How To Remove Scratches From Refrigerator

We all know that it is inevitable to have scratches on stainless steel refrigerators, mainly if we use them every day. However, it is possible to gain back its shine and grandeur. All you have to do is to put in additional effort and patience. So, to help you with this situation, we conducted thorough research on the internet and listed all the details in this post.

To remove the scratches from your refrigerator, make sure it is stainless steel, clean its door, and buff or sand all its visible scratches.

Now that you know what to do to remove the scratches from your refrigerator, it is time to learn and understand them in detail. To do that, we suggest reading the post until the end. Finishing the post might also bring answers to some of the additional questions running through your head. Enjoy reading!

How To Eliminate Scratches From Refrigerators

Following the steps below would result in the successful removal of scratches from your refrigerator. However, we encourage you to be more patient with this process since it will be time-consuming. Let's start!

Clean stainless steel, How To Eliminate Scratches From Refrigerators

1. Make Certain That Your Refrigerator Is Stainless Steel

Make Certain That Your Refrigerator Is Stainless Steel - New luxurious kitchen interior

Simulated or clear-coated stainless steel appliances may seem stainless steel at first glance. So, before you start the process, it would be best to verify if the refrigerator you own is indeed stainless steel, especially since these steps would only work for such a thing:

  • genuine stainless steel can show fingerprints
  • doesn't contain a protective clear coat
  • grainy, linear brush finish
  • non-magnetic

2. Clean The Door Of The Refrigerator

Clean The Door Of The Refrigerator - Man Wearing Rubber Gloves Cleans

When cleaning the refrigerator door, you must also do it correctly to avoid damaging the surface. Check the following procedures:

Identify the Grain

Stainless steel has a grain that can be vertical or horizontal, just like wood. Cleaning, polishing, or sanding stainless steel necessitates a grain-to-grain approach. To determine the grain's direction, you must closely check the door's surface. You can easily see on the brush strokes on its surface the direction of the grain.

Use Mild Cleaning Powder 

The first step in removing scratches from stainless steel should be thoroughly cleaning the area. Damage to your refrigerator door might occur if you plan to sand and buff it before you even clean it. That is because grime and dirt might get into the materials.

You can utilize powders like Bon Ami, Comet, and Ajax to clean the refrigerator door.

  • Use water to wet the fridge door thoroughly.
  • Spread the mild polishing powder while the door is wet. We suggest moving it across the door's surface using a clean sponge, working in the grain direction.
  • Thoroughly rinse the door with water.
  • Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and let it air dry.

Check out this Bon Ami powder cleanser on Amazon.

Remove Gunk by Using Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is much more robust or acidic than traditional white vinegar. With this light yet effective cleaning product, you can quickly get rid of those greasy fingerprints.

  • Fill a small bucket halfway with cleaning vinegar. It would be best if it is undiluted.
  • Dampen a clean cloth with the cleaning vinegar.
  • Wipe the surface after. Keep in mind that you should do it with the direction of the grain.
  • Get a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly.

Check out this cleaning vinegar on Amazon.

Use Your Preferred Stainless Steel Cleaner to Deep-clean the Refrigerator Door

Stainless steel cleaning products are readily available on the market. Clean your fridge door with a product you are comfortable using to remove grime, oil, and other stuck-on debris. However, always read the instructions on the product before using it. Check for any safety instructions, like wearing gloves, before you begin.

3. Buff Or Sand The Stainless Steel Refrigerator Door's Scratches

Buff Or Sand The Stainless Steel Refrigerator Door's Scratches - woman cleaning the refrigerator door with a cleaning product

After you clean the door of your refrigerator, we will now suggest you perform the following steps:

Use a Toothbrush and Whitening Toothpaste to Buff the Little Scratches

Whitening toothpaste is moderately abrasive, unlike those mild polishing cleaners we know. You could opt to use whitening toothpaste on the scratched area if the gentle polishing cleaner didn't do the trick. In addition, we suggest using a toothbrush with soft bristles for this process.

  • Apply whitening toothpaste directly on the brush's bristles.
  • With the help of the brush, spread the toothpaste on the scratched surface. And as we always mention, you should always go with the direction of the grain to avoid scratching the surface worse.
  • While you brush the surface, we recommend examining the scratch by wiping the toothpaste off every now and then. Use the grain to your advantage and wipe in that direction. Spread the whitening toothpaste continuously to the scratch until it disappears.
  • If you notice no more visible scratch, get a clean, damp cloth and wipe it away.
  • Use metal polish or olive oil to restore luster to the surface you just cleaned.

Use Wet Sandpaper for Deep Scratches

You can sand out the visible gash if the damage on your refrigerator door is deep enough. Always check with the manufacturer first to ensure you're using the correct grit on your refrigerator. Fine grain sandpaper is the best option in most cases.

  • Get a sponge or cloth and make it damp. Wipe it on the scratched surface. And note that you should keep the surface wet for the entire process.
  • Next, get sandpaper and make it wet, as well. Just like the cloth or sponge, keep it damp.
  • Scrub the scratched surface using sandpaper. Do it in the same direction as the grain.
  • Once you notice that the scratch from the refrigerator is no longer noticeable, wipe it out using a moist cloth.
  • Get a microfiber cloth to dry out the surface.
  • Use metal polish or olive oil to restore luster to the surface you just cleaned.

Check out these microfiber cloths on Amazon.

How To Repair Or Replace Badly Scratched Refrigerators

There are instances when refrigerators obtain severe scratches, and there's a possibility that you can't treat them using only the process we mentioned above. So, we suggest following the procedures below to help you solve such an issue.

1. Use Stainless Steel Scratch Removal Kit To Eliminate Severe Scratches

Use Stainless Steel Scratch Removal Kit To Eliminate Severe Scratches - Cleaning Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Consider getting a scratch removal kit if your refrigerator contains heavy or several scratches. You may check and obtain these kits at your local hardware store, home repair stores, and online.

The scratch removal kits usually contain one lubricant, three abrasive pads, one sanding block, and a video guide.

  • Read and follow the manufacturer's instruction manual. 
  • Attach the sandpaper with the finest grit into the sanding block. And apply a thin layer of lubricant to the sandpaper—sand in the grain direction to remove the blemish.
  • If you notice no changes in your work, we suggest attaching the coarser sandpaper. Apply lubricant once more, then sand the surface.
  • Again, if the scratch doesn't seem to disappear, it is time to use the coarsest grit sandpaper. Smear the sandpaper with sanding lubricant before use. Keep in mind to do it along the direction of the grain.
  • Use the exact grit sandpaper to treat the whole refrigerator door.

2. Refinish The Fridge Door With The Help Of An Expert

A professional can do the job for you if you don't have the time or skill to do it yourself. If you choose this option, an expert will present a selection of repair solutions after assessing your refrigerator.
Furthermore, they may even propose sanding or repainting the entire fridge door if they can't remove the scratches.

 3. Replace The Broken Refrigerator Door

If all the procedures above didn't work, replacing your refrigerator door might be your last resort.

We suggest contacting the manufacturer to find out if a replacement fridge door is available and how much it will cost.

Wrapping It All Up

We can say that removing scratches from your refrigerator is challenging, not only because of the difficulty of the task but also because it will require elbow grease and patience. If you want your scratch removal job to be successful, it would be best to follow everything you have read in this post.

We hope you find this post helpful. If you have any more questions, please comment below; we'd love to answer you! If you wish to continue reading, feel free to visit our website, or you might want to check these posts out!

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