21 Ranch House Front Porch Ideas To Inspire You

The front porch is an iconic symbol of comfort and warmth. Decorating a ranch house front porch can feel a bit overwhelming, especially depending on the size. Large or small, any front porch can come to life with a few key design points.  No matter what your style, the most important elements of a successful front porch combine layering, a combination of different textures, and potted plants.

The front porch needs to be welcoming and add curb appeal.  Whether you are trying to find inspiration for a new build or add some pizazz to an oldie, we have 21 ranch house front porch ideas to help you get started. 

A front porch of a country home with rattan chairs incorporated with white chairs and throw pillows blending the cold and natural environment, 21 Ranch House Front Porch Ideas To Inspire You

1.  Traditional Earth-Toned Warmth

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A front porch of a country home with rattan chairs incorporated with white chairs and throw pillows blending the cold and natural environment

In this Craftsman bungalow-inspired porch, the tile floor and rock accents add color but remain with more natural earth tones. Traditional wicker furniture adds warmth. The white cushions break up the wood elements. You can add more flair with any colored pillow, but here the designer has chosen a neutral and subtle light green.

A more durable outdoor option for wicker can hold up to moisture - check out this chair set on Amazon.

2.  Mid-Century Modern Meets Welcoming

Luxurious single storey mansion with wooden sidings, decorative stone cladding, and a trellis design in the background

Mid-century modern architecture is known for simplicity. This front porch stays simple with plants, a rug, and a bench. The lines are clean and the colors are natural.

3.  Traditional Inspiration

An elegant front porch of a house with wall painted in beige incorporated with metal wooden chairs

This traditional rancher uses the black, white, and wood color combination that is very popular today. This is a classic look that keeps things simple and warm. The red accents in flowers and pillow cushions add a pop of color.  

4.  Bringing Inside Outdoors

Utilizing outdoor space for inside space can add square footage in warmer climates or during warmer seasons in cold climates. Here we have outdoor dining, additional seating, and plants, making for the ultimate entertaining space.

5.  Seasonal Inspiration

A Halloween themed front porch with maple leaves and pumpkins displayed at the door step

Even without a covered porch, this front entry invites guests to come on up and celebrate. Holiday or seasonal decorating can inspire vignette concepts and add stacking and themes that can be used any time of the year.

6.  Small But Mighty

A small front porch does not mean that you can't decorate. This small space packs a punch with a hand-painted sign, wreath, flower pots, and a rug. Layering on the step adds dimension, making the space feel larger than it is.

Wreaths can really help to provide a welcoming feel to the porch - check this one out on Amazon.

7.  Farmhouse Fabulous

This example of farmhouse simplicity combines black, white, and wood accents. The gray bricks on the floor keep the neutral pattern. Potted plants warm up the space.

8.  Porch Swings 

What blog about porches would be complete without a front porch swing?  Here the designer has included plants, pillows, and a throw to complete the welcoming feel. A side table and candles help to polish off the look without being over the top. 

A traditional Amish porch swing that will make any front porch feel like home. Click here to see this swing on Amazon.

9.  Perfect for a Cup of Coffee

Some spaces have just enough room for a small table and a couple of chairs, a perfect space for a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. Here, adding different textures like metal, cotton, wicker, and glass keeps the space interesting.

10. Earthy Neutral

A different take on bringing the inside, outside. The large corner couch and coffee table allow for entertaining to continue outside. The neutral earthy tones are paired well with several plants potted in a variety of textures. The double-layered rugs bring the whole look together.

11.  A Touch of Vintage

This vintage-inspired porch combines macramé, metals, jute, and plants to invoke a welcome feel from a different era. Every porch has room for a string of lights. 

Get the vintage bohemian look with these throw pillows -click here to see them on Amazon.

12.  Ode to Scandinavia

Some of the key characteristics of Scandinavian design are clean lines and combining natural elements. Here the leather ottoman, rock trivet, and jute single person swings do just that.

13. Simple, Clean Lines

This porch design has an overall French-country feel with its delicate lines but combines other elements including farmhouse and traditional to give an overall cohesive feel. Most of the color is found in the flowers themselves and the look is completed with a handmade sign and wreaths on the doors.

14.  Rustic Curb Appeal

For those that love a rustic feel to their ranch home, this porch adds non-matching old-school rocking chairs and a bench that invites one in to sit and sip on some iced tea. A combination of woods and some hanging plant baskets keep the space clean, but interesting.

15.  Romance and Practicality

The curtains in this design are practical in shading the porch when the sun is not optimal but provides a romantic vibe in doing so. A wood flower box placed strategically on a black metal table, and a green wreath hung on old white shutters, help to draw your attention around the space.

16. Entertaining with Style

For those of you blessed to have a very large front porch, this is a perfect example of how to set up different areas to entertain and still maintain a cohesive feel. An eating area, double seating and a love seat provide optimal use of the space, while flowers, candles, rugs, and throw blankets keep the area warm and inviting.

17.  Monochrome Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Church pews have become a popular accessory on long porches. They make great seating and pillows help to improve comfort. This homeowner has chosen an overall white color pallet for a classic feel. 

18. Simple and Sweet

Not every porch requires an elaborate display. This homeowner has kept it simple with the necessities: a bench, potted plants, a throw pillow, and a rug. The neutral colors complement the red brick house.

19. Bold and Beautiful

This porch combines southern and rustic for an inviting combination. The bold rug and the wood ceiling, combined with the feminine swing and flower arrangements prove that just about anything can work on the front porch.

20. Antique Charm

Antiques always add warmth to a space. The old trunk, wicker seating set, and dining chair have the flair of days of old, but more contemporary plants and throw pillows keep it from feeling dusty.

21. Rockin' Front Porch

Rocking chairs are a classic look for any porch, even a very narrow one like this. Here the homeowner has kept the timeless vibe but updated it with very in buffalo plaid throw pillows and strings of white lights. 

Get the look with this rocker from Shine Company -click here to see it on Amazon

For tips on hanging porch lights, check out our blog, "How to Hang String Lights on a Porch."

Anything Goes

In summary, anything goes for ranch house front porches. It is important to find some theme that will pull the look together; this is achieved through color or style. Whether your desired look is romantic, farmhouse, traditional, or Scandinavian, keep things simple. Pops of color are appealing, but neutral tones give a timeless feel.

In order to keep interest, and warmth, layer and stack items of varying textures, and don't forget a few potted plants. These tips are sure to help you achieve the ranch-style front porch look you desire, that invites your guests to come and sit - the best use of any front porch. 

For even more inspiration for front porches check out our blog, "100 Fabulous Front Porch Ideas."

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