Round Vs. Rectangle Bathroom Mirror: Which To Choose?

Planning and designing each room of your home can sometimes be a confusing process. Is it time to focus on the bathroom, and you aren’t sure what shape mirror is best? Should you go with a round mirror in the bathroom or one that’s rectangular? Which is better?

Well, we’ve done plenty of research into this question and have the answer below!

Between a round and rectangle bathroom mirror, your decision will come down to wall space and design preference. Generally, round bathroom mirrors have a more modern flare while saving much-needed wall space.

In contrast, rectangle mirrors are the default for most bathroom concepts, so if you want to keep things classic and simple: go rectangular. Both ideas are fine, although round mirrors tend to work in a larger variety of bathroom floorplans.

As we start this post, we will cover bathroom mirrors and discuss which shape you should have in your space. Whether you currently have a round or rectangle mirror, want to switch, or need extra assistance, we’re here to help. With that said, let’s dive right into this topic!

A white, renovated bathroom with a very vanity, lights and a mirror mounted on the wall, and decorations. - Round Vs. Rectangle Bathroom Mirror Which

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Which Mirror Shape Is Better For The Bathroom: Round Or Rectangle?

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If you’re torn between a round and rectangle bathroom mirror: start by assessing your wall space. A round mirror will generally save wall area, which can help in smaller bathrooms.

However, a round bathroom mirror may become too small for some people’s liking, which isn’t a problem if you go with a rectangle design.

Between the two shapes, you want to think about your mirror requirements and how much available room you have for the new addition.

Since rectangular mirrors seem to be the default in bathroom design, you’re bound to find one that fits your space without much searching.

Round mirrors are also quite popular, but finding one that shows enough of your reflection might be a bit tricky, depending on where you shop.

Do Round Or Rectangle Mirrors Look Better In A Bathroom?

Regarding aesthetics, you can usually expect a rounded bathroom mirror to have a sleeker look. As we said, round mirrors can give your space a modern flare, all while opening up the walls in your bathroom.

On top of that, having a round mirror can add some variety to your space, which likely is filled with straight lines and architecture.

According to Luxe Mirrors, choosing a rounded option can also be perfect for tile-wall bathrooms. That’s because they showcase your tiling, making it feel more worth the money.

That also applies to bathrooms with fun wallpaper or artwork you want to show off. Sometimes, installing a bulky rectangle mirror can take away from the other components of your room: so be careful when laying everything out.

Round mirrors can also feel less severe in the bathroom, so if you want to keep everything soft, we suggest a rounded design. Again, this doesn’t mean a perfect circle, but something with round edges.

ImageYou 24 Inch LED Mirror For Bathroom

This round bathroom mirror is 24 inches across, features dimmable LED lights, has an anti-fog option, won’t rust, gives your space a hotel-like feel, is waterproof, and comes in two sizes.

Check out this LED mirror on Amazon.

Are Rectangular Mirrors More Accurate Than Round Ones?

Contemporary bathroom interior with tile wall surround in grey tones.

For anyone worried about a warped reflection, as long as your mirror is flat: it should be accurate. Most times, rounded mirrors have a slightly distorted border, which can make looking into them confusing.

On the other hand, rectangle mirrors don’t usually have a curved or 3D border, so in that way, they are a bit more accurate than rounded shapes.

Of course, you can find round mirrors that aren’t distorted, so this comes down to design. For example, if you can purchase a flat circle mirror for your bathroom, there won’t be any warping.

The key is a level surface for your mirror, regardless of the shape. According to, you also want to ensure your bathroom mirror covers enough wall space to give you an accurate reflection.

Additionally, try and center the mirror on the wall with a 6″ clearance above the vanity edge. Doing these things can ensure your mirror does its job and looks cohesive in your bathroom.

How Big Should A Round Bathroom Mirror Be?

If you need to find the right size rounded mirror for your bathroom, start by measuring your vanity/countertop. You want to know this if you’re shopping for mirrors, so you don’t choose one that’s too small or large.

Specifically, find a mirror that is 1-2 inches shorter than the width of your bathroom vanity countertop.

However, some experts recommend subtracting closer to four inches. For example, if your counter is 30 inches across, you want to subtract four inches to get your mirror sizing.

In that situation, you would find a round mirror around 26 inches across. Again, this is the recommended diameter of the mirror, so don’t get too caught up in finding an exact height or width.

The diameter of the round mirror would need to be 26 inches: the length of the line through the center of your mirror that touches both edges.

You can always go slightly smaller than these recommendations if your wall space is cramped, so have your final decision make sense for your room.

How Big Should A Rectangle Bathroom Mirror Be?

Moving to rectangle mirrors, if you have one you like but don’t know how big it should be: stick to our above formula.

Even though a rectangle mirror is a bit differently shaped than a round one, you can aim for it to be around 2-4 inches shorter than your countertop.

According to, for rectangle mirrors, you might want to choose one between two and six inches narrower than your vanity. Doing that should give your bathroom a cohesive energy.

Depending on your bathroom layout, a large rectangular mirror may not work. In contrast, you might need to fill a large empty wall in the bathroom: so in that case, we think it’s best to get big!

Don’t be afraid to try a few different sizes before making a final decision. Luckily, many online retailers allow you to virtually try a mirror on your wall, so that’s something to consider.

Is It Better To Have A Curved Or Straight Bathroom Mirror?

Modern design bathroom with wooden cabinets, black porcelain sink, circular mirror frame, chrome metal fixtures and fittings and black marble flooring

When it comes to choosing between a curved or straight mirror, this comes down to you. As we said, curved edges can help lessen the harshness of a bathroom mirror.

However, some designs call for sharp lines, which only a rectangle or square mirror can accomplish. Furthermore, a curved mirror may distort your reflection quite a bit towards the border.

If you already get irritated with rounded mirror shapes, adding a curved border could send you into a spiral. Additionally, a curved mirror works for ultra-modern bathrooms, which might not fit your current theme.

A flat, straight-across bathroom mirror is always a good place to start. From there, you can tweak your design and opt for rounded edges, a 3D border, or even LED lighting if you want to get fancy.

Regardless, try and look around your space and see what the other lines look like: are they curved or straight?

What Is The Current Trend In Bathroom Mirrors?

Choose a rounded bathroom mirror if you want to stick to a current trend. Over the years, people have moved away from ultra-rectangle mirrors and shapes in their homes.

With that change have come more round fixtures, including the mirror in your bathroom. As we mentioned, a round mirror can give a bathroom an upscale, almost hotel-like appearance.

Using a round mirror can do the trick if you want to give your walls a touch of variety. Furthermore, if you have unique tiles or wallpaper in the bathroom, a round mirror will help accentuate them.

One of the main issues with rectangle mirrors is that they can be bulky. If you choose too large of a rectangle mirror, it can overpower a smaller bathroom.

Therefore, current trends point away from super sharp edges and more in the direction of rounded or curved mirrors. This isn’t just for the bathroom, either!

Are Large Bathroom Mirrors Out Of Style?

Woman is touching light button on bathroom mirror in shop, hardware store shopping, furniture

Even though you can still find wall-length mirrors in high-scale hotel bathrooms, they aren’t as popular for home use. Generally, super-large mirrors are hard to clean and can be a hassle to maintain.

Compared to a smaller round or rectangle design, a wall-length bathroom mirror can make your space feel cramped and give you anxiety.

According to design experts, having such a large bathroom mirror creates too much exposure. That could be the light reflecting too much within your bathroom, even causing a glare.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t choose a large mirror, but it may deter you from the counter-length or floor-length one you’ve been looking at.

Just try and find a mirror that fits your walls and doesn’t make your bathroom feel awkward.

To Finish Things Up

Whether you need to buy a new bathroom mirror or have one you want to install, it’s always good to know your shapes. We say rounded models tend to work better in bathroom layouts between a round and rectangle mirror.

That’s because they are smaller, often feeling less bulky on your bathroom walls. In addition, your round mirror should create a modern flare in your bathroom, which is perfect for remodeling.

In contrast, a rectangle mirror can be more accurate at times and tends to give a bathroom a classic look. These are all things to consider when searching for your next mirror!

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