How To Reset A White-Rodgers Thermostat?

White-Rodgers thermostats are generally reliable but must be reset when something goes wrong. Let’s look at resetting your thermostat, whether you have an older White Rodgers model or a more modern smart type. We’ve extensively researched this issue to provide a solution for you.

The latest White-Rodgers Thermostat and the classic type can be reset differently. Here is how to reset the Classic Series White-Rodgers thermostat.

  • Hold two buttons simultaneously.
  • Observe the screen as it goes back to the display.

In resetting a modern White-Rodgers Thermostat, you should:

  • Browse the menu and choose Factory Reset.
  • Reset the schedule by selecting the menu.
  • Go to the WiFi icon app on the menu to reset the WiFi.

The most prevalent thermostats seen in houses are White-Rodgers models, but you will need to reset thermostats since they occasionally malfunction. Let’s discuss this further below!

Young man adjusting smart thermostat, How To Reset A White-Rodgers Thermostat?

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Resetting A Classic Series White-Rodgers Thermostat

This timeless series featured a white body and a tiny digital screen in black and white. There are slight differences in the way that each model is reset.

Here’s how to reset a traditional White-Rodgers thermostat:

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Hold Both Buttons At Once

Most types would require you to hold the time and arrow buttons simultaneously. For the others, simultaneously press the switch and the arrow keys.

Observe The Screen

The display will turn off and then turn back on again. The thermostat is reset when the screen turns back on.

Resetting A Modern White-Rodgers Thermostat

The kind of thermostat and the model number determine each thermostat’s factory reset instructions.

The most recent model has WiFi and works with smart assistants, but don’t worry, as the reset procedure for each aspect is straightforward. Please check out the steps below.

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Resetting The Factory Setting

Each device includes a menu choice that guides you through the reset procedure. Reset the thermostat once you locate the About Thermostat option under the menu and select Factory Reset.

Here is how to reset the factory settings manually:

  1. Choose Menu.
  2. Click About Thermostat.
  3. Choose Factory Reset.
  4. You will be taken back to the home page after short wait.

Resetting The Schedule For The Thermostat

Energy saving

You can adjust the thermostat for when you are home or not. The same is true when changing settings by selecting schedule from the menu. Fix the times as necessary, then hit save to maintain a cozy and energy-efficient household.

Here is how to set the schedule:

  1. Choose Menu.
  2. Choose Schedule. Ensure it is turned on.
  3. Configuration options can be changed. This will overwrite any previously saved settings.
  4. Select Save.

Resetting The WiFi

It is simple to reset the WiFi on a White-Rodgers Thermostat. See the steps below to reset the WiFi manually.

  1. Click the Connect option in the menu. If you don’t see the connect option, you should change the batteries or reset your thermostat. The monitor will display “00”, “11”, or “22”.
  2. Make sure that you have at least a 2.5 GHz network connection.
  3. Go to the Sensi app and select the Set Up A New Device option if you see “11” or “22.” Adhere to the directions. 
  4. If the screen says “00”, open the Sensi app and click the + button in the top left corner.

How Do I Change The Battery In A White Rodgers Thermostat?

HVAC Technician installing batteries in digital heating and cooling thermostat

It might be time to update the battery in your White-Rodgers thermostat if your house feels drafty and your energy costs are through the roof.

You can set up your thermostat to save money and maintain comfort in your house in only a few minutes.

You must remove the White-Rodgers thermostat’s front cover to reach the batteries for battery replacement and remove the old batteries. Make sure the thermostat’s front cover is secured correctly before replacing it.

Professionals advise that you change the batteries in your White-Rodgers thermostat devices once a year. The White-Rodgers thermostat’s battery can be changed in the following steps.

  1. Make sure your White-Rodgers thermostat is switched on first.
  2. Take out the thermostat from where it is located.
  3. Remove the battery panel, then turn the thermostat on the machine.
  4. Slide the thermostat away from the wall mount plate slowly.
  5. Remove the batteries from the device and reattach the battery panel to its proper location after installing the new batteries. Make sure the battery bars are full by turning the thermostat over and inspecting the front panel.
  6. Place the batteries in the appropriate compartments. While specific White-Rodgers devices utilize volt lithium batteries — the same ones used in watches — the majority of their products use AAA or AA alkaline batteries.
  7. Set your thermostat device back in its wall-mounted position. Remount the thermostat where it was previously mounted and take your time reattaching the thermostat device cover to its original location.

Why Is My White-Rodgers Thermostat Not Working?

Woman's hand setting the room temperature on a modern programmable thermostat

The thermostat by White-Rodgers is a top-notch home appliance. It keeps the temperature and ambiance in your house comfortable. But what if it suddenly stops working? How can it be easily and swiftly resolved, too?

Your White-Rodgers thermostat might not work due to problems with the power connection.

Other usual causes are an inadequate battery, a power outage, poor wiring, improper temperature setting, and a defective HVAC system. Maybe it needs replacement because of its age.

It is not necessary to be an expert to troubleshoot a simple thermostat. These easy methods can assist you in determining the issue with the gadget.

Low Battery

The battery can already be at a low or empty level. Some White-Rodgers thermostats run on batteries; when they run out, they stop working.

A battery icon should be visible on the screen if you use a battery-operated thermostat.

Your thermostat’s battery is in excellent condition if it has four bars. The battery is almost dead if you only have one bar left. This means that the batteries need to be changed right away.

It won’t be accessible until the batteries have been replaced.

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Power Interruption

Blackouts or electricity interruptions can cause your equipment to turn off and stop working. Usually, turning on your device will allow you to restart it. White-Rodgers thermostats, however, could be a few minutes late.

You’ll be able to turn on your thermostat and see its display. Yet, you are unable to change its settings. You may also notice that the time displayed is incorrect. Consult a specialist if you are unsure about the power supply.

Damaged Wirings

Wires to the underfloor heating controller

The wiring may be harmed if your White-Rodgers thermostat isn’t working correctly. This is particularly applicable to hardwired thermostats. You can also get assistance from an electrician if you discover defective wiring.

Circuit breakers can trip due to both ground faults and short circuits. What are the root causes of ground faults and short circuits? Overheating, power surges, and voltage spikes are the leading causes of defective and damaged wiring.


Like any other device, White-Rodgers thermostats can deteriorate. Your equipment may stop working if you’ve used it for a long time.

Because homeowners use their thermostats frequently, the hardware, buttons, and thermostat mechanism will eventually fail.

Having outdated equipment can also be dangerous. As a result, it should not be surprising if your thermostat fails after a while.

Defective HVAC System

Your HVAC system affects how your thermostat works. As a result, if they start to malfunction, your thermostat will too.

Any of these things could impact your home’s condition, making it challenging for your thermostat to maintain a stable indoor temperature.

Check the state of your HVAC system if your thermostat isn’t working. Check to make sure they are powered on and plugged in. When necessary, clean your HVAC system, and replace any broken parts.


Although it may appear that the thermostat isn’t working, the real issue is maybe that you’ve set the temperature too high or too low. If so, you should pay attention to your thermostat’s steady and blinking numbers.

The temperature in your room is the latter, while the former is the specified temperature. It would help if you changed the temperature accordingly.

To Wrap Up

To reset a classic White-Rodgers thermostat model, you need to hold two buttons until it reverts to the display. Resetting newer models involves choosing a Factory Reset and resetting the schedule and WiFi. You’ll have to do more steps to resetting the latest model than the classic one.

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