How To Repair Levolor Cordless Cellular Shades [Quickly & Easily]

Levolor cordless cellular shades are resistant to wear and tear, but over their life, you may still need minor repairs from time to time. You may be wondering if you can fix these shades yourself. We've reviewed all the available information and found some ways to repair your Levolor shades easily.

The most common type of problem that Levolor cordless cellular shades have is that they can stop rolling up.

If your shades are getting stuck, pull the shade down past the bottom of the window. At a 45-degree angle, tug two or three times, then roll the shade again.

There may be other reasons your Levolor cordless shades are not working correctly. Follow along as we discuss how to repair uneven shades, whether Levolor provides a warranty for repairs, and how long these shades should last.

Concept of lighting range control. Cropped view of woman pull rope and closed modern white jalousie, How To Repair Levolor Cordless Cellular Shades [Quickly & Easily]

Can Levolor Shades Be Repaired?

If your shades won't go all the way up or have a tension issue, these problems can easily be repaired. Small tears may also be handled yourself. 

Examine the shades and find what is causing them not to work correctly. You'll want to be sure that the issue is one you feel comfortable fixing yourself, as you may void your warranty by attempting a repair.

n the windowsill behind pleated shades, shadows of indoor plants shine through

Do Levolor Shades Have A Warranty?

Levolor currently offers a warranty for the lifetime of its products only if the defect is determined not to be caused by customer use or repair. Check your warranty information and examine your blinds before making any repairs.

The warranty covers the life of the shades. Cellular shades have a set 10-year lifespan. If there is a motorized component, it is covered for five years.

How Much Does It Cost To Restring Cellular Shades?

If your shades need restrung or need another major repair, utilize a local handyman service. Home decor stores, as well as major home improvement stores, may also provide shade repair services.

To repair your cordless cellular shades, expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $135. The average range for this type of repair is between $60 and $72.

How To Fix A Tear In Levolor Cordless Shades

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There are two popular ways consumers have closed a tear in their cellular shades. These fixes will work best on minor, straight tears. We don't recommend using either of these methods to fix shades with large amounts of fabric missing.

How To Use Fabric Glue On Cellular Shades

To mend the tear using glue, choose a fabric adhesive that will work with your Levolor material. You may choose one that comes with an applicator tip for easy application.

Some also use toothpicks or popsicle tips to apply. One window covering vendor recommends using a small delicate brush to brush on the glue gently.

This kit has everything you need to repair a tear using fabric glue with mix-and-match fibers. The manufacturers make kits to repair a variety of materials.

The one below is an all-purpose fabric kit.

Click here to see a fabric mending kit on Amazon.

Run the glue along one side of the tear. Using tweezers, pinch the two sides of the tear together in an even, slow glide.

It may be helpful to support the part that has the tear either by folding the shade over a chair or stool or removing it and laying it flat on a table. Some DIYers insert tubing into the cell to provide additional support.

After applying the glue, you may either wait for it to dry before using the shades again or cover the wet glue with color-matched fibers from a fabric mending kit.

Use a mesh piece, cheesecloth, or tea strainer over the mouth of the container and sift the fibers unto the glue.

Use a spatula or other small object to press them in, and then use a soft brush or your hands to shake or brush the loose fibers lightly. Wait at least three hours or more before using your shades.

For best results, follow the times given on your glue container.

Can You Use Fabric Tape On Curtains

Many versions of no-sew tape could be used to repair your curtains quickly. These are best for tears near the sides or accessible parts of the curtains.

You would want to be able to apply the tape to the inside back of the tear, as most fabric tapes may be visible in some lighting, even if it is clear tape.

If the tear is located on the underside of a pleat, you may use the fabric on the outside as it would be hidden.

To use, measure, and cut off a strip of tape. Use your fingers to slip it inside the cell to the back of the tear. Line both sides over the adhesive and press.

If the tear is on the underside of the pleat, the tape could be applied to the outside of the incision.

Use tubing or rolled cloth to provide tension in the cell, and then close the tear with the tape.

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Repair Uneven Or Pinched Cordless Shades

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If you can see the strings in your cordless shade, you may have determined that your shade is uneven or that one side won't lift or come down because there is a knot in the embedded strings.

If the knot is new and loose, you may be able to remove it with a needle. Gently tug until it's loose, then pull the shade down to unravel the knot. The video below shows how to remove the shade completely to repair a knot that makes your shade uneven.

What To Do About Noisy Levolor Shades

Motorized roller shades. Automatic roller blinds beige color on large windows.

A frequent customer complaint with these shades is that they can become noisy over time. Levolor suggests that the fix is easy.

If you are using motorized cordless shades, open the top of the shade and locate the plastic component that should be in place to keep the inside spears from rubbing against the motor.

Move the plastic piece to the end of the spear. This should make your shades operate quietly again.

If you are using manual shades that have become difficult to move, there are some metal inserts inside the shade head that can be removed.

They are referred to as friction clips or shim/clips. You'll find this piece at the end of the spring motor or the gear that operates the internal chords.

Levolor suggests removing one or all of these clips to get a smoother operation or calling their customer support for help.

How To Care For Levolor Cellular Shades

To prevent the need for further repairs, you'll want to care properly for your shades. To maintain the crispness in the pleat and overall appearance, leave the shades up at least two hours a day.

Cellular shades should be cleaned regularly, either with a can of compressed air, vacuum attachment, or dust brush. For spot cleaning, you may use mild cleaning solutions. Levolor recommends Woolite or Scotchguard brands.

Click here to see a fabric cleaner from Woolite on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Concept of lighting range control. Cropped view of woman pull rope and closed modern white jalousie on

Now that you know some quick and easy ways to repair your Levolor cordless shades choose the best method for your situation. With good care, these shades will provide style and comfort to your home for years to come.

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