27 Red And Gray Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Decorating the bathroom can seem challenging, especially when stores are full of fluffy floor mats and flower print shower curtains and that is just not your design aesthetic. Creating a bathroom design that has crisp clean lines and bold use of color that is chic, not wacky, is easy with great inspiration and planning.

27 Red and Gray Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Carefully crafted use of a red and gray color palette is the perfect way to create this look. Below are some bathroom that use these colors to help inspire you.

Bathroom Bliss

Super crisp and modern, this bathroom uses a slate gray on the walls with white porcelain for the main components of the room. Small pops of red warm up the space and provide the perfect contrast to the starkness of the room.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Pale gray walls are a subtle foundation for this room. This designer used sleek red cabinetry with just s tiny bit of black to provide storage and display space, without cluttering things up.

The white rug with red trim is the perfect accent piece to center the room and play against the cold gray floor.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Gray and red are both the primary colors in this modern bathroom. stone gray walls and a pale gray floor are brought to life by the red bathtub, sinks and light fixtures.

The purple, yellow and green cabinets over the tub provide visual interest. The matte finish and muted tones of these colors keep them from being clown-like.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

The shade of bright gray that borders on being white is saved from looking antiseptic by the deep ruby found in the light fixtures and red lines on the walls. Silver-gray decorative accents on the walls and towel racks pull the gray walls forward visually.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas


Red walls can be tricky, but not in this simply designed bathroom. Large red tiles are used on the walls for a clean look. They are contrasted by a silver-gray wood floor that keep the room bright instead of garish.

A white tub that is flanked by a red tile surround in front of a gray wall also helps keep things toned down.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Add a Pop Color

Nothing is needed here but this stunning ocean view. The view is clearly the point of focus, and is framed in red like a living photograph. A granite gray tile fades into the background behind the red tub.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas


Keep red to just a points of interest to draw attention to a single part of a room. In this case, it is used only on a small wall partition and the orchid in the window had specks of red as a subdued accent.

Different shades of gray and a variety of textures are used elsewhere through the room for interest.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Color is used very purposefully in this room to define the angles of the walls. The deep burgundy, white, and pale gray surfaces work together to create a very structured look.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

A study in simple beauty, this bathroom stars with stone colored walls and a bright white floor, then various items of the same shade of red are used throughout the room, and in very different ways. Using the same shade of red make the design purposeful.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Bold and Beautiful

The use of gray in this room is made quirky and interesting due to the pattern on the tiles. These light colored tiles break up the bold red walls, and keep the overall look fun.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

This ombre tile effect if not for the faint of heart! Like a waterfall in reverse, the tile work if the superstar of this room. Panels of black tile break up the red colors just enough to keep it from being too overwhelming, and very simple white plumbing fixtures keep the focus where is needs to be.

Red and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Keep It Simple

If you have a more modest budget, this bathroom captures the bold modern appeal of some of the other bathrooms, without the hefty price tag. Large slate gray tiles line the bathtub surround, and a simple red shelving unit and cabinet incorporate the power of red into the space.

Bright and airy is not what one might associate with red and gray, but in this case it does! Light greige walls and darker gray flooring are accented with a single red wall, a red bathtub and sink, and large red flower print. Light window coverings allow maximum light into the room.

If you’re looking to overhaul your bathrooms design but don’t know where to start, this list will help you put right on track.

Combining the mysterious allure of different shades of red with the neutral contrast of gray is the way to go. Most bathrooms around the world heavily feature the two color palettes in unique combinations. The tired old white and black contrasts are no longer cutting it for many people, they are rather clichéd.

Let’s look at the following beautiful bathroom designs that will innovatively blend both red and gray in perfect combination. Remember, it is not a condition for the bathrooms to only include red and gray, a simple a touch of either color should do the trick.

Dark and Gray Borders Against Splash of Red

This bathroom takes advantage of three different shades of red to create a truly bright color palette. Light fixtures at the far left of the wall draw attention to the unique wallpaper pattern. The walk-in shower is constructed over a red platform. The wall next to the shower instantly projects a unique combination of black and gray. Meanwhile, red rectangular blocks are generously laid in a patterned layout at the center. This is to prevent the black and gray combination from becoming too domineering.

Overtones of White Against Predominantly Red Themes

This bathroom should appeal to fans of Nordic interior décor. For those of you who don’t like bright red colors, this bathroom has something different to offer. It tones down the bright reds in favor of duller shades of red. The gray tiles don’t contain any patterns or designs, which allows this bathroom to maintain minimalism.

A large mirror is carefully placed at the center to reflect the other half of the room, which incidentally shares the same the color palette. The large cabinets will provide enough space to store all your grooming items. This eliminates clutter while affording you full functionality.


Living Room with Bathroom Combination

This rather unusual combination of both a living room and bathroom will look extremely odd to some people. But this unique eclectic design brings tremendous functionality and versatility to a bathroom. For starters, it saves on the much needed square footage to help the owner focus on more important rooms of the house such as the bedroom and kitchen.

Granted, the open space of the living room doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy, but if that concerns you, simply closing the door would accomplish the same. This bathroom combines the best of all important colors, including different shades of red, gray, dark, and white. A small touch to this bathroom is the use of a recliner in the background to add more charm to the living spaces.

Floral Patterned Tiles Partnered With Large Mirror

Floral patterns can add significant aesthetic value to your bathroom’s overall appeal. They’re the ideal solution that helps you jazz up the décor if you’re running out of ideas. The rectangular pattern looks sleek and brings contemporary vibes to the bathroom. There are very few light fixtures installed, the most prominent being the one overhead bulb installed at the ceiling to help with grooming activities. Furthermore, the glossy mirror illuminates the bathroom.

The red color perfectly contrasts the predominantly neutral colors in the bathroom. All in all, this bathroom looks incredibly chic.


Gray and Red Tile Combination

You will notice that both the walls and floors have the same patterns of boxes laid throughout.  The only exception is that the walls are a splash of bright red, while the floor features a gray design. Flipping the colors the other way round would be a more strange color combination. This is because of the tendency of the glossy red to partially reflect the indoor lighting – now that certainly looks a bit odd.

The one towel hanging on the wall is a great way to add spunk to an otherwise uninspired bathroom.


Red Floral Patterns with Gray Tiles

This bathroom is unfailingly vibrant, and this is because of the gray tiles that are strategically paired with floral wallpapers to make a lovely combination. This design will work amazingly well smaller bathrooms where every square inch has to be thoughtfully arranged.

The all encompassing floral wall is flanked by the gray themed walk-in shower, entering which results in a sharp change to the color scheme. This can be stimulating to the senses, which should be enough to power their day.

The Small Bathroom

This is what all tiny bathrooms should look like, or at least aspire to be.

It combines a unique shade of gray with a powerful splash of red to create an utterly serene space. The countertop features an extremely minimalistic design with so signs of distracting patterns, preferably to appeal to people with more contemporary tastes.

This particular color scheme looks perfect, particularly when the overhead light fixtures illuminate the space.  The general idea is to maximize functionality and make daily grooming activities a lot easier. Notice the decorative items layered on the countertop, despite being entirely optional, they help further enhance the bathroom’s aesthetics.


Warmed Up Red with Gray Tiles

This bathroom combines the best of all color palettes, including a gray floor, wooden countertop, white sink and toilet, white wallpaper, and a unique blend between reds and whites on the fourth wall that can be seen through the two mirrors.

You could substitute any dark colors for the whites and the bathroom would still have an outstanding color scheme. We instantly fell in love with the shade of red that offers a subtle variation in the color palette. Interestingly, all the whites, reds, grays, and blacks are reflecting the light in widely different ways.

The bathroom’s color scheme is brightened up with the overhead light fixture and natural light coming from the outdoors.


Red and Bright Gray Color Combinations

Who knew that gray could look so heavenly! This color combination will look even more romantic if the shades were closed. The backlighting on the mirror is an innovation that isn’t commonly seen these days. A closer look will reveal that the corners on the mirror and cabinets have a smooth curvature to generate a more natural look.

The neutral grays allow interior designer wanted to achieve minimalism.


A Tiny Touch of Red

This eclectic bathroom is testa ament to the fact that accessories can play a pivotal important role in bringing together the design elements in a room.

For instance, the glossy whites are contrasted by the gray countertops, yet what really draws our attention to this picture is the centerpiece red mat. It welcomes the owner to step into their bathroom and get on with their grooming activities with ease. A perfect way to start your day!

Splash of Red with Tiled Floor

Gray and red tiles have never looked so beautiful before. They bring the best in terms of contemporary, sleek lines that are a characteristic feature of modern bathrooms. The use of shower curtains and gray welcome mats create a retro feel, adding superior visual quality that overhauls the important architectural details of the room.

Any combination of wallpapers and decorative items can be used to enhance the visual fidelity of this bathroom, although we recommend going with a mirror instead. The mirror will go a long way in making the bathroom more functional.


Wall Murals Are Awesome

This bathroom proves that wall murals are fast becoming a trend of contemporary bathroom design. In this case, we see a Sakura tree drawn by hand against an isolated white background. The wallpaper instantly overhauls this bathroom’s design, although there isn’t much need of it. The cabinets and countertops are also designed to maximize functionality. It would be insanely hard to clutter the spaces.

It is very typical of larger bathrooms to become over-accessorized and provokes a sensation of cringe instead of serenity. Avoid excessively decorating your bathroom with needless trinkets and light fixtures – because something as simple as a wallpaper would suffice.

The Classic Bathroom

This is how a classic bathroom should look like. Luxury doesn’t have to come in abundance when it is not necessary. This bathroom features an off-white bathtub with minimum open space, containing only the basic necessities. The gray brick wall is enhanced by the splash of red that is located smack dab in the center of the wall. It’s tangible proof that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to create a visually striking bathroom.

Sometimes All You Need Is a Mat

If your bathroom is full of dull grays but you want to brighten up the space without breaking the bank, then something as simple as a bright rug will suffice. The highly glossy marble finish of this bathroom boldly features neutral colors that barely contrast each other – not that it is a bad thing. But if you want to spruce things up a bit, perhaps a simple welcome mat is all you need to lighten up the mood.


Go Bold!

Red and Gray are the perfect colors to create a sharp and modern room. By incorporating some of the amazing ideas that you see above, you too can have a cool and chic bathroom.

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