21 Ranch House Siding Ideas To Inspire You

Ranch houses are a truly American architecture style. These low one-story ramblers became popular after World War II as the spread from city-living to suburbia grew. Because of their abundance and prevalence, ranch house design is as varied as the towns where they are located. We’ve put together 21 images of different ranch houses and highlight the choices made for their exterior siding. So let’s take a look at these beautiful homes we found.

Stunning gray single storey ranch house with polished windows, orange front door, and gray roofing, 21 Ranch House Siding Ideas To Inspire You

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1. Grey Shiplap Siding With Grey Rock Accent

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A modern styled ranch house with black painted wood siding an asphalt shingle roofing

This small classic rancher is given a contemporary update with the use of popular grey colors. The wood plank siding is painted rich charcoal. On the lower half of the exterior wall, a large darker charcoal stone facing provides constant. The doors and eave framing are painted dark teal, and the window trim is white.

2. Red Brick With Light Blue Shutters

A large long span house ranch house with light beige painted sidings

Redbrick ranchers are a classic staple in neighborhoods populated with ranch-style homes. Here, this sprawling brick home has a kick of color. The shutters are painted a bright robin’s egg blue. This accent is sure to make this home stand out from the look-alikes down the block.

3. Yellow Plank Siding And Earthen-Toned Stone

A stunning light yellow painted wooden sidings ranch house with wooden shingle roofing

This home is beautifully landscaped to show off its gorgeous siding. The yellow planking contrasts nicely with the earthen-toned stone facade. Using two different materials adds depth that might not be there if the home were all plank siding. Even the shingle color creates a cohesive exterior look.

4. Painted White Brick With Black Shutters

A long span ranch house with white painted wooden sidings and an asphalt shingle roofing

A popular look for ranch homes is to paint the brick. Here, the brick is painted a stark and beautiful white tone. Black shutters on the roof contrast so nicely with the dark shutters. In addition, the landscaping is simply gorgeous.

5. Craftsman Touches On A Ranch Home

A modern ranch house with green painted siding, shingle roofing, and brick stone decorative cladding

Craftsman-style bungalows are known for their combination of wood siding, interesting wood trim, and stone exteriors. Here, those craftsman touches have been used on a ranch home. Whether you’re building new or renovating, you can have the craftsman exterior you love with the rambling space of a ranch house.

6. White Plank Siding With Red Shutters

A small single storey house with white wooden sidings, red window shutters, and weathered shingle roofing

There’s something so satisfying about a white home with beautiful red shutters. This look is both classic and stylish. If you paint your front door the same red, all the neighbors will slow to look at your beautiful home.

7. Paint Your Home A Soft Blue For Soothing Vibes

Exterior of a light blue painted ranch house built near the woods

This lovely little ranch home covered with vertical wood siding is painted a soft dusty blue. The color is soothing, and stands out, and works well with the gorgeous home landscaping. White trim adds to the look.

8. Choose A Unique Trim And Door Colo

A huge and stunning beige painted wooden sidings and asphalt shingle roofing

On this cute ranch home, the owner chose a soft neutral yellow for the overall siding trim. But they took it next level with the addition of a bold turquoise for the trim and front door. It’s a combination that’s not typical but gorgeous all the same. We love it.

9. Keep It Simple With Tones Of White

A stunning and breathtaking ranch house with mint green painted wooden sidings

This ranch house has the lovely addition of a large backyard deck. The deck’s stain is a cherry wood color, but the home itself is elegant in neutrals. Two shades of white were chosen for use on the siding and the trim colors. In addition, a soft grey shingle has been chosen for the roof, giving the home an overall pleasing appearance.

10. Green Siding And Red Brick

A good looking ranch style house with green painted wooden sidings

In this cute ranch home, the siding is bold emerald green. The white trim really makes the color pop, and the lower half of the walls’ red brick grounds it all back down to the earth. This look is a stand-out for a fun neighborhood where HOA’s aren’t going to dictate you stick with boring beiges.

11. Shades Of Brown For A Soothing, Traditional Look

Exterior of a nice looking ranch house with light brown painted sidings, brown shingle roofing, and a huge driveway

This is a pretty classic color combination. Light brown vinyl siding pairs with white trim and darker brown shutters on this classic ranch home. The roof shingles are a nice medium brown that sits between the two other browns. There are also accents of white in the trim and the columns, which complete the crisp look of this home.

12. Light Blue Siding With Black Shutters And Roof

A blue colored exterior of a ranch style house with wooden sidings, black window shutter, and a spacious lawn

This simple ranch house has a nice and neat appearance. A pleasing light blue pairs with rich black shutters and similar black shingles on the roof. White trim on the porch railing and front door rounds out the look.

13. Light Greyish Green Siding With A Deep Red Front Door

A stunning contemporary single storey ranch house with gray shingle roofing

This pretty neutral greenish-grey looks gorgeous against the greens of the landscaping. A blend of siding and brick and trim are all painted in the same color, and as you can see, the look is great. To make things pop, the homeowner chose a red for the door that works with the color of the maple trees in the front yard. This is an overall pleasing combination.

14. Beige Siding With Bold Green Trim

A stunning light white painted wooden siding ranch house built near the woods

If you love a bit of color but don’t want to overdo it, take a look at this home’s exterior. The garage doors and siding are all painted in a soft, neutral beige, but strategic trim and gutters have been painted bold green. It’s a unique look that elevates the house above other color combinations.

15. Light Creme Overall Paint Color With Slightly Darker Tan Trim

A contemporary ranch style house with beige painted sidings, shingle roofing, and a freshly mowed lawn

Here’s an elegant and updated ranch home. We love the soft creme-colored exterior used on the siding. But what is really fabulous is how they’ve taken this color and darkened it up just a shade or two for the window trim. It gives this elegant home an even more elegant look.

16. Make It Fun

A country side ranch house with beige painted wooden sidings, green painted window shutter, and shingle roofing

Do you have a tiny ranch home that you want to stand out? Why not make it fun with bright colors. Here, the overall siding is bright white. The trim color chosen is bright dark lime green, and for the front door, they’ve chosen bold orange. It’s the kind of home you drive by and think, “I want to know those people; they seem like fun.”

17. Soft Grey Stone With Chocolate Brown Shutters And Upper Siding

An impressive contemporary ranch house with a white painted garage door

This home has incredible curb appeal. Between its gorgeous plantings, its soft grey stone, and the homeowner’s choice of a rich chocolate brown shade for the siding and shutters, it screams elegance. This is both subtle and refined and a great choice for a ranch-style home.

18. Bold Grey With Bright Orange Trim

Stunning gray single storey ranch house with polished windows, orange front door, and gray roofing

This updated ranch sports a cool medium grey color as the main house color. But what makes it so interesting is the choice of trim color. Bright orange paint radiates from the front door and also on the window trim. It’s eye-catching and modern and a really fun way to spruce up an older ranch home.

19. Stone Siding Is An Easy Way To Change Up A Ranch Home

A countryside ranch house with stone decorative cladding in the front porch

Stone siding isn’t necessarily made of stone. Nowadays, there are so many realistic-looking types of stone siding that are as easy to install as vinyl siding. Here it’s used to great effect on a classic one-story ranch rambler. We really love the way the stone has been framed with bold green trim that is a great contrast to the mushroom grey color of the home.

20. Bright White Paint With Denim Blue Garage Door And Trim

Light green painted wooden sidings ranch style house with a breathtaking landscaping

This lovely little home has great color sense. A bright shiny white adorns the exterior. But the best part is the rich denim blue used on the trim and garage door. The shingles are a soft light grey that blends in perfectly to the overall aesthetic to top it off.

21. Bright Red House With White Trim

A long span bent red painted wooden sidings, ranch house with glass windows, and a gorgeous garden

Bright red houses look so beautiful out in the countryside. So why not bring that bright red paint to your neighborhood and your ranch-style home. Sprinkle it with white trim, and your home will make you happy every time you head up the driveway.

Ranch Homes Can Be As Unique As You

Stunning gray single storey ranch house with polished windows, orange front door, and gray roofing, 21 Ranch House Siding Ideas To Inspire You

As you can see, there are a huge variety of color and siding combinations you can choose for your ranch home. Whether you go bright or beige, we hope something here got you thinking about your perfect siding choice.

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