Quartzite Vs Marble Vs Quartz Countertops: Pros, Cons & Design Considerations

Whether you’re just starting to build your kitchen or you’re renovating, choosing a high-quality countertop is essential. Are you considering marble, quartzite, or quartz as options? If you are looking at these three and you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one, you are in the right place. We have done our research to help you decide.

Marble countertops are durable and resistant to heat. Having this as a countertop will add value to your home. However, because this stone is porous, etching and staining may be a problem, hence sealing marble is a must to keep it in top shape for a long time.

Quartz has almost unlimited colors and styles which is great for a contemporary kitchen or bathroom. Because this is engineered and non-porous, a quartz countertop is durable and can last a long time without special maintenance. Unlike quartzite though, quartz is not heat resistant.

Quartzite has the look of marble but is more durable than the latter. It is versatile and low maintenance. Being a natural stone, it is also resistant to UV and heat. However, like marble, quartzite is also porous and needs to be sealed or else it’ll be prone to scratches and stains.

In this post, we will discuss each material in detail. We will weigh the pros and cons of each individually. Later on, we will give you design ideas for your countertops. Continue reading for more details on these countertop options.

A comparison between Quartzite, Marble and Quartz countertops, Quartzite Vs Marble Vs Quartz Countertops: Pros, Cons & Design Considerations

Considering Durability

Stone has been the go-to material for countertops. This is because of its durability. It has proven to withstand the test of time.

When it comes to countertops, three types of stone often come to mind - marble, quartz, and quartzite.


Beautiful kitchen in new luxury home with waterfall quartz island

Quartz is known to be durable. It is engineered to last a long time.  If your kitchen is always buzzing and often used, you should pick this one as it is known to resist scratches, stains, and chips.

However, quartz countertops are not heat resistant, so be careful with them and don't place any hot pans directly on top of them.


Marble countertop in modern open plan apartment kitchen

Marble and granite are the most popular choices for countertops, whether they be in the kitchen or the bathroom. It is known for its strength as well, however, it should be sealed annually to make sure that no liquids penetrate the stone.  Moreover, sealing will prevent the marble from staining.

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This countertop is also known to resist heat, so there are no problems putting your hot pot or pans on top of it. It won’t crack but of course, be careful putting pans that are straight out of the stove or oven on top of your countertops.


A kitchen island with a blue quartzite slab top

Quartzite is a natural stone that looks like marble and granite. It is also very durable as it is known to resist heat and water. It also has high resistance to acid, so etching will not be a problem.

Quartzite is harder than glass so it can scratch glasses, not the other way around. If you are planning on building an outside kitchen, you want to get quartzite countertops as these are resistant to UV rays as well.

Some quartzite is porous, which means they absorb water and are not resistant to watermarks and other stains. Because of this, sealing the stone is necessary.

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All three are durable materials but keep in mind that quartz is susceptible to heat compared to the other two.

Considering Your Budget

When you are looking for quartz countertops, you need to prepare your pockets. Materials alone can cost between $50 and $100 per square foot. This excludes installation. There are several factors that affect the price of quartz countertops like the number of slabs, the color of the stone, and the quality of the slab.

Quartzite is a bit more expensive than quartz. For most projects, quartzite costs between $80 and $210 per square foot. This is the average for a 30 – 40 square foot area of material and labor cost. The size and location of the project affect the overall price though.

Most marble slabs will set you back around $60 per square foot. However, the price can easily range from $40 to $100 per square foot. The amount of money you pay for marble is dependent on some factors like the marble’s edge treatment, grading, and of course labor costs.

It is important to note that several people may be needed to install your countertop since these stones are heavy. Moreover, special machines and tools may be needed to complete the job, so you need to factor these into your budget.

A Look at Each Stone’s Colors and Style


Quartzite is a natural stone that resulted from sandstone being subjected to extreme heat caused by tectonic plate compression. These stones are cut into slabs after mining, then treated for durability.

Quartzite is a good choice for areas with high traffic like kitchens, bathrooms, and more. This stone comes in many different colors like grey, white, pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and brown. These colors are the results of the presence of iron and minerals in the stone.

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This countertop is becoming trendy nowadays as it is not only durable but also stylish. This quartzite counter above gives off coastal vibes. The simple quartzite blends well with the grey backsplash. This particular color also goes well with white, dark blue, and dark grey colored kitchens.

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The gold veins in the quartzite bathroom countertop looks luxurious and chic.  In this example, gold ties up the overall theme of the bathroom.  Because of this, the countertop's design is not over-the-top but rather stylish and elegant. 

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Do you have neutral-colored kitchen? The multi-colored quartzite countertop above will surely add spice to your dining space.  Adding a bit of color to your kitchen through the countertops will make it more vibrant and exciting. As you know, a little contrast creates drama in a simple space.


This rock is made of calcite and dolomite. They have different sizes and amounts of veins depending on where they came from. The stones are polished and treated to become beautiful and sparkly countertops.

The color of marble varies. There are white, grey, black, crème, red, blue, brown, green, and yellow marbles from different parts of the world. What draws people to marble is the veining which adds character to your design.

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The advantage of this stone is that suits both trendy and classic designs. In the example above, the white marble top gives a clean, crisp, and timeless appeal to the bathroom. The dark veins of the marble add to the overall theme of the room, as it goes well with the elements from the mirror to the cabinets, down to the floor. 

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Blue marble countertops are trendy nowadays. As shown above, it matches well with this contemporary kitchen. Blue, like green, is such a calming color that's good for the kitchen as it evokes a warm vibe. You'll feel relaxed cooking and dining in this kitchen.

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Green is not a common countertop color. However, green looks easy on the eyes so it works surprisingly well. Moreover, a green marble countertop adds coolness to the ordinary white kitchen. Try this look for a nature-inspired kitchen.


Quartz is considered engineered stone as they are made of ground quartz and resin. Because they are engineered, they’re available in many colors and styles. These countertops also come in various colors. The most popular ones are black, grey, white beige, and brown.

Because there are many colors to choose from, the design options can be almost unlimited.  The designs of quartz countertops are leaning toward contemporary, so if you have a more traditional style, this one may not suit your taste.

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Speaking of modern style, this dark quartz countertop modernizes a classic wood-inspired kitchen. The matte finish of the countertop above adds an expensive look to the kitchen. 

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This quartz countertop adds a modern twist to your neutral-colored kitchen.  Though white is good, too much of it can be boring and blinding at the same time.  This grey and white countertop adds dimension to the kitchen as well. 

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The grey quartz countertop above matches the grey and white kitchen nicely. If you like the monochromatic look, this style is for you. It is simple yet looks well put together.

In terms of colors and style, there will be more options for a quartz countertop than marble and quartzite.

Which Countertop Is High Maintenance?

An advantage of a quartzite countertop is it is low-maintenance. When you have sealed the stone, cleaning will be easy. You don’t need to use harsh chemical-based cleaners, wiping with mild dishwashing soap and warm water is enough to maintain this countertop.

Quartz countertops being non-porous doesn’t require special care too.  Marble countertops are also not high maintenance. However, bear in mind that sealing the slabs will add protection and will make both countertops easy to clean and maintain.

To Sum It All Up

Kitchen island counter top with bar stools and decorator items

Quartzite, marble, and quartz are all great countertop options. Each has pros and cons in terms of durability, style color, and price.

Choosing one will depend on your needs and the style you want your bathroom or kitchen to put on display. If your kitchen is always busy, you may want to go with quartz countertops. If you are leaning towards durable countertops that come with timeless designs, pick marble. When you want to build a kitchen that’s exposed to the sun, and resists heat very well, choose quartzite.

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