How To Reboot An App On Samsung TV [Step By Step Guide]

Has an app on your Samsung TV malfunctioned? Don’t worry; we have researched the topic to provide you with relevant information on rebooting the app.

You can reboot an app on Samsung TV by switching to another app.

Samsung’s operating system can only process one application at a time, so closing the malfunctioning app and opening a new one would force the malfunctioning app to close.

Below is a step-by-step guide to rebooting an app on your Samsung TV:

  1. Close the app you would like to reboot.
  2. Open another application from the home screen.
  3. Wait for the new application to load completely.
  4. Return to the home screen.
  5. Reopen the previous app.

Continue reading as we discuss the other methods you can try if you want to reboot an application on your Samsung TV. We also discuss other related topics. With that said, let’s dive right in!

How To Reboot An App On Your Samsung TV

A UHD Smart TV produced by Samsung on display, How To Reboot An App On Samsung TV [Step By Step Guide]

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You can try several methods to reboot an application on your Samsung TV. The quickest way is to close the app you want to reboot, then proceed to launch another application.

Most Samsung TV operating systems can only process one application at a time. The new app will supersede the previous program if you close one app and open another. This process essentially reboots the closed app.

Some Samsung TVs have multi-screen settings. It is important to note that this method will not work if you use a multi-screen view. You must close the application and launch a new one for the method to work.

Follow these steps to restart the app:

1. Close The App

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Close the application by pressing the back button on the remote until you reach the home screen. You can also choose to click the home screen button.

2. Open Another Application

Social media application icons on the Samsung smart TV

While on the home screen, browse the list of applications on your TV and launch one. You can choose any application that was not pre-installed on the device.

3. Wait For The Application To Load

After launching the new application, allow it to launch fully before closing it again.

Allowing the new application to launch fully is essential in this rebooting method since it ensures that the new application overwrites the previous application in the operating system.

4. Return To Home Screen

Samsung smart TV with video streaming apps

Return to the home screen once the new application launches. Again, you can do this by clicking the back or home screen button.

5. Reopen The Previous App

E-Tuner app on a Samaung smart tv

Locate the previous application that you wanted to reboot on the home screen. Click on the icon and wait for the app to launch again.

These steps ensure that the TV’s operating system launches the app you’d like to reboot from the start rather than running it in the background. In essence, it refreshes the TV’s memory.

How Do I Force Quit An App On Samsung TV?

There are instances where the TV’s operating system can prevent you from moving to the home screen, either due to a lagging application, a screen on freeze, or a malfunctioning app. You may need to force quit the app to remedy the malfunctioning system when this happens.

To force quit a malfunctioning application on your Samsung TV, locate the Return/Exit button on either side of your remote control.

Long-press this button for at least 2 seconds and wait for a screen to pop up.

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The pop-up screen will ask for confirmation before proceeding to exit the application. Click ‘yes’ and wait for the application to close.

Like a reboot, force quit refreshes the operating system’s memory and shuts down any running applications.

What To Do If Samsung TV App Keeps Crashing

Smart TVs do not shut down fully when you press the power button. Instead, their operating systems keep running in the background on hibernation mode. This setting controls the user from waiting long while the TV starts.

While this setting is convenient for the user, applications running in the background fail to restart. Consequently, their problems may persist even after a ‘shutdown.’

So, if an application on your Samsung TV crashes or freezes, and closing and reopening it or the rebooting method discussed above do not resolve it, you may need to cold boot the TV.

Cold booting entails completely shutting down the entire TV and allowing the device to start up again.

Below is a simple guide you can follow when conducting a cold boot on your TV.

Cold Boot From The Power Source

Remove power plugs on electrical socket

Close your smart TV and remove the device plug from the electrical socket to cold boot it directly from the power source. From there, wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging the television back again.

Cold Boot Using The Remote Control

Hand holding remote control showing streaming channel selection for movies and entertainment programs at home

Long-press the power button to cold boot, your TV using the remote control, wait for the screen to shut down, and restart it again. It can take about 5 seconds to cold booting your smart TV using the remote control.

However, waiting for the screen to light up again before releasing the power button is best. This ensures that the TV has restarted and is not in hibernation mode again.

Repeat the process if the screen does not restart while pushing the power button.

How To Fix An App That Is Not Working On Samsung TV?

If none of the above methods fixes the malfunctioning app on your Samsung TV, consider updating or reinstalling the app. You may also need to update the TV’s software if the issue persists.

How To Update An App On Samsung TV?

Below is a step-by-step guide for updating an application on your Samsung TV.

For older Samsung TV models:

  1. Locate the ‘Featured’ apps on the Smart Hub.
  2. Check if the applications have a small arrow inside a blue circle. (This symbol indicates that you can update the application. If there is none, you cannot update the application.)
  3. Press and hold the ‘Enter’ button until a menu pops up.
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Update Apps’ button.
  5. Once a screen appears, click ‘Select All.’
  6. Click ‘Update.’

For newer Samsung TV models:

  1. On the home screen, locate the ‘Apps’ button.
  2. Click on the settings icon.
  3. Click ‘Auto-update.’ (You can toggle this setting on and off.)

How To Uninstall/Reinstall An App On Samsung TV?

If there is still an issue with the application after installing the update, delete and then reinstall the app. Below is a guide you can refer to when reinstalling an app on a Samsung TV.

  1. From the home screen, locate the ‘Apps’ icon.
  2. Open the settings from the apps drawer.
  3. Select the app and click ‘Delete.’
  4. Once the icon for the app is greyed out, click it again and press ‘Install.’
  5. If the app is not on the recommended apps, locate it on the Smart Hub and press ‘Install.’

How Do I Update The Software Of My Samsung TV?

If you agree to the terms and conditions of the Smart Hub while setting up your Samsung TV, then software auto-update is enabled.

If you turned this off, go back to the settings and scroll down to ‘Support.’ From there, click ‘Software Update’ and then ‘Auto-Update.’

This will allow your device to download updates automatically whenever the developer uploads them.

To Wrap It All Up

Samsung TV users can try a couple of solutions when an application crashes. In this article, we discussed rebooting an application on a Samsung TV.

We also discussed updating, deleting, and reinstalling apps on the device. Try all the methods available to enjoy using your Samsung TV again.

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