25 Rustic Bathroom Accessories That Add Farm Charm To Bath Time

25 Rustic Bathroom Accessories That Add Farm Charm to Bath TimeFarmhouse, rustic or primitive - whatever flavor you go for, you can add a touch of your favorite style anywhere in your home - including the bathroom. We're going to show you some awesome rustic bathroom accessories that can make the transformation, fun, easy and affordable.

Rustic decor is a style that brings elements of the outdoors into your house, combining colors, textures, and materials found outside to add interesting touches to your indoors. For a more comprehensive explanation and some great examples, check out our Rustic Home Decor Guide.

One of the most difficult rooms in your house to add a rustic touch to is the bathroom. We've made it easy and compiled a list of 25 rustic bathroom accessories that will help you bring rustic style to this challenging space.

Rustic Shower Curtains

The shower curtain is one of the largest items in your bathroom. You may wonder how a shower curtain can be rustic, but we have four great options for you.

Ambesonne Shower Curtain

The fabric on this curtain is imprinted in such a way that when the curtain is pulled closed, it has the appearance of a wooden barn door.

The image's different color tones and detailed wood grain are really stunning. They add depth and perspective missing from other curtains. This showpiece comes in three different sizes.

Learn more about this curtain on Amazon.

Piper Classics Farmhouse Curtain

This one stood out from the others because of its stark simplicity. Its texture and natural tone (between taupe and gray) were eye-catching precisely because it is unadorned, save for a simple cotton plant design stitched above a ruffle on the curtain's bottom edge.

This shower curtain is pricier than others on our list, but when you treat the curtain as a focal piece, you might want to spend a few extra dollars to get the look you want.

Read more about this stunning curtain on Amazon.

Volens White Ruffle Curtain

This one is light, airy, and different from other curtains. It flows when it moves, reminiscent of a petticoat from the old west. Unlike other rustic shower curtains, it has a more feminine feel to it with the ruffles and the crisp white color.

The practicality of this product is a huge draw. It's machine washable, making it easy to clean if you're worried about so much white.

Here's more info on this unique curtain on Amazon.

Zixcos Rustic Scenery Curtain

This shower curtain is less farmhouse and more mountain, but it will make a stunning addition to any rustic bathroom. The different shades and tones of the blue and gray colors give depth to this curtain.

It comes with hooks and rustproof grommets, but the image of mountains and trees is what you'll love most about this durable curtain.

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Sink Accessories

Once you have the showpiece shower curtain selected, you can complete the room with other unique items like rustic sink accessories.

BWE Oil-Rubbed Bronze Waterfall Faucet

Oil-rubbed bronze items anchor a bathroom with their dark base color and lighter highlights around their edges. This faucet has that stunning color and a beautiful style: It's a waterfall faucet, so water flows gently from the tap into the sink, mimicking a waterfall or an old-fashioned well pump.

It's just as functional as any other single-armed faucet but will lend a real rustic and old-time farmhouse feel to your bathroom sink.

Read more about this waterfall faucet on Amazon.

Lily's Vintage Bar Soap Holder

A piece that's sure to grab attention is this one-of-a-kind soap holder. It looks like an old outdoor spigot, but the basket underneath holds bar soaps, keeping them off of the counter.

The green patina finish gives it an authentic outdoorsy feel, and its attention to rustic detail makes it seem so real that your guests might actually be tempted to try and turn the handle!

Learn more about the vintage bar soap holder on Amazon.

mDesign Dental Storage Organizer

Don't settle for a plain toothbrush holder. This one has natural tones and an old-fashioned style that will be a great complement to your other items. The primary color is white and with accents of oil-rubbed bronze colors.

It holds up to four toothbrushes in the divided stand portion and an electric toothbrush or one tube of toothpaste in the larger container portion. This organizer keeps your counter tidy while adding a little bit of rustic style to your bathroom.

Here's more information about this organizer on Amazon.

Rich Life Mason Soap Dispenser

Sure it's easy to just grab a couple of disposable soap dispensers to use in your bathroom, but where's the rustic charm in that? Try these beautiful Mason jar soap dispensers instead.

It comes with two dispensers, so if you want to put a different scent in each one or use hand sanitizer in one and soap in another, you're all set. The contrast of the glass container, the silver pump, and the wire holder give you that multi-textural combination of natural materials that's a hallmark of rustic design.

Click here for more details about this Mason Soap Dispenser on Amazon.


There are so many things that seem to clutter up bathroom countertops. In some cases, these supplies even seem to multiply. Don't just resort to piles on the counter or items falling out of a medicine cabinet. Instead, grab some rustic storage canisters to contain your supplies.

Homko Mason Jar Organizer

If you're looking to clear your countertops, consider this set of four Mason jars. They're secured to a piece of wood with a band of metal so that they can hang on your wall instead of cluttering up your counter.

The different textures of metal, wood, and glass combine to produce a beautifully rustic look. Fill them with cotton balls, Q-tips, Band-Aids - anything that you want to store in a uniquely rustic way.

Read more about these creative canisters on Amazon.

Hyggaehus Organizer

There are so many things to love about this organizer - mainly because it can hold so many things that you love! It has 24 different drawers designed to hold every bathroom supply you have, from nail polish to nail clippers, eye drops to dental floss.

It's made of wood and has a beautifully worn, aged look to it. Felt pads on the bottom prevent it from scratching any surface it sits on.

Learn more about this unique organizer on Amazon.

iDesign Trash Bucket

A trash can is an easy purchase to overlook, but it's also an easy place to put another rustic touch. This metal trash bucket looks like an old-fashioned pail and comes in four different colors to complement any bathroom.

Its compact size (just under 11") makes it perfect for a corner in your bathroom.

Here are more details about this trash bucket on Amazon.

MyGift Three Drawer Organizer

If the 24-drawer option is a little too much for you, try this three-drawer organizer for your bathroom. The drawers are large enough (5", 7.5", and 9") to hold many of your toiletries.

The whole product is made from wood, which means the two tones give it a unique look. It's functional, simple, and pretty, and would be a great addition to a shelf or counter in your rustic bathroom.

Read additional information about this MyGift Organizer on Amazon.

SheeChung Apothecary Jars

This set of two apothecary jars is a cute addition to any bathroom. Their simple design mimics a miniature Mason jar, and the oil-rubbed-bronze-colored lid gives it a rustic feel.

The brown twine tied around the jars doesn't come with your purchase, but you can buy a spool of it at any craft store for a few dollars to finish the look.

Read more about these practical and pretty apothecary jars on Amazon.

Towel Racks

It might seem like a towel rack is a throwaway item. Just put any bar on the wall, hang the towel on the bar, and you're done, right?

No chance. You can still choose rustic when you choose your towel rack. Here are four distinctly different ones that will each add beauty to your bathroom.

Colonial Galvanized Steel Wall Box

This towel rack holds one hand towel, but what makes it special is the vintage wall box that holds the towel rack. Fill the box with something to make it unique - flowers, potpourri, even rolled-up hand towels.

The rough, unfinished look gives it a vintage feel, making it a nice complement to the room's rustic style.

Here are more details on the Colonial Wall Box on Amazon.

GWH Industrial Towel Rack

The pipes on this towel rack are what stand out and make this one a winner.

The pipes attach to the wall and hold the towels. The wooden shelf on top of the piece completes the rustic, industrial-chic look. It also comes with two shelves.

Click here for more information about this unique towel rack on Amazon.

Lulind Rustic Rack

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most beautiful, and this towel rack is simply beautiful. The brown hooks can hold up to ten pounds of weight so they'll have no trouble handling your bath towels. They're anchored to a 3/4" piece of cedar wood that has that a worn, aged, rustic look to it.

It comes with either three or five hooks so that you can choose the right size for your bathroom.

Learn more about this towel rack on Amazon.

MyGift Rustic Wood Towel Rack

This piece capitalizes on the farmhouse trend of signs with one or two words on them. The word "Towels" sits on top of the hooks, and the colors are beautiful - shades of white, brown, ivory, and a trendy light blue give this a rustic feel and a vintage look.

This rack has hooks for five bath towels.

Check out more about the MyGift Towel Rack on Amazon.

Toilet Paper Holders

Just because it's the most functional product in your bathroom doesn't mean that the toilet paper holder can't also be fun. Here are four holders with four totally different, yet equally rustic, looks.

Autumn Alley Barnhouse Door Paper Holder

This unique toilet paper holder features a miniature-sized barn door as the backdrop for the holder. Corrugated metal and wood make up the door, while the holder is made out of black metal.

It's simple, easy to use, and you probably won't find another holder that screams "rustic farmhouse" more than this one.

Read on for more details on this paper holder on Amazon.

Industrial Nameplate Bathroom Caddy

This toilet paper holder gives you space for the reading material you know that your bathroom users want. The bottom piece holds the toilet paper, and the top part is large enough to hold several rolled-up magazines.

The galvanized metal has a distinctly rustic look to it, and it can hold two rolls of toilet paper at one time. No more excuses for running out of toilet paper!

Here's additional information about this rustic industrial piece on Amazon.

MyGift Industrial-Style Paper Holder

If you loved the towel rack made out of wood and pipes featured earlier in this list, then you'll love this complimentary piece.

Great features like the open-ended spindle for easy roll changes and the cool shelf where you can place your phone make this a uniquely beautiful rustic piece for your bathroom.

There are more details about the MyGift paper holder on Amazon.

TomCare Toilet Paper Holder

This one is totally different from the others on this list. Those are wall-mounted holders; this one sits on the floor. In addition to the toilet paper holder, there's a small dish to hold a phone, and the bottom of the unit provides storage for two spare rolls.

It's made of rustproof metal and the open-wire desire gives it a country feel.

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Wall Decor

Wall decor may be one of the last things you think about when it comes to your bathroom, but the right pieces can make a huge difference. Here are four options that will fit your rustic theme.

BarnwoodUSA Farmhouse Mirror

This mirror is simple, distressed, made of reclaimed wood, and screams rustic. You'll love how it looks on your wall, and the tray in the front makes for a great small storage area.

Its aged finished gives it a unique rustic look. It comes in one size, 16" by 20".

Read more about this mirror on Amazon.

Hanging Floating Shelves

Simple in design but elegant in execution, these boxes are hung on the wall by pieces of rope. They are great for little trinkets, bathroom accessories, or small decorations.

Changing the items that you place in them will easily change up the look of your bathroom, while the simple wooden frames will always be a great rustic piece.

Here's more information about these shelves on Amazon.

Ohio Wholesale Wall Art

This is a fun piece to add to the wall of your bathroom. It's a 14" x 7.5" sign with a vintage feel and a rustic look, advertising soap, water, and hand towels.

You can use it by itself or with other pieces of art. Either way, it's a standout piece.

Get more info on this sign on Amazon.

WGX Pipe Shelving

If you loved the industrial pipe towel and toilet paper holders featured on this list, add these shelves to complete the look. It's a set of three thick wooden shelves help up by black industrial pipes.

The bottom shelf features a towel rack, making it functional too. You'll love the extra decorating space these three rustic shelves provide.

Click here for more details on these shelves on Amazon.

If you were looking for rustic inspiration, hopefully, you're inspired now. Leave a comment below with other suggestions for rustic bathroom decor!

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