How to Use Room Darkening Window Film in Your Home

The summer heat causes you to turn your air conditioning higher. But is your electric bill going higher, too? If it is, then you may want to look at ways to reduce costs. One place to start is your home's windows. If you can cut down on the heat leaking in through windows, you can cut down on your power bill. One option to consider is room darkening window film for residential use.

A modern living room with a white colored wall, exposed wooden trusses, and an indoor plant on the side, How to Use Room darkening window film in your home

Does Window Film Really Reduce Heat?

Yes, it does reduce heat. Because most window film has reflective or darkening technology, it functions much as curtains do. The benefit, however, is with window film you won't lose your view of the out-of-doors. And it can also be more cost-effective than curtains and blinds.

Does Window Tinting Film Block Out Light?

If you want effective window tinting, it will block out some light. The most effective film will block out 99% of the UV light (which causes fading) and 50% of actual sunlight without noticeably darkening your interior space. If your choice is between curtains and window film, the window film will allow more natural light. If you want no light coming in, look for blackout window films.

Does Window Film Go On The Inside Or Outside?

What is the best way to install window film? Does it go inside of your windows, or outside? Install window film on the inside of your windows. This protects it from the harsh conditions of extreme sun and storms if installed outside.

How Much Does UV Window Film Cost?

The price of window film can vary depending on if you're installing it yourself or hiring a professional. In general, you can expect the cost to range between $2-$100 per square foot, and from $5 to $10 additional per square foot if not doing it yourself. On average, the cost of doing your entire home would be under $1000.

Room Darkening Window Films Product List

Let's take a look at some of the films available on the market currently.

1. One Way Mirror Solar Film

This non-adhesive film will effectively block out 98% of the sun's UV rays. It's a great way to reduce your air-conditioning use for not a lot of money. It attaches easily to the window with static cling. From the outside, it provides a mirrored look, so passers-by can't see inside. It's also easy to roll up and store if you don't want to keep it up during winter months.

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2. Total Blackout Control With Floral Design

This film is a blackout. You can't see in, and you can't see out. If you need to block light completely, a film like this one will work great. All you need is some soapy water to apply it, and when you don't need it, roll it up and store it away. It comes in a variety of sizes, including door sizes for glass doors. This film blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays.

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3. Decorative Privacy Window Film

This tulip patterned decorative privacy film creates the look of frosted glass. It blocks out 45-85% of sunlight's heat in the summer and hangs on to about 30% of heat lost in the winter. It comes in three different widths and 79" rolls. It's easy to put on, reuse, readjust, and roll-up. It has UV protection and will block 96% of those harmful rays while still letting in sunlight. This is an excellent choice for a bathroom window where you might want privacy but don't want to block light or have a curtain.

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4. Rain Glass Privacy And UV Blocking Film

If you love the look of rain glass but don't want to replace your current plain glass, this film may be the find of the year. It's easy to install with soapy water and super forgiving if you need to readjust it. It blocks out UV light, and though it isn't 100% private, the pattern provides about 70% privacy. Rain film might not be the best choice for a bathroom window, but it would be super for an entry door that you want to mute down a bit. It comes in several different lengths and two widths, 79" and 157".

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5. The Look Of Stained Glass

This is a super unique window film. It resembles stained glass and is quite beautiful. It controls heat and blocks out about 96% of UV rays. Like most window films, it's non-adhesive and easy to apply, adjust, and reuse. This pattern is available as shown here in blue, but also in purple, black, pink-purple, and yellow-green. The design may fade over a few years from the sunlight, but replacing this film is cheaper than replacing faded sofas.

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6. Total Room Darkening Film

If you want a room as black as the wilds of the backcountry, this is the film for you. It comes in a 2-pack of 17.5 x 78.7" panels that are easy to install. They provide absolute light protection for daytime sleepers woken by sunlight. They're darker than any curtains and easy to install, readjust, roll up and reuse. To install, make sure your windows are super clean and free of any dust or dirt.

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7. Artscape Magnolia Window

Window film as art, that's what this beautiful panel is. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a custom window that you might grow tired of. Instead, purchase a decorative film panel like this and reach two goals, darkening your light and beautifying your room. This film comes with an instruction sheet and a squeegee to help install it. The pattern repeats and works on any size window. Cut it easily for custom sizes.

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8. UV Blocking Window Film With Light Entry

This transparent window film blocks out an astonishing 99% of harmful UV rays and 85% of Infrared rays. It will protect your hardwood floors, your upholstered furniture, and your power bill, and features an anti-scratch layer and a mirrored side to face the sun. Another bonus? If your kid hits a baseball into your window, it will hold the broken glass together. Now that's fantastic.

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9. Small Squares Mosaic Window Film

This film reminds us of trendy glass backsplashes, which is why we think this would work great in a kitchen where you want some extra UV protection. Small wavy squares make up the design of this decorative film. It blocks out 45-85% of light and provides fade protection for your floors. Like all films, it will help on your power bill as less cool, and heat will escape your windows because of it.

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10. Bamboo Design Frosted Film

This roll of bamboo designed frosted window film will come in handy when trying to provide privacy. It utilizes static electricity to cling to your glass and is easily removable if you tire of it. The film comes in several different sizes for all types of windows. Cut it to make custom sizes. This film blocks out 96% of UV rays from the sun.

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