29 Red and Gray Living Room Ideas (With Pictures!)

The combination of neutral calm grays with hot vibrant reds is a classic option for living room interior design. Today we want to take a close look at these gorgeous rooms, and hopefully inspire you to try a red and gray living room look at your own home!

Each color interacts with light based on its particular wavelength. Some colors influence a person’s mood differently while others seem to have an almost universal impact on their psychology. This explains why contemporary interior decorators like taking advantage of colors.

29 Red and Gray Living Room Ideas (With Pictures!)

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There was a time when neutral colors primarily dominated the show with ornate accessories taking centerpiece, which is no longer the case. Modern interiors take advantage of different shades of each color, something that you will see in the collection below. Red is a powerful color that comes in various shades, and so is gray.

Each shade can be combined with variations of all colors in the spectrum for different results. It is fun to try to see how red and gray end up looking when put next to each other. So if you’re looking for an example or two, but don’t know where to start, our list of 29 red and gray living rooms is the perfect place to look for inspiration.

1. Floral Themed Upholstery


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In this theme, the dominating color palette is undoubtedly the dark red wall which is complemented by a neutral colored mural which takes advantage of shades of black and gray to give a unique touch to the room. The floral patterns on the furniture spruce up the room’s personality with red pastels.


2. Red Accented Walls


The only thing to take away from this room is the elegance of red when combined with different shades of even more red. This popular combination is then contrasted against a spectacular combination of faux floor panels. A gray decorative item hangs from the roof of the room for added details.

3. That Red Rugs Complete It


This artist chose to decorate the room by combining the eclectic power of all neutral colors, with gray being dominant throughout. The entire visual aesthetic is pulled together by the red rugs that are cleverly placed between the furniture for creative balance.

4. A Remarkable Touch on Gray Rug


You will fail to notice anything out of the ordinary in this picture other than the most simplistic of items. Nothing in this eclectic room is difficult to emulate without breaking the bank. A tiny splash of red with gray accented walls is all you need to make a statement.

5. Gray Rug Looks Intense


Gray is subtle and red is intense, their variations in intensity balance the room in a unique way. In this particular example, both red and gray are used liberally. A red mural on the wall dominates the room while gray rugs make the pops of red appeal less evasive.

6. Red Upholstery with Gray Accented Walls


Red and gray take on many different forms, but the most common and effective of these is to use reds for the accessories while gray walls balance the color palette out. In this case, we have a similar arrangement that also sees the sparing use of white to add some more visual appeal to the room.

7. Ornate Architecture


Red ornate and the first idea that pops to anyone’s mind is luxury, which is exactly what this artist has set out to accomplish by combining antique accessories with ornate design elements. More important is the fact that tones of gray and red are used throughout for that extra oomph.

8. Subtlety of Red


This room proves that just a tiny splash of red and gray add tremendous flair to just about any room. Red has a deeper psychological connection with the brain than most colors, stimulating excitement. Meanwhile, gray floors and walls make the room look more habitable.

9. Gray Wallpaper with Red Furniture


This is the tried and tested formula that seems to work each time. Red is a trending choice of furniture with gray wallpapers used to bring some extra visual appeal into the room. We were surprised with the use of gray and white throw pillows which add a few more bells and whistles into this living room.

10. Red Floral Artwork


Leave it to red floral patterns to spruce up even the most lackluster of living rooms. In this case, things are not very different. But if you think red florals are not overkill enough, you can add some brightly patterned chevron throw pillows for extra measure. It works every time.

11. Geometric Precision


The minimalism in this room is inspired by Nordic ideas of simplicity, which makes a powerful statement by completely doing away with the Victorian era of ridiculous designs. The straight, clean lines do their job of making this room look visually appealing.

12. Dark Floral Wallpaper


Flowers evoke a more feminine design that has become the mainstay of contemporary decors. The plush bed head with its red padding and the quilt with its gray textures make this room look splendid. The artist tried to be careful not to stray from the predominantly red and gray theme.

Check this for more dark floral wallpaper: Black Floral Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home

13. Red Accent Walls


Overhaul your room by decorating the walls with lustrous red and toning things down with neutrally themed furniture. The gray throw pillows on the furniture bring that subtle balance needed to even things out. All in all, this room showcases the important role that red has to play in design.

14. Not Everything Has to be Red


Does it have to be red to make a killer statement? In this picture the answer is a simple no. You need to incorporate the visual aspects of all different colors to enliven your room, a touch of gray here, a splash of black there. Complement everything with a curtain that has geometrical designs on it, and voila!

15. Red Sofa


A bright red couch that takes advantage of bright incoming lights to stand out from the neutral gray decor. Meanwhile, the gray rug has heavy textures with geometric patterns for extra design points. The black and white throw pillow snugly sitting on the corner brings some balance to the richness of the red.

16. Gray Rug and Gray Wall


It’s absolutely clear that the artist chose to go with red as the main color palette for this room. But notice the tonal variations in each shade of red, this diversity is key to pulling off such a bold look.

17. Gray and Red are Used Sparingly


Another room that has borrowed mixed elements from both contemporary and vintage designs. Each color has a place in this room. From the white backdrop to the gray recliner – they each have a purpose.

18. Domineering Gray


Splashes of gray and the very subtle use of red throw pillows show how effective the combination is. Meanwhile, the white rug balances things the hues out.

19. Visual Appeal of Light


Different colors interact with light differently. The artist who worked on this room knows this and plays the strengths of each splash of color to make this room truly look ‘bright’.

20. Different Kinds of Gray


Even gray, the simplest color you can find, has tonal variations that can be used to imbue a room with artistic elements. The backdrop has faux wood panels with gray themes, partnered up with bright red throw pillows for extra measure.

21. The curvature of the Furniture


In this picture, the subtle curvature of both couches spices things up in a way wouldn’t be possible without them. The room takes advantage of most neutral colors, including white and gray. A nice touch to the interior décor is the gray rug placed at the center, providing some contrast to the red.

22. Red and Gray Chairs


Red and gray are not the color of choice here, but the sparing use of either color does its job of sprucing things up in a spectacular fashion.

23. Play of Neutral Colors


This room only takes advantage of neutral colors, so much so, that even the red furniture is stripped away of its brightness.

24. Victorian Inspired Design


This room exudes luxurious vibes owing primarily to the unique elemental designs and of course, the abstract on the wall.

25. Balanced Out


Such mathematical precision may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, it does show attractive accuracy can look.

26. Red Dominates the Room


Another living room that takes borrows architectural elements from both modern and contemporary designs to showcase beauty. We really like the subtle use of gray rugs in this picture.

27. Red Upholstery Wins it All


If you’re running out of ideas to decorate your room, then think of red and gray color combinations as your little cheat code. Works every time.

28. Comfortable Abode


Here’s an excellent example for homeowners with smaller rooms. You can start by swapping out small accessories in favor of red colored trinkets such as cutleries, statues, and other decorative items. If nothing else works, a single red throw pillow also works just fine.

29.  A Throw Pillow is all it Takes


A single red colored throw pillow can give you all the creative control you need to add decorate your room without breaking the bank.

As we always say, throw pillows are one of the best, easiest and most affordable ways to introduce a splash of color into your living room design. Read more about the 27 types of throw pillows to decide on a good fit for yours. Then head over to our guide on throw pillows online stores to order a few!

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