Oral B: How To Replace A Brush Head? [With Ease]

Your dentist may advise changing the brush head on your Oral-B electric toothbrush after three months. Depending on the brush head model, replacing it with a new one is quite simple. We researched the steps involved, and here's what we found out.

Most Oral-B electric toothbrushes and brush heads are designed to be interchangeable. To replace it, slide off the old brush head and attach the new one to the handle. Though the replacement mechanism is the same as the others, the fitment design for the iO series differs from other models.

Keep reading to learn more about each brush head type and your other choices. We will also discuss common problems that can occur when replacing the brush head.

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What Are The Different Oral-B Heads?

Oral-B lines of electric toothbrush

Regarding toothbrush heads, Oral-B is more flexible than any other brand on the market. Several possibilities are available, ranging from sensitive options to deep clean brush heads promoting teeth whitening.

The Oral-B brush head types include a variety of bristle lengths, shapes, and styles, yet they all share one similar feature. They are interchangeable with any Oral-B handle.

Below are the brush heads available on the market.

  • Oral-B CrossAction
  • Oral-B Sensitive Clean
  • Oral-B Precision Clean
  • Oral-B FlossAction
  • Oral-B 3D White
  • Oral-B Deep Sweep
  • Oral-B Dual Clean
  • Oral-B iO series

You can personalize your electric toothbrush with these brushing heads. You can also switch the heads even if you only buy one type, like the Oral B CrossAction electric toothbrush. However, there are exceptions when it comes to the iO model series.

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It's crucial to understand this brand's variety of toothbrush heads. If you are considering changing your brush head to a different kind, here is a video explaining each brush head type. It will help you choose what's right for you.

As mentioned before, iO brush heads have different fitments, which makes them an exclusive model. If you want to use the latest model, make sure that the electric toothbrush handle and the brush head are compatible.

Watch this video for details on the iO brush head system.


How Do I Change My Oral-B Toothbrush Head?

Dental hygienists and professionals advise replacing your brush head every 90 days if you spot any worn-out bristles. This is so you can get the deepest clean possible with a new brush head that will better remove plaque.

Once you have your new brush head, you can go ahead and replace your old one. Here are the two steps to changing your Oral-B replacement brush head.

  1. Remove your worn-out brush head from the handle of your Oral-B toothbrush by lightly pulling it away from the handle.
  2. Then, slide the new brush head onto the metallic shaft of the handle. Once the new brush head is firmly attached to the handle, you'll hear a little click.

Note that it's unnecessary to twist or apply excessive force to remove or attach a brush head to the handle. The process applies to all Oral B electric brushes, brush heads, and the latest models. But if you have the iO electric toothbrush, you should replace it with an iO-compatible brush head.

Depending on the intensity of use, the bristles might become frayed in less than the expected length of usage. So it's important to regularly check your brush head and determine whether it needs to be changed sooner rather than later. 

You can use a smartphone app to monitor a Bluetooth-enabled smart toothbrush.

Oral-B electric toothbrush and replacement head on white background. Oral-B is a brand of oral hygiene products.

Common Brush Head Replacement Problems

It is likely that you will encounter trouble removing your old brush head and putting on a new one. It might be that the frayed brush head is stuck, or the new one does not fit.

Here are some common issues.

Removing A Stuck Brush Head

In some cases, toothpaste buildup beneath the brush head may cause the handle to stick to the brush head. If this happens, you can try soaking the top portion of your brush in warm water. Do this for about ten seconds before attempting to remove the brush head.

The brush head should easily slide off the handle. However, you might need to give it a little twist. Once you remove it, you want to prevent this trouble from happening again.

You don't want to let mold formation and bacteria buildup occur on your toothbrush handle or brush head. Follow these cleaning and maintenance tips (exclusive tips for iO toothbrushes).

  • After each brushing, take the brush head off the handle and thoroughly clean the replacement brush head.
  • Clean the handle under running water.
  • Dry the brush head and handle with a fresh towel or cloth.
  • Allow the brush to air dry by resting it in an upright position.
  • Reattach the brush head to the handle or put it back in its sanitary container.

New Brush Head Doesn't Fit

Apply minimal downward pressure as the brush head slides on. The brush head might get stuck even though you're using the right type. The problem could be that some of the interior plastic from your old brush head is stuck to the metallic handle shaft.

Toothpaste can occasionally accumulate and solidify under the brush head. And it might cause it to break during removal, leaving a portion behind.

The top portion of the toothbrush, which is located around the plastic connector and metal shaft, can be fixed by running it under warm water for at least ten seconds. Then attempt to remove the additional piece. It could require a tug, but it should quickly come off.

Your new brush head ought to fit if it does. To prevent this from happening again, do the cleaning and maintenance routine included in the owner's manual. If you have any issues with your toothbrush, contact the service center for assistance directly.

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What Do The Numbers On Oral-B Toothbrushes Mean?

You will find two numbers on the underside of your electric toothbrush. The four-digit number is the type number that shows you the electric toothbrush model you own. It helps you find toothbrush-compatible components or accessories.

The production code is the other set of numbers located at the top or adjacent to the type number. The service center might request that you contact Oral-B with inquiries regarding your toothbrush using the production number. 

How Can You Tell If Brush Heads Are Fake?

Electric toothbrush Oral-B Cross Action PRO 750 black edition and Braun Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush for kids 3+ years Disney Frozen II edition

The best chance for quality and dependability is to purchase a factory's original head. Cheaper heads have also fueled a market for knockoffs that pass for the real thing but are rarely produced to the same standard.

You can spot if a fake brush head by the indicators below.

  • Packaging plastic is thin and flimsy.
  • The packaging seal is poorly aligned.
  • Packaging descriptions are in dull color.
  • The packaging reference number is not eight digits.
  • The brush head logo is lighter in color and can come off with a fingernail.
  • There is a small circle indented into the shaft.
  • The inside metal piece in the brush head is less uniform or unpolished.
  • There are no serial numbers on the internal parts.
  • The brush head bristles do not fade in color over time. (Original bristles fade out to indicate when to replace the brush heads.)
  • Brush bristles will not extend apart evenly.
  • The two dots on the top of the brush head are raised.
  • There is a wobbling sound, or the head is too tight when fitting to the brush.
  • Sore teeth and gums may occur when continuously used.

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Final Thoughts

You can choose from the full lineup of brush heads if you have an Oral-B electric toothbrush. This is its best feature. Regardless of the model you use (except for the iO series), you can replace any brush head you prefer with the slide-off and slide-on mechanism.

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