Should I Put A Mirror Above My Bed?

Adding mirrors to the decor will brighten up the area and makes it look larger. You may be thinking about whether you should put a mirror above your bed. We have researched the benefits of adding mirrors above the bed and have pulled together the details to help you make the best decor decision for your bedroom.

You can put mirrors above your bed. Mirrors add spaciousness and appeal to the room. Choose lightweight mirrors that are easy to secure. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, look at the sticker style mirrors that adhere to the wall and will not fall. 

Stay with us while we go into further detail about the advantages, and provide a few cautious tips about hanging a mirror above a bed. We'll suggest some different mirror ideas as well as alternative artwork to enhance the bedroom decor.

Bedroom interior in spacious modern apartment with beige design and round mirror above bed, Should I Put A Mirror Above My Bed?

Hang A Mirror Above Your Bed

Hanging a mirror over the bed is a great idea to give your bedroom depth and appealing decor. There are several stylish and practical reasons to hang a mirror, so let's take a look at what positioning the mirror over the bed can do for your bedroom.

Increase Visual Spaciousness

By placing the mirror towards a focal point, it will give the illusion of a larger room. The mirror in this picture is focused on a chandelier giving it a depth that would be missing without the mirror. 

Luxury goth bedroom interior in black and white

Make An Appealing Statement 

Use a contrasting frame like in this photo to bring attention to the mirror and add visual appeal to the room. In this case, the mirror makes a lovely accent piece and coordinates nicely with the wooden chair.

Modern dark style bedroom interior design with mirror above bed

Accentuate the Lighting

Naturally, brighten the room by positioning the mirror above the bed to reflect the lights. Not only will you have a brilliantly lit room, but the mirror allows you to expand your view. 

Waking up in the morning in the bedroom with seascape view window

Use Caution To Hang Mirrors Securely

Your bed is meant to be a soft, comfortable space. Therefore, use caution when selecting the type of mirror and securely hang the mirror over the bed. Here are some helpful tips to help make your mirror choice:

  • Check the contents of the mirror you intent to buy to ensure it comes with the hardware needed to install it. 
  • Locate the wall studs to safely attach the mirror.
  • If there are no studs in that location, you will need to add wall anchors to hang the mirror securely. 

Avoid Heavy Mirrors

It is not wise to hang anything heavy above the head of your bed that could fall on you, especially if you live in an earthquake-prone area. A better idea would be to hang a lightweight mirror to the wall.

Alternatively, adhere a decal above your bed. This decal of the white tree and birds will create a classical nature feeling to the room. 

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Types of Mirrors 

Now that we know what to look for in a mirror, we've got a few suggestions of ideal mirrors to hang above your bed.

Mirror Stickers

If you plan to place a mirror where you don't wish to drill holes to attach it, consider mirror wall stickers. They act just like mirrors but are built out of acrylic, plastic, or glass and stick firmly to the wall.  They are lightweight and are easy to attach and remove from the wall. 

To attach them, remove the film on the back and stick them to the wall where you want them. Then remove the protective film on the front to see the flawless mirror. You can place these circular mirror stickers in strategic places above your headboard to create your own design. 

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Flashy Mirrors

Bring in the sun with this lightweight, sunburst wall mirror. This design not only refracts light to brighten your room, but you'll feel like you see the sunrise overhead every day when you wake.

Click here to see this sunburst on Amazon.

Mirror Mosaic

Adhesive mirror mosaics are great for adding your own design above your bed. Choose various shapes and sizes, from square to honeycomb to wavy. The mirrors featured below are made from lightweight materials.

Click here to see wavy mirror stickers on Amazon.

What Should I Put Above My Bed That is Not a Mirror? 

Maybe a mirror isn't going to work for your bedroom. Here are some neat ideas for that can really accentuate the wall space above your bed.

Wall Decor

Add the moon phases to your bedroom decor. This hanging garland is perfect for above the bed. Make sure to center the moon phases above the bed so that it gives a balanced look. 

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Add a favorite painting above your bed to compliment your favorite duvet cover. This white orchid art print is perfect for a classy style, and the monochrome tones make a bedroom feel cozy.

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A dandelion brings whimsy into your bedroom.

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Wall Hanging

Use a macrame wall hanging to create a sanctuary. This bohemian texture adds visual appeal to the room and can replace a headboard. For more Bohemian theme ideas, look at our article "51 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas." 

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Quote Decals

Put your favorite quote above your bed to make you smile each time you wake. Here's an example of a quote decal that you can stick directly to the wall. It is easy to use and will not damage your walls when removed.

See this decal on Amazon.


Add intrigue to your bedroom with a mural painted directly on the wall. Here is an example of a sunrise mural that really makes the room glow.

Decorative Signs

Hang a wooden sign with a nostalgic quote to remind you to sleep well.

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Dream Catchers

Catch those dreams with these handmade dreamcatchers above your pillows.

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How Far Above A Headboard Should You Hang A Picture?

Keep a distance between eight to ten inches between the top of your headboard and the bottom of the art you are hanging. For example, the photos in this picture are about eight inches above the headboard. With a distance of more than ten inches, the artwork will not flow with the decor.

Should I Cover My Bedroom Mirror At Night?

A mirror can reflect light to keep you awake. It can also distort images from dark shadows to make you a bit jumpy. If you discover that either of these issues disturbs your sleep, you should cover the mirror at night or remove it completely. But, if you are a sound sleeper and none of the mirror's reflections disturb you, there is no need to cover it at night.

In Closing

Mirrors can enhance the bedroom. They make the room seem larger and add visual interest to the wall space. If unable to hang a mirror, you now have other ideas to hang above the bed for aesthetic appeal.

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