Should You Have A Rug In The Dining Room?

A beautiful rug is practical and a fitting choice of decor in a dining room. We researched design rules regarding rugs in the dining room and have some great information to share with you. Learn how to create the perfect dining room ambiance with a well-chosen area rug.

There are a host of reasons placing a rug in the dining room immediately elevates your home's decor and visual appeal.

  • Define your dining space
  • Add a touch of color
  • Bring comfort with texture
  • Tie together a more cohesive look
  • Create movement with graphics or patterns
  • Beautify boring bare floors

Don't worry that a rug in the dining room will be besieged with spills and crumbs from meals.  If you had questions about keeping the rug in your dining room clean or how to choose an appropriately sized floorcloth, read on. We'll help you to confidently go bold and indulge your home's dining area with a fantastic floor rug.

A modern dining room with handcrafted wicker chairs place on top of a brown rug, Should You Have A Rug In The Dining Room?

Regale Dining Guests With A Rug

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A dining room may seem complete as it is with an unadorned tile or hardwood floor. However, adding a rug to the underneath of a dining table and chairs instantly creates a greater sense of warmth for gatherings. Mealtimes with a rug in the dining room make eating a lot more enjoyable, especially if it has a plush texture or fetching pattern.

Here are a few wonderful reasons to have a rug in the dining room:

  • Muffle sound and warm bare feet.
  • Hide floors that are less than attractive.
  • Add a sense of warmth and coziness.
  • Protect your floor from scuffs and dings caused by furniture.
  • Create visual appeal and heighten the drama.

Think beyond aesthetics. There are some practical reasons to throw an area rug in your dining room, no matter your sense of style.

Defining Boundaries In An Open Space

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Some homes do not have a defined space for a dining room, especially in loft-style apartments or open floorplan abodes. Instead of living with a dining table and chairs that seem to float in space amid a living room, kitchen, and entryway, introduce a rug. In a home with a large area that has largely neutral tones, adding a rug with an eye-catching color or a structured pattern under a dining table creates needed divisions.

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Pop Color

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Choose a rug in a bold and vibrant color that stands out in a good way under a dining room table and chairs. Invite guests to a feast for the eyes and break up any existing visual monotony with a colorful rug. Opt for a shag rug in an electric hue paired with earth-toned chairs and a table. Emphasize the dining area using a rug that is in a cool blue or warm red, depending on the overall color treatment of your walls, floor, and furniture.

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Touchable Texture

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Give your bare feet something to sink into, cover-up cold floors, and provide plenty of aesthetic appeal with texture. If you choose a textured rug, still look for low-pile options. Be aware that thick, shaggy, furry rugs may show and hold onto dirt and debris faster and easier. A rug with appealing textures instantly makes a dining space feel cozy and invite you to live in the moment.

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Tie A Look Together

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Choose an area rug with a clever pattern with accent notes that pick up on colors or details in your dining table and chairs. Keep your rug's look in the same color family, texture, or style as your existing furniture. You can use a rug as a visual centerpiece that complements and accents your dining set and ambiance. Don't forget to choose a rug that matches the shape of your room or dining table for additional visual appeal.

Create Movement

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Lots of neutral colors in a flat, matte application can easily dampen movement and stall energy. Snag a rug that has stimulating patterns, classic traditional designs from around the world, or utilizes color to create movement. When dining, you don't want to gather in a space that feels static and monotonous. Indulge your sense of play and a need to move.

Dare To Not Go Bare

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There's nothing wrong with keeping your dining room's floor bare if it is already tiled, hardwood, or even carpeted. However, a rug might be the very thing you need to inject your dining room with a sense of personality and color. Homes with a more open layout like lofts may lack defined rooms with walls and entryways. Using a rug can anchor and visually designate what area is for dining, compared to lounging, working, or playing. And yes, you can add a rug to a dining room with a tiled floor, carpet, or hardwood flooring without fear.

What Type Of Rug Is Best For A Dining Room?

Choose a rug for your dining room with a low pile or flat weave for ease of cleaning and practicality. In case of inevitable spills or routine cleaning, this type of rug is better suited for the dining room than a textured shag rug with long loops. Also, make sure to select an area rug that is large enough to accommodate your table and chairs. You should also consider a stain-resistant rug or a floor covering designed for indoor and outdoor use. 

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How Do You Place A Rug In A Dining Room?

Ideally, when placing a rug in a dining room, it should be centered under the dining table and chairs. All of the table's legs and accompanying chairs should fit neatly atop a rug, so everything looks neatly tied together. If any guests need to take a seat, the rug shouldn't interfere with them pulling out their chair, and the chair's legs shouldn't end up outside of the rug when seated.

What Size Area Rug Do You Need For A Dining Room?

No matter what type of dining table and chairs you have, you will want to ensure you get a suitable rug. When selecting an area rug, you want it to extend a minimum of 24-inches on all sides. A rug that is large enough to complement your dining room area should go beyond the borders of the dining table. When guests have to pull out or push in their chairs, the furniture shouldn't extend past the rug's borders.

How Do You Keep A Dining Room Rug Clean?

Keeping the rug in your dining room clean is a must on your to-do list. Regularly vacuum or sweep the area rug to remove any crumbs or debris left behind. If needed, apply a cleaner to remove stains as soon as they occur. Don't forget to give your rug a thorough shampooing, at least quarterly, and allow it to fully dry before returning it to the dining room. If you choose a rug with a busy pattern or a darker color, it may better hide blemishes until you can attend to them.

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Placing an area rug underneath a dining table and chairs is unnecessary, but it is an excellent display of tasteful home decor. Create a greater sense of warmth, comfort, and security at the dinner table for guests during meals with a plush rug. Instantly give a more cohesive look to your dining room, accent your furniture, and anchor your dining set with an appropriate rug. Opt for a floor cloth that is dark in color or has a busy design to hide spills and stains until you can clean them.

Whether you choose a modern or vintage style rug, you can't go wrong with this look. Yes, you can place an area rug atop a carpeted floor. Additionally, make sure to leave a balanced amount of room surrounding the rug. Natural fiber rugs are an excellent choice, but synthetic fiber rugs are often easier to clean and can handle wear-and-tear. Make your dining room the piece of resistance in your home for gatherings with a well-chosen area rug.

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