27 Red Brick House Front Porch Ideas

Red brick houses are timeless and well-loved. One of the best companions for these houses is a porch! A porch is a place where people can gather, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. It extends your living space outside. So, why not make your front porch somewhere you love to be?

To give you some creative inspiration, we have created a list of front porch ideas for red brick houses. If you want to design the ideal porch for your red brick house, follow along to discover 27 amazing ideas!

Red brick house outdoor front porch with bohemian decoration, 27 Red Brick House Front Porch Ideas

1. Raised Deck

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Stunning home deck with red brick walls and view of golf course

Bask in the views that your porch has to offer with a raised deck. Place some comfortable lounge furniture on it so you can enjoy the weather.

2. Privacy Hedge

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Quaint house entrance with front porch, stairway and lawn

Plant a low-growing privacy hedge around your front porch to give yourself an immediate visual screen. The natural textures are aesthetically pleasing.

3. Patio Furniture

Outdoor red brick porch patio of a modern house with black iron chairs and tables for outdoor barbeques and glass double doors

Invest in a good outdoor patio dining set. Metal sets like this one are very durable and can stand the test of time.

4. Creative Use Of Space

Off-campus college apartment with brick walls, garage and porch

Even if you have a small front porch, take full advantage of the space you have. Place a small outdoor dining set and a lounge chair on the designated area.

5. Pair Of Rocking Chairs

Modern red brick house with porch and balcony

With the help of a pair of rocking chairs, your porch will look like a spot for complete relaxation.

6. Wraparound Porch

Modern house with red brick walls, white door, lawn and stairway to front porch

A wraparound porch is a timeless American classic. It fosters all kinds of outdoor enjoyment.

7. Manicured Lawn

Man showing his dog their new home with brick walls and red door

A manicured and well-taken care of lawn does wonders for the overall aesthetic of your home.

8. Well-Lit Home

Luxury house at night with front porch, lawn and stairway

Basking your porch in glowing light casts a nice warmth around the entire house. It creates a very welcoming atmosphere.

9. Victorian Style

Large mansion with red brick walls, front porch and fence

The best way to supplement the look of a Victorian-style home is with fantastic, vibrant plant life. Paint the trim and railings of the porch to match the rest of the home.

10. Charming Trim

House porch with red brick walls

One way to make your red brick house's porch look even more charming is with the addition of dainty, intricate trim, columns, and door.

11. Courtyard

House exterior with red brick trim and fence

A courtyard allows you to have a little bit of privacy but the ability to enjoy the outdoor weather. You can also place more outdoor furniture or other items as an extension of the indoor living areas.

12. Large Plant Containers

Exterior of a large two story red brick residential home

Offset the front door with a pair of two large plant containers. Use the well-know thriller, filler, spiller planting combination for high visual impact.

13. Two-Story

Entrance doorway to large single family modern house with red brick walls, black door, landscaped gardens and lawn on a warm sunny day

Enjoy the utility of a first story and second story porch area with a design like this one. The first story level's porch is kept hidden behind shrubs and other landscape elements, allowing for some privacy. The second story porch is more out in the open for your sunray enjoyment.

14. Porch Swing

Colorful bohemian outdoor front porch decoration of a traditional house with red brick walls

Enjoy everything your porch has to offer from the comfort of your swinging bench. This porch feature is timeless and is sure to be appreciated by everyone in the home.

15. Tropical Vibes

Colonial style single story home with brick walls, blue sky, green grass and landscaped garden

Adorn the exterior of your home in a garden landscape that has subtle tropical vibes. Sitting on the porch will put you in complete relaxation mode.

16. Grand Staircase

Colonial and greek revival style home with red brick walls, white door and stairway

A grand staircase sets apart your house and highlights the front facade. If you're one for a flair of dramatics, try out something like this.

17. Open Patio Concept

Classic backyard column porch of a two storey house with red brick walls and lawn

The concept of this outdoor patio is a little different than normal. Instead of having a covered porch, this one is out and the open. It promotes a more fluid movement.

18. White Trim

Beautiful front porch with red brick walls, wooden floor, table and chairs on a lovely summer day

The white trim on this home complements the overall style of it. Enjoy your outdoor views from a cute little two-person dining set.

19. Vintage Treasures

A gorgeous red brick front porch

Charm your porch with the addition of any vintage treasures you may run across. This chair and wire flower container bring warmth and texture. Vintage treasures also provide unique character.

20. Modern Flair

Huge two storey contemporary house

Put a touch of modern flair on your red brick house's front porch with wooden panels, glass, and black metal trim.

21. Cozy Colors

Huge modern contemporary house with black columns

The cozy red brick of this home is complemented with wooden accents and beams. The half-wall that runs around the house fosters a sense of privacy and makes the porch feel more cozy.

22. Lush Plants

Gorgeous front with wireed hanging pots

Make your front porch look even cozier and inviting with the addition of plant life. Use a combination of hanging pots and varying pots and containers.

23. Country Living

Two storey house with red brick walls, black window shutters

Part of country living is having that perfect front porch to enjoy at all times of the day. Hang an American flag by the front door to top off the look.

24.  Red Brick Lover

Red brick stairs leading to a modern red brick house

If you're crazy for all things red brick, go ahead and make sure your patio and everything around it is made out of the material. The brick arches set apart the patio underneath.

25. Bright Accents

Cozy front porch with hanging plants of a red brick house

Complement the dark red brick tones with bright accent colors. These accent colors can be used on wreaths, furniture, plants, and more. Get creative!

26. Porch Lights

Gorgeous front porch of a house with two round white columns and a beautiful white front porch

Porch lights can help increase the style and aesthetic of the front porch.

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27. Mini But Mighty

Small red brick porch with bench and greenery

Even with a small porch, you can create a cozy, inviting space. Place a bench and side table out there and you'll be all set.

In Summary

Red brick house outdoor front porch with bohemian decoration, seating and a plant, 27 Red Brick House Front Porch Ideas

Red brick houses are prized for their classical, well-loved appearance and durability. It's versatile in style and can be used on a variety of structures. For these reasons, the exterior siding is quite the popular choice.

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red brick ideas for front porch

red brick ideas for front porch

red brick ideas for front porch

red brick ideas for front porch

red brick ideas for front porch

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