13 Red Curtain Ideas For Your Home

Red curtains are unique, and not just because of their bold color. If you take a look at the connotations that red curtains have, they often imply Hollywood, stardom, and luxury. In a word, red curtains are decadent. They always are, and always will be. If you are a fan of this fiery color, you probably wonder what you can do to make it look good in your home.

Adding red curtains, in particular, can be tricky among new designers. To help bolster your imagination, take a look at the unique ways we found to use red curtains in a home. We’re willing to bet you’ll love it!

Living room near window with red and gold curtains and accents, 13 Red Curtain Ideas For your Home

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1. Country Bliss

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Red country bliss curtains in a kitchen window

If you take a look at old reruns of shows like Lassie, then you probably remembered seeing smiling mothers of the 50s cleaning dishes underneath a red and white gingham curtain. It’s a classic kitchen look that everyone associates with country living, and believe it or not, it still looks excellent today. 

Here, we see red and white gingham balanced out by white kitchen accessories and yellow walls. The end result is a country kitchen that looks bright, sunny, and inviting. Most country stores will have gear for this look.

2. Hollywood Glam

Red long curtain with a Hollywood glam feel

There’s always going to be a side to red curtains that harkens back to the days when Hollywood would use red curtains to hide theater screens. Sometimes, you can still get that ambiance by adding floor-length curtains to obscure sections of your home. Here, we see that concept as an excellent (yet glamorous) room divider. 

By layering different shades of red, this room has a luxurious vibe without it being too heavy-handed. Chic!

3. Modern Must-Haves

Modern living room with white furniture and red curtains

Red is a modern color, through and through. It’s bold, looks sleek, and adds the pop of color that people associate with the modern stylistic look. One of the most commonly-used ways to enjoy red curtains in a modern room is to pair them with white furniture or white sheets. Of course, matching red couches with red drapes is also a good way to work it out. 

4. Sensual Slumber

Sensual slumber room in a traditional Islamic style

Did you ever notice how sexy the color red is? If you’re the type of person who wants to have a romantic flair to your bedroom, red curtains are the way to go. Admittedly, adding red to a bedroom may be a bit of a cliche in some circles, but it all depends on how you arrange your red. 

To make red curtains look modern and stylish in a bedroom, make sure to add unique textures or take a different twist on the overdone red look of yore. In this photo, we see a Moroccan-style bedroom done up in red.

In fact, you don’t have to go to the same length by re-covering your wall with this gorgeous Moroccan geometric pattern. This is where decorating with a themed curtain can be handy! Check out this red curtain with a similar geometric pattern in burgundy red –

Porch & Den Birkshire Moroccan Trellis Pinch Pleat Blackout Curtain Panel Pair (27X96 - Burgundy)

Porch & Den Birkshire Moroccan Blackout Curtain Panel on Overstock.com 

5. Warm And Lovely

Beautiful peach and red living room interior with fireplace

Sometimes, the best way to work with red curtains is to surround it with other warm tones. Orange, yellow, and even browns can all help bring out a fiery yet cozy ambiance into any room. The best thing about using this color palette is that it works in almost any room. It’s even linked to increasing appetites in kitchens and dining rooms!

6. Goth Approved

Interior of a loft style modern apartment with bed, large mirror and sofa

Red-and-black is one of the most popular color combinations in rock n’ roll. It comes as no surprise, then, that many interior designers get inspired by this combination. Red and black work best in a modern setting, in larger apartments or lofts. No matter how you slice it, it’s a chic and striking statement for your decor. 

7. Spanish Style!

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Spain is a country that is known worldwide for excellent food, passionate lovers, and some of the most breathtaking styles the world has ever seen. Unsurprisingly, red is a very Spanish color. Accenting your home with Spanish decor is one of the fastest ways to get a European flair to your home. Dark wood accents really bring out the Spanish vibe. 

8. Flower Power!

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Floral prints are most commonly found in reds and golds, and that’s good news for fans of these colors. Red florals offer a bold yet welcoming twist to any home. The trick to making this look modern (rather than outdated) is to match it with neutrals and coordinate the print. 

If you’re a fan of floral prints, adding bright white vases or white under curtains can help lift up the room’s brightness. After all, it’s all about making your take on a classic look more contemporary.

9. Oriental Expressions

Oriental hotel room with red and gold curtain and accents

In many cultures in Asia, red is considered to be the color of good luck. It comes as no surprise that many arrangements involving red curtains have an oriental or Asian twist. In this scene, we see strong central Asian accents paired with a gorgeous red curtain. The end result is a look that’s both exotic and breathtakingly pretty. 

10. Keep It Golden

Classic style drawing-room interior in red and golden colors

Gold and red are two colors that go together like peanut butter and jelly. This color combination is so popular, it’s found in virtually every culture in the world. By adding gold accents to red curtains, you make your home richer and more decadent than ever before. The photo above shows what happens when white, red, and gold are added to a home’s color palette. 

While this choice has classical architecture, the truth is this combination of colors can work with almost any style imaginable. 

11. Patriotic!

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Most people don’t think of Old Glory’s colors as a viable color palette, but it can work in some situations. This patriotic-looking living room is daring, yet at the same time, strikingly traditional. Dark blues can add a star-spangled style twist to almost any room, which makes this an especially popular choice during the 4th of July. 

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11. Bohemian Bliss

Bohemian bliss lounge, living room seating area with ornaments

If there is one style that tends to go hand-in-hand with the color red, it’s the bohemian style. This artsy vibe is all about bringing the most creative, hippie-like aspects of design together. This is a free-spirited design motif that’s punctuated by tapestries, beaded curtains, cool woven baskets, and tons of blankets. 

Curtains that will be used in this motif need to have patterns -and lots of it!

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12. Cabin Fever

Dining room with hardwood floor in a rustic log house with red curtains

When most people think about cabin chic, they don’t think that red curtains tend to go with wood fairly well. If you have wood paneling, or better yet, a log cabin, red offers a ton of options. Light red sheer curtains let the sun in and give your room a warm glow. On the other hand, plaid will dial up the masculinity to a 10. Patterned reds give you an artist’s cottage vibe. It’s up to you. 

13. Primary Colors

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Some styles just make sense. Others are a little more nonconforming. If you want to try something bold and ideal for a child’s room or an artist’s loft, stick to a color palette that features primary colors—red, blue, and yellow. These three colors are bold, bright, and attention-grabbing. 

This trio of colors offers up a great way to get a striking and perfectly unconventional way to frame your curtains. It works with red, simply because of the ways that colors naturally work. If you’re a fan of artsy and somewhat daring mixes, this is the look you need to enjoy. 

Final Thoughts

Red is intriguing; it can be daring yet inviting. Incorporating red curtains into your room can be easily done with the right pairings and accentuating decor. We hope we’ve inspired you to be bold with red curtains!

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