15 Awesome Red Sofa Color Schemes

When you first think of a sofa, red probably isn’t the first color that comes to mind. But in reality, red sofas can have a bold, luxurious look that can elevate your living space (or whatever room you choose to put one in).

What’s more, red sofas are more versatile than you might think. Though they are inherently a bold design choice, they pair quite well with a wide range of color schemes. 

With that said, creating a strong color scheme with a red sofa is easier said than done. While it is versatile, taking the wrong approach with your color choice can lead to an overwhelming aesthetic. It can certainly be difficult to ensure that a space with a red sofa is balanced. 

But don’t worry; to give you some creative guidance, we created a list of 15 awesome red sofa color schemes. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Living room with modern red sofa, 15 Awesome Red Sofa Color Schemes

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1. Cream And Teal

There’s no denying that this color scheme exudes all things luxury. All of the furniture in this room is made of velvet, and the predominant color scheme is red and teal. The coolness of the teal wall, chair, and pillows balances the warmth of the sofa. 

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Home interior mock-up with red sofa, table and decor in green living room

But that’s not all; the coffee table, mirror, and area rug feature shades ranging from gold to light cream. These shades are subtle complements that add some visual variety to the space.

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2. White And Shades Of Brown

Spacious living room with ruby sofa

This homeowner has chosen to pair their red sofa with white walls and shades of brown, and the result is a space with a warm, luxurious vibe. The warm richness of the hardwood flooring pairs perfectly with the red sofa. 

The paneling behind the sofa is a lighter shade of brown, and this adds some slight contrast to the shades of the sofa and wood floor.

3. Brown, Tan, And More Red

Cozy classic peach and red beautiful living room with fireplace

This is another living room that features a range of brown hues. The coffee table, end table, and picture frame have a dark wood tone that drastically contrasts the lighter brown of the carpet. What’s more, the homeowner opted to incorporate even more red into the aesthetic with the chaise lounge. 

Additionally, the choice of wall art also makes a significant impact on the aesthetic. The blues in the artwork pop against the warmer hues in the room, creating some visual balance. 

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4. Cream And Royal Blue

Living room interior mock-up with red sofa, wooden table and rattan home decoration

This room features a combination of red, royal blue, and cream. But aside from the wall, the only blue accent is the pillow on the middle of the couch. In this space, creamy hues are abundant, from the coffee table to the area rug.

The focus on lighter cream tones helps lighten what would otherwise be a somewhat stark contrast between the red sofa and the blue wall. The wooden elements also give the space an earthy ambiance. 

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5. Exclusively Red And Cream

Red sofa standing in living room in front of an empty wall

It’s apparent by now that cream is a great color to pair with red. Not only do these colors simply look great together but from an ambiance perspective, cream tones help visually cool down the fiery red of the couch. If you feel like your red sofa is a bit too warm, cream is a great way to neutralize that effect.

6. Dark Blue, Neutrals, And Pops Of Green

Real photo of an elegant living room interior with cushions and gray blanket on a red settee

Neutral grays pair exceptionally well with a red sofa. And when you throw in some dark blues and a couple of strategic pops of green, the result is spectacular. The medley of throw pillow covers creates an unexpectedly luxurious vibe. 

The subtle pop of green from the houseplants takes this aesthetic to the next level. This room features the perfect balance of warm, cool, and neutral tones.

7. Black, White, Red, And Green With Light Flooring

Digitally generated contemporary modern home interior design
The scene was rendered with photorealistic shaders and lighting in Autodesk® 3ds Max 2016 with V-Ray 3.6 with some post-production added.

This room features a combination of black, white, red, and green with some lighter tones scattered throughout. The black and white checkered area rug incorporates the red from the sofas and the black from the kitchen. 

The light wood flooring balances out the more dominant colors used in this color scheme.

8. Victorian Flair With Dark Browns

Interior parlor room of a victorian mansion

We’ve already seen plenty of examples that highlight the visual impact of pairing red with dark wood tones, but this room takes this color combination to the next level. The red sofa paired with the Victorian-style wooden furniture creates a warm and inviting ambiance. 

9. Red Brick With Color Medley

Modern home old design brick wall with living room table sofa

When considering color pairings, it’s easy to think of crisp, clearly delineated color choices. But the reality is that it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right approach, a red sofa paired with a rough color medley can look great, and this room is a great example.

The brick wall features tones ranging from rustic red to light cream. And the throw pillows on the couch contain a medley of different colors, and this approach works surprisingly well.

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10. Pink, Yellow, And Salmon

Classic beige interior living room with red sofa and armchairs

Pink, yellow, and salmon also pair exceptionally well with a red sofa. Since all of these colors fall on the warmer end of the color spectrum, the result of this color scheme is a cozy, warm feel.

In this setup, the throw blanket provides a subtle splash of neutral for balance.

11. Red Walls With White Accents

Stay in a modern inhabited house

If you’re looking to really give the room some bold personality, consider pairing your red sofa with more red! There’s no doubt that red is the dominant color in this room. The gray area rug provides some visual separation between the red sofas and the red sections of wall. 

Consider placing some red and white throw pillows on the red sofa to avoid an aesthetic that’s too monochromatic. 

12. Midcentury Vibe With Lighter Colors And Wood Tones

[PIN id=”8373949297685457″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


This homeowner has established the red sofa as the visual emphasis of the space. The surrounding lighter color choice forces the eye inward to the red sofa that visually dominates.

The large light-colored area rug further frames the sofa as the focal point. And the wood-toned accent pieces throughout help give this space a midcentury look.

13. Neutral Furniture With Blue And Orange Accents

A beautiful living room with red sofa, wooden tables and flowers

We’ve seen several examples that showcase how well a red sofa pops in the presence of a sea of neutrals. But what makes this couch really stand out is the subtle incorporation of blue and orange with the throw pillow and blanket, respectively. This is a quite unique color pairing that you aren’t likely to see elsewhere.

14. Indoor Jungle Of Green

[PIN id=”131378514120531459″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


We’ve highlighted a few examples of subtle hints of green, mostly with houseplants. But this room features several houseplants as the sofa’s predominant color counterpart. When a red sofa is paired with so much natural greenery, the result is a cozy, earthy aesthetic anyone is sure to appreciate.

15. Every Color On The Spectrum

[PIN id=”6262886973285087″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


This living room includes just about every color on the color spectrum. From the multicolored rug to the walls, plants, and mirror frame, you’re sure to see every color imaginable. This room highlights how well a red sofa can work with any other color—or all of them!

Still, it’s a good idea to include a large underlying neutral to serve as the foundation, just like this homeowner did with the area rug.

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In Closing

We hope this guide has equipped you with some design tips that will take your living room to the next level. If you draw some inspiration from these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a visually compelling space that truly stands out. Best of luck!

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