness. These areas often have plush chairs, pillows, and blankets. Window spots are usually selected.

Creating one is personal, as what makes one person feel relaxed may not do it for another. Many of the things we have already talked about are included in making one.

To create a corner cozy:

  1. Place a rug
  2. Find a relaxing/comfortable chair
  3. Add a plush throw blanket
  4. Add a few throw pillows
  5. Find a stand or rest to put down a drink or snack when relaxing

With these five things, you have a cozy corner. Personalizing this area with pictures and music can help create the right atmosphere.

Should You Put Your Bed in the Corner?

We've talked about lots of things to put in your bedroom corner, but we haven't talked about the bed. Many designs showcase beds in corners, but is it something you should do?

Mostly, the answer is no. If you sleep alone or have a small space, a bed in the corner could work just fine. However, if there are two people in one bed, one person is a little stuck, and much of the room goes unused.

Studio apartments are where beds are often pushed in corners, as space is limited. If you do have a studio apartment, read our article here on space-saving design tips. 

Putting your bed in the corner is an option, but it is usually only done because of a lack of square footage or as a bold statement. It's not the best thing to use to fill empty corners.

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