13 Rooms with a Rectangle Rug Under a Round Table

Mixing and matching different shapes with your furniture and decor is a terrific way to add interest to any room in your home. Pairing a round table with a rectangular rug underneath it is a simple and easy way to incorporate this technique. But you may wonder what options and combinations work best.

We've collected 13 examples of rooms that feature round tables with rectangle rugs. Check these out for inspiration and ideas for your living room, dining room, or any other room that features a round table!

Pouf next to table in modern living room interior with gray corner sofa and window, 13 Rooms with a Rectangle Rug Under a Round Table

1. A Matched Set

Yellow cushions and blanket on gray sofa in the living area

This fresh and bright living room features a large white rug under a white-topped table. By matching the tabletop and rug colors, the room maintains a clean and cohesive look. Choosing furniture and flooring in light and neutral shades allows the extra details like the throw pillows and artwork to truly pop.

2. Off-Center

Wooden cupboard next to a sofa in a modern living room interior with a big painting

When pairing a small round table and a large rectangular rug, consider the placement. This arrangement would seem out of balance if the table were centered. But by placing the table over to one side, it looks just right.

It also allows room to include an accent chair atop the rug for a cozy and connected seating area. Here, the rug is just a shade lighter than the couch and the coffee table features the same wood as the console table and chair. Matching elements like this ties the whole room together. 

3. Details Matter

Stylish brown corner sofa with patterned pillows in elegant living room interior with mullions wall

When selecting your table and rug, you don't have to stick with wood and neutral colors. This rose gold-colored table brings a touch of elegance to the rust-colored sectional, and it's a perfect match to the light fixture on the far side of the room. Choosing a rug with an ornate pattern rather than a solid color also brings more sophistication to this space. Together, the pretty table and detailed rug set the tone for the room. 

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4. Brilliant Blue

Simple blue living room interior with round coffee table

This fun living room includes blue in every piece in the best way. If you like bright colors, don't be afraid to choose them for all your furniture, including your coffee table. By balancing the solid-blue furniture with a blue patterned-but-still-neutral rug, the color doesn't seem overwhelming. Again, placing the tiny table off-center leaves room for the stylish rocking chair. 

5. Cozy Up

Round wooden table with book and cup on gay carpet next to sofa in flat interior

If you have a large sectional, consider getting a large rectangular rug to fill the entire space in front of it to bring some extra coziness to your living room. Placing your round coffee table close to the corner will allow comfortable and easy access for whoever is seated on either side.

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6. Create Your Space

Pouf next to table in modern living room interior with gray corner sofa and window

This round coffee table has a fun geometric frame. When searching for the perfect coffee table, consider all the details to create a look that's all yours. Matching the rug to the couch creates a neutral palette in this living room to let the smaller details in the decor like this wire table frame stand out.

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7. Welcome Mat

Modern living room with corner sofa, rug and white round table

Make an extra-large formal living room feel cozy and connected with the right table and rug placement. This large rectangular rug stretches under the sectional and other furniture pieces to create a united seating area. Filling the space between the couch and chair with an over-sized round coffee table helps this airy space feel comfortable and welcoming rather than stark and empty.

8. Simple Stripes

Modern living room with blue sofa and round table on carpet

A striped rug lets you bring some personality to a simple monochromatic living room. Choosing stripes in the same color as the couch creates a coordinated look. The bars in the frame of this small silver table mimic the stripes in the rug to subtly tie the two pieces together.

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9. Choose Texture

Modern living room and patio area through the hallway

Mix and match the textures in your living room along with the shapes. This room pairs a fluffy, furry rug with leather chairs and a fabric sofa, but a mostly white palette means nothing clashes. The metal legs of the coffee table match the frames of the chairs for clever coordination.

10. Gather Round

Modern dining room interior with round table and classy furniture

Centering a round wooden dining table over a large rectangle rug is the perfect way to outfit this dining room. A large rug leaves plenty of space for the whole family to gather around the table. When choosing a rug for your dining room, you might want to opt for a style and fabric that are easy to vacuum and keep clean like this tan one. 

11. Pretty Pattern

Dining room area with doors, window and simple round table

You can also bring some extra style to your dining space with a lovely patterned rug. Choose a coordinating tablecloth for your round table to connect the two pieces. A patterned rug can be a great choice for under a dining room table because the extra detailing will help hide any spills and stains.

12. Color Coordinated

Large rectangle rug under round table in a cozy living room with yellow accent wall

The large rug sets the tone and color palette for this modern space. Every piece connects to the splashes of color in this rug: yellow for the chair and wall, white for the couch, dark gray for the planter, and silver for the table. The artwork ties it all together for a picture-perfect living room.

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13. Bright Choices

A large blue rectangle rug below a round wooden table in a traditional living room

Brighten up a living room with dark floors by choosing a bright-colored rug and light-colored coffee table. The pretty teal rug and coordinating throw pillows offer a nice contrast to the dark brown floors and couches. Opting for light wood for the table and lots of plants also bring freshness to a dark room.

In Closing

Whether you're designing a living room or a dining room, placing a rectangular rug under your round table could be just the detail you need to get your home in shape. Consider color, texture, size, and placement, and then mix and match your rug and table any way you like. For more tips on decorating with rugs, check out these other articles:

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