15 Rooms With Floor To Ceiling Windows

The windows in a home are an essential feature that isn't often discussed. Although there are countless styles of windows, the most dramatic type is the floor-to-ceiling variety.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are exactly as their name suggests. They are windows that reach from the floor of a home to the ceiling and are aesthetically impressive due to their height and length.

There are many positives to having floor-to-ceiling windows in one or more of your rooms. For one, the immense amount of natural light comes with them.

A wall of windows will allow every last bit of light into your room. Then there is also the illusion of space. The vast windows will make your room look and feel larger.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are also pleasing from an architectural standpoint.

From the inside and the outside, a building with long, sprawling windows appears grander and more striking than a home with smaller windows.

Of course, with plusses, there are always minuses. If you like privacy, you won't have much in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Another issue is too much light.

If your windows face east or west, you might find that your room will be too bright at certain times. There is the option to install drapes or shades, but that can be very expensive on large windows.

If your love of large windows supersedes the potential pitfalls, keep reading. Feast your eyes on these 15 gorgeous rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows we have compiled for your viewing pleasure.

Modern white Interiors and white sofa and great big window beside of it, 15 Rooms With Floor To Ceiling Windows

1. Window To Nature

Floor-to-ceiling windows make a room seem larger, but that's especially true for the living room in this photo.

The white floor and furnishings and light gray walls add another level of spaciousness when combined with a wall that's entirely glass.

Modern living room interior with nature view

2. Hardwood Haven

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

Hardwood floors and a brick fireplace provide a lovely ambiance in this living room. The light from the ample windows reflects off the floor and brings a bright glow to the room.

The modern furnishings are sleek and sophisticated, and the fireplace offers an element of coziness amidst so much contemporary glamour.

3. Panoramic Palms

Modern contemporary high ceiling living room

This room in the photo has not one but two walls entirely covered by windows that reach amazingly high ceilings.

To maximize the abundant light and view outside, the room is decorated with a minimalist style of furniture. The look is simple and modern, focusing on the tropical view outside.

4. Amazing Arches

Rooms have wooden floors and white wood ceilings Decorated with white fabric chair,There are arch shape window sunlight shining

Arched windows like the ones seen in this room provide a classic look. The room is sparsely furnished, but keeping it uncluttered allows for unobstructed views of the greenery outside.

The finishes make up for the lack of furniture pieces, as the white wood ceilings and hardwood floors add elegance and charm.

5. Relaxing Seaside

Minimalist bathroom with big bath tub and panoramic window, italian interior design

Living rooms aren't the only spaces in your house where floor-to-ceiling windows will look fantastic. This bathroom is surrounded by a wraparound balcony and features an incredible view.

The interior is simple and white, and the toned-down style keeps the room airy and open while focusing on the bright blue sea outside.

6. Ocean View

Sea view bedroom and living room in luxury beach house

When your view is as spectacular as the one in this photo, floor-to-ceiling windows are a must-have.

The natural colors of the floor and furnishings mimic the shades found on the beach and bring the room to life. Throw pillows add soft color, and the decor and the view come together ideally.

7. Classic Charm

Scandinavian bathroom with 3 large window with a big bathtub

The arched windows in this charming bathroom provide a lovely and tranquil way to view the world outside. Wooden and marble floors and a wooden ceiling pair well with the large white tub.

All of these elements combine to create a picturesque space perfect for relaxing.

8. Going Green

Emerald green Modern Scandinavian kitchen with large dining table and chairs

This photo's bright green wall and chairs nicely complement the white floor and table. The darker color splashes work well to balance the brightness created by the ample windows and glass doors.

Completing the scene is the picturesque mountain view, creating the perfect backdrop for this stunning room.

9. Woodland Hideaway

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The floor-to-ceiling window in this little nook is quaint,  just like the space in which it is featured.

The wooden walls and ceiling make this room look almost like a tree house, and the well-stocked built-in bookshelves add to the charming allure.

Although there is only one window, it lets in just the perfect amount of light.

10. Glitz And Glamour

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Having floor-to-ceiling windows doesn't mean your room must always be wide open and filled with light. In the photo, the windows are covered in sheer drapes.

However, there is still plenty of light, and the effect is stunning and dreamy. The room's white and beige furnishings and accents complete the overall look.

11. Outdoor Vibe

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One of the most desirable features of floor-to-ceiling windows is the illusion that your room is an extension of the world outside.

This gorgeous sunroom is decorated in a lanai style, complete with patio furniture that includes a relaxing swing.

The plants accentuate the outdoor vibe, while the area rug adds a touch of formality and prevents the decor from appearing too much like a backyard.

12. Contemporary Kitchen

[PIN id="642677809297811448" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

A bright, open kitchen is aesthetically appealing, especially when flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows.

This space utilizes the natural light from the window and intensifies the brightness with white cabinets and furnishings.

The black accents and window frame add a dramatic effect, while the hardwood floors bring warmth to the room.

13. Mountain Retreat

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If you have a home in the mountains, you will undoubtedly want a place to sit and take in the panoramic landscape.

The room in this photo offers a gorgeous view because the wall is made entirely of windows.

The wood and earth-toned pieces capture the natural beauty of the scenery outside. It's the perfect place to sit back and relax.

14. Charming And Cheery

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The lovely setting in the photo is reminiscent of an English garden. The charming atmosphere is achieved with a checkerboard floor and classic furniture pieces.

The room's walls consist entirely of paned windows, allowing the occupants to enjoy a tranquil view of the natural beauty beyond.

15. Grandiose Garden

[PIN id="1900024831452251" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Nothing makes a statement like amazingly high ceilings and a window that dramatically comes to a point at the top looking out over nature.

The tall palms bring attention to the incredible amount of space in the room, and a botanical garden vibe is created inside and out.

The furniture is relatively unassuming, bringing all the attention to the window and the light coming through.

Windows For The Win

Modern white Interiors and white sofa and great big window beside of it

There are many breathtaking options for decorating a room with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Whether your tastes are more traditional or if you prefer a modern, chic look, floor-to-ceiling windows in your living room can easily accommodate your decorating desires.

You're sure to achieve a dreamy room with a view by accentuating the brightness and spaciousness that large windows provide.

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