How To Reset Simplisafe For A New Owner [Step-By-Step Guide]

Your SimpliSafe security system may be something you want to keep for the current buyer when you sell your property. You are now considering how to reset your security system. We did extensive research to provide you with the correct information on how to reset this system when transferring ownership of the SimpliSafe.

Resetting the SimpliSafe Security system can only be completed by Simplisafe.

To do so, notify SimpliSafe and request that the base station be removed from your account and any active surveillance systems terminated to get your SimpliSafe ready for new owners.

After it has been erased from your account, the newly acquired property owners can be added by contacting Simplisafe.

It's important to remember that such a SimpliSafe Security system was designed to travel alongside you. However, there seem to be numerous reasons why an individual may leave it with the new homeowner.

Keep reading to know the steps for transferring ownership of your security system.

Turning on the SimpliSafe home security system, How To Reset Simplisafe For A New Owner [Step-By-Step Guide]

Changing Owners Of SimpliSafe?

Before anything else, keep in mind that if you ask SimpliSafe to terminate your account, it will happen right away. As soon as you end the phone call, the system will discontinue keeping an eye on the house.

You should only submit this request when you are prepared to turn off the system and cancel your subscription, such as the day you leave your house.

There is not much that has to be done to cancel your SimpliSafe system account. Here are the simple steps:

First Step

You first should end your subscription to every active monitoring service before handing over control of your SimpliSafe systems. You can make this withdrawal request by contacting SimpliSafe's customer care department.

Second Step

Choose selection two from the menu that will automatically play as you listen to it.

A customer care agent will put you in contact with them. Give them your Safe Word, phone number, and residential address so they can access your details and assist you with the transfer of ownership, 

Last Step

The current buyer can now register their new SimpliSafe subscription and establish monthly monitoring systems once you terminate your monitoring systems.

Online account registration or customer care inquiries are required. The serial number written on the Base Station's bottom must then be supplied.

If you did not install monitoring systems, surrendering control of your SimpliSafe units to the new homeowner is much simpler. That's because there's no need to cancel. In this situation, you can leave the device unattended so that the current buyer can set it up in their new account.

Resetting Your Pin On Simplisafe Security

Safeguarding your confidential data when you hand over a gadget to a current buyer is essential. Before turning the device over, you should switch the pin to a default passcode, such as [0000]. The security system for your house depends on your PIN.

You can always change the PIN through your keypad if you manage to recall it. Follow the on-screen prompts to alter a PIN by clicking the menu icon, selecting PINs, and then choosing the desired PIN.

Call SimpliSafe customer care if you can't remember the PIN.

A metal SimpliSafe sign

For a phone-based PIN resetting, you will require the safe word. It's essential to safeguard your confidential data whenever you hand over a gadget to a current buyer.

Before turning the device over, you should switch the pin to a default passcode, such as [0000].

1. Changing A Pin Through an Online

You can modify your PINs through your online account if you pay a monthly fee for SimpliSafe's Interactive Monitoring Plan.

1.1 Enter the settings. 1.2 Click on PINs. 1.3 Decide which PIN you wish to modify, then follow the instructions. 1.4 Online PIN changes are prohibited if you subscribe to any Standard Monitoring Plan.

2. Changing A PIN Using The Keypad

Whatever four-digit figure of your choice is possible, except for [1234]. Use the keypad at any moment to modify any one of the PINs.

2.1 Select the menu icon. 2.2 Click on PINs. 2.3 Decide which PIN you wish to modify. 2.4 If prompted, key in your master PIN. 2.5 When prompted, input the new PIN.

Various PIN Types

SimpliSafe PINs come in three main types. Keep in mind that they are distinct from the Safe Word.

Whenever you call the Simplisafe team of professionals, you need your Safe Word to modify your monitoring services and to confirm or terminate an alarming occurrence. 

Master Personal Identification Number

The default PIN for a new SimpliSafe keypad is [1234]. A master PIN selection option should be shown during the new keypad setup process.

The only PIN that may be utilized to alter the keypad's system settings is the master PIN. Every SimpliSafe system includes a single master PIN that is used to access the keypad settings and turn the system on and off.

Durness Personal Identification Number

The keypad or an account online featuring Interactive Monitoring may be used to add and modify a Duress PIN. If the event that your PIN is being entered against your will, have used this pin.

It will alert the rapid response headquarters that you need assistance, and police will be sent out immediately in need of assistance.

The emergency response unit or the police won't be calling you, and the device will be deactivated. While assistance is on its way, the attacker would be duped into thinking you are complying by entering this PIN.

Personal Identification Numbers For Users

A user PIN has a lot of potential uses. It is also possible to issue unique PINs to housemates, landlords, children, nannies, or anyone in the house.

Users cannot modify the system configuration with their PINs. Once you've assigned each person in the house a specific PIN, each of them won't be able to delete or modify the PIN or access anything of your account data.

Only their PIN will work to switch the system off and on for them.

You can keep tabs on when your children and certain other individuals switch the safety system off and on using the SimpliSafe smartphone application, effectively tracking when anyone enters and leave the house.

SimpliSafe accounts allow for a maximum number of four extra user PINs, like with Mater PIN. Whatever four-digit sequence, except [1234], may be entered as a user PIN through your online account and keypad.

Using SimpliSafe to Launch New Monitoring Services

A service plan must be selected whenever the current buyer is prepared to start the monitoring systems.

SimpliSafe presents two subscription fees that let the security system at home keep an eye on it, notify you if it's been broken into, and call the police if necessary.

These are the interactive and standard plans. No contract is necessary for any plan, and you can cancel anytime. 

A SimpliSafe sign outside a house intended for marketing

The following simple actions should be followed whenever it's time for the brand-new user to establish their account:

  1. Activate your SimpliSafe account by visiting or by downloading the SimpliSafe application to your mobile device. Either make a new account or enter the email address you often used to complete your order.
  2. Use the steps to configure a new device if you're using a web browser. Select Activate Monitoring if you're employing the app, then complete the on-screen instructions.
  3. A credit card is required to establish monthly subscriptions, and the device installation requires the serial number from the Base Station.

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Does Simplisafe Require A wi-fi Connection To Function

The SimpliSafe Base Station has an emergency rechargeable battery source that will keep it operational for up to 24 hours in the event of a power loss.

You can substitute alternative rechargeable batteries for the rechargeable batteries in the base station when the power outage lasts more than 24 hours.

It's crucial to avoid putting ordinary, disposable batteries into the base station because doing so could harm the gadget.

If you select a monthly monitoring package with cellular service, SimpliSafe can be used without a wi-fi connection.

The wi-fi component of the home security system is necessary to support any video cameras. You would also require this if you were in a place with bad cellphone service.

SimpliSafe Home Security's Essential Tools

A SimpliSafe sign outside a house

A base station, entry sensor, motion detector, and keypad are all included in each SimpliSafe starter set as standard security equipment.

If none of the four devices are present, your system isn't correctly configured to recognize when attackers come into your home. Anyone who has a safety system must expand upon this idea.

Base Station

[PIN id="294915475598203861" size="large"] [/PIN]

The Base Station alerts our monitoring system to a burglary attempt and then sounds a loud alarm.

Entry Sensor

[PIN id="37365871898816100" size="large"] [/PIN]

Intrusion detectors secure two large and easily accessible ground-floor windows and the front and back doors.

Motion Detector: SimpliCam

[PIN id="967218457446468153" size="large"] [/PIN]

SimpliCam is configured to detect people's distinctive thermal radiation. Due to this and their night vision, even the most ingenious burglar has little chance against them.

Simplisafe Keypad

[PIN id="734227545508364826" size="large"] [/PIN]

Since the Simplisafe keypad doesn't need a socket, you can install it wherever. We suggest you put it there.


Turning on the SimpliSafe home security system

Your Simplisafe devices can be transferred to another person. It will be if you decide to hand over your SimpliSafe to the new owner.

To delete the base station from your account and stop using any active surveillance equipment, you must inform SimpliSafe.

Following its removal from your account, the current buyer can now add security systems devices to their account by getting in touch with Simplisafe.

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