Can You Put A TV On Top Of A Dresser?

Choosing the best place to locate your TV can sometimes be confusing. If you're wondering whether or not you can put your TV on top of a dresser, you're on the right page. We have researched the topic and have the answer for you below!

Yes, you can put a TV on top of a dresser. But dressers are often too low or too tall to be used as a TV stand.

Even though you may find your dresser a convenient spot, it is vital to consider safety measures to prevent it from tipping over, especially when you have kids at home.

If your dresser isn't stable and properly adjusted, a television or a dresser falling over may harm and endanger your kids. Keep reading to know more about keeping your dresser safe if you decide to put your TV over it.

Can A Dresser Safely Hold A TV?

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Kids are too short of reaching anything from tall dressers and furniture, causing tip-over incidents.

Fortunately, these possibilities are avoidable only if you make intelligent choices when purchasing a dresser or making the proper adjustments.

Things To Consider When Buying Or Replacing Dressers

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Always look for the best quality of any furniture you buy! Here's a quality checklist for you:

  • Choose dressers made of solid wood.
  • Look for a dresser with screwed joints. One good example of a joint is dovetailed.
  • Look for dressers with automatic drawer stops.

You can keep your dressers and televisions stable and adequately set up to avoid unpleasant incidents. If you think your dresser is the best spot for your television, there are steps you can follow to prevent the risks of tip-overs.

TV And Dresser Tip-Over Prevention Tips

Here are techniques to prevent your television and dresser from tipping over:

Anchor Your TV And Dresser Safely

You can purchase and install safety straps to anchor your TV on the wall or to the back of your properly anchored dresser.

These straps will catch the object before it can cause danger to you and your child. It is best to use two anchors for your television and dresser separately.

See here the safety strap kit on Amazon.

Lock Your Drawers

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Your kids may open dresser drawers from time to time, which can cause severe damage if your dresser tips over or your television over your dresser falls. We recommend that you use a lock to childproof your dresser drawers.

Click here to see cabinet strap locks on Amazon.

Use Brackets And Safety Straps For Your Dresser

A television anchored on a dresser and strapped safely on the wall is double protection for your kids. This idea may be best for you if you want to place your TV on top of a dresser.

Organize Your Drawers

Place heavier stuff on the lowest drawers of your dresser and put the lighter objects in the higher drawers.

Consider Purchasing Dressers With Solid Bases

Dressers with solid bases and broader legs are sturdy. Children cannot move them quickly.

Keep Things And Toys From Your TV

Keep away anything near or beside your television and dresser that may interest your kids.

Television alone can trigger their curiosity, and it's best to keep away toys and fun stuff that may grab their attention. Avoid placing toys, gadgets, and remote controls on your dressers and furniture.

Recycle Your Old TV

If you still own an old Tv model, consider recycling them. Tube televisions are heavy and bulky, and putting them on top of your dressers isn't a good idea.

Talk Over Safety Measures With Your Child

Please help your child or children understand the consequence of their playful actions. Tell them the risk they can get with climbing dressers and other furniture.

A safety talk between you and your kids will help them know the dangers of tip-over accidents.

Ensure All Cords Are Out Of Sight And Out Of Reach

Keep electrical wires and cords off the floor and away from your kid's reach. If you place your television over a dresser, kids may easily trip over cables on the floor, and this may cause your TV to fall over. It will help you avoid future accidents like this by tucking wires securely.

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How To Strap Your Television To Your Dresser (Step-by-Step Guide)

As we have discussed above, an easy way to safely secure your television from falling is to strap it to your dresser or furniture. Safety television straps or anti-tip straps will do the job for you! How do safety straps work?

Here are easy steps to follow in securing your TV and dresser using safety or anti-tip straps:

  1. Connect the two straps at the back of your television using a screwdriver.
  2. Connect each strap at the back of your dresser using a driller, and use two-leg bolts to secure the connection item to a stud on your wall.
  3. Glide the strap's latch into the connection piece and tighten it to secure your TV and furniture, thus creating a safer TV room for your children.

There are also different types of safety strap materials that you can choose from depending on the weight of your dresser and television.

  • Plastic Straps: These straps are designed to hold furniture and can hold off a pull of up to 150 lbs.
  • Metal Straps: Also designed to hold pieces of furniture, these straps can hold off a load of up to 400 lbs.
  • Nylon: These nylon straps with metal anchors can hold off televisions and furniture with a load of up to 400 lbs. A purchase comes with a 6-month warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

Check out these Anti Tip Straps on Amazon.

Other Options To Locate Your Television Safely

You may decide to put your television on top of your dresser but may want to consider other options on where to place your TV.

Here are safer options for you:

Mount Your TV On The Wall

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A television mounted on the wall will prevent tip-over accidents not just for children but also for adults. The brackets will secure your flat-screen TV on the wall. You can also add TV safety straps on your wall mount to make it more secure.

Remember to read this post: How High To Mount A TV In The Living Room for more insight?

How Much Does It Cost For TV Wall Mount Installation?

The average installation cost of a television mount ranges from $100 to $300, depending on the television size, bracket type, and labor cost.

Price may vary depending on how accessible the work will be!

Purchase Or Use A Low And Sturdy TV Stand

A sturdy and balanced TV stand is a good idea for your television. Ensure that you strap your television on your TV stand and mount it on a wall.

We recommend that your TV stand be 3-6 wider or longer than your television for safety purposes.

With a more extended TV stand size, the possibility of having the appliance toppling over your kids will decrease. Moreover, when you purchase a TV stand, consider its weight limits.

Please check out this other post for more information: Should TV Stand Be Wider Or Longer Than TV?

To Finish Up

Dressers are lovely furniture designed to beautify your room, and you can use them for multiple purposes, such as storage areas for your stuff at home.

There may be better options to place your television, but with modifications and set-up management, you can safely put your television on a dresser.

Please remember the tips we have shared to prevent tip-over incidents and choose the best safety straps to secure your TV and dresser.

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