19 Round Wooden Wall Clocks That Will Add Charm to Any Room

19 Round Wooden Wall Clocks That Will Add Charm to Any RoomChoosing the decor for the walls in your home that fit in with your overall design theme can be intimidating. Picking items that are functional as well as beautiful is a smart choice, and one of the most obvious items that fit that description is a decorative clock.

A large wall clock can really emphasize your design aesthetic while helping you keep up with your appointments. We have created a list of large wooden wall clocks in a wide variety of styles and colors to help you find your perfect match!

1. Birch Wall Clock

This dark brown birch wall clock is a great addition to a room that leans towards the more industrial style or to simply add a bit of the steampunk look that's so popular these days. The exposed clock mechanism is a fun detail that adds a little something extra, and the silent movement of the clock's hands is a great addition to keep the peaceful quiet in a study, or in a living room to add to the focal point of a mantel.

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2. Rustic Farmhouse Wall Clock

This clock is perfect if you're following the farmhouse trend. With the solid wood backing and the gorgeous bronzed metal numerals, this oversized clock would be a great statement piece for any wall. It also works silently, meaning no annoying ticking when you're trying to concentrate. The maker of this clock, Oldtown Clocks, also backs up the mechanism with a lifetime warranty, which is a definite plus. This would look great in a farmhouse kitchen or in a living room that caters to the more rustic look.

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3. Shiplap Wall Clock

Shiplap is a big trend in today's design world, and this clock takes it to the next level in wow. While it's a material that's well known for being placed on a wall for a statement, putting it on a clock is a great twist. The large numerals on the clock make it easy to read, and its large size makes it perfect to go above a mantle or in another focal point of the room.

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4. Fleur de Lis Wall Clock

This vintage-looking clock has a great Fleur de Lis design that adds a bit of French country to a room. The rubbed sections of the clock add to the worn and distressed look, and the large numerals make it easy to read. This oversized clock would be great in a formal dining or living room to add a dramatic element.

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5. Handmade Wall Clock

This wooden clock is a showstopper! It's been handmade from solid wood, and the makers sanded it in such a way to allow layers of paint and wood to show through to create a great rustic barn wood look. This clock does need some assembly as it's broken down to make it easier to ship, but the description promises it's quick and easy. The look of this clock would add easy elegance to a living room or study.

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6. Minimalist Wooden Wall Clock

Check out this simple yet stunning clock! It's bright white face makes the large numbers easy to ready, and it's steady, silent hands that resemble branches add a bit of rustic charm to its minimalistic design. This would be perfect in a woodland themed nursery or a living room that's geared towards a rustic or farmhouse design theme.

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7. Wooden Wall Clock with Night Light

This wall clock is not only gorgeous with its wooden face, but it has a pretty nifty detail as well. While it's a great display for during the day, at night it comes alive with softly glowing numerals. The numbers absorb light energy during the day, allowing them to glow for up to four hours at night, allowing for it to be easily read in the dark, making it a perfect choice for a bedroom.

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8. Nautical Wall Clock

Needing a clock for a beach house? This wooden wall clock is perfect for a coastal theme. You could also use this clock to add an unexpected detail in a nautical nursery or bathroom. While this clock is on the smaller side at only 12 inches, its silent mechanism, bright colors, and large numbers make it a fun choice for rounding out a room.

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9. Rustic Barn Wood Wall Clock

This rustic looking clock combines both Roman and Arabic numerals for a different twist on the typical analog look. The barn wood face is a great contrast to both the numerals and the hour and minute hands, allowing you to read it easily. It would look especially stunning above a mantel or in a dining room.

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10. Solid Wood Wall Clock

This solid wood clock is handmade and boasts not only crystal clear glass covering the face, but it's also waterproof and anti-fogging. The silent mechanism makes it a great choice for a bedroom or study. The bright wood and simple, clean look of this clock would fit well in any minimalistic room, especially a bedroom, an office, or a living area.

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11. Black and Silver Wooden Wall Clock

The striking black and silver of this clock make it a great conversation piece, and that's without adding in the gears detailed at the center of the face. This would be a wonderful addition to a study or living room or even a bedroom to add an edgy feel.

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12. Tolkien Wall Clock

If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this handmade clock is for you. With its solid wood construct, bright green paint, and all the favorite meal times for hobbits, this is a truly unique piece. This would be perfect for a kitchen or dining room to help keep track of the hours, and its quiet mechanism, as well as the literary theme, would make it a great fit for a study or library.

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13. Navy Blue Wall Clock

The navy blue of this clock face is as unique as it is beautiful, and the silver numerals really pop against it. As is this would be a great and subtle addition to a nautical-themed room. The maker will also do personalization for free, and makes every clock to order, allowing you to truly purchase a one-of-a-kind piece.

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14. Family Wall Clock

This wall clock carries a sweet saying about family time, making it a great addition to any family room, den, kitchen, or dining room. The rustic look from the wooden slats is a popular design, and the large numbers are easy to see for easy reading.

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15. Vintage Minimalist Wall Clock

The vintage look of this wooden clock would look amazing in a formal living room, dining room, or study. The Roman numerals are large and easy to see, and the coloring of both them and the hands stand out well against the lighter colored face.

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16. Natural Oak Wall Clock

This gorgeous timepiece is handcrafted from a slice of natural oak, making it a unique decor item. While there are no numerals on this clock, it does run and tell time. This clock would be a great addition to a study or man cave, or to a living room that has a more rugged theme.

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17. Wine Barrel Wall Clock

This wall clock is created with a wine barrel as inspiration. The slatted wood and metal numerals and hardware portray this well and make this clock a fun addition to a kitchen or dining room. The rustic feel of this design is great for farmhouse design styles.

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18. Mickey Mouse Wall Clock

If you're a fan of Mickey Mouse or Disney in general, this clock would be a perfect choice! This clock has its design laser-cut into the wood, and each and every clock is made to order. Its mechanism runs silently as well, making it a great choice for a bedroom or study.

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19. Cut-out Numeral Wall Clock

This wall clock is made from thin plywood, and it's numerals are cut out of the wood, making for a really neat look. It also has a wooden set of hands, making this a fully wooden clock. This would look great in a bedroom or living room for a statement piece.

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20. Military Wooden Wall Clock

This is a gorgeous clock for any member of the US military. With its solid wood construct and hand-carved design, every clock is guaranteed to be one of a kind. This would be a great addition to an office or living room.

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It's Time to Chose

Any of these wooden wall clocks would add a great element to a room's design. The wooden material lends itself well to any number of design themes and styles and is always a classic choice for a room.

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