21 Rustic Bathroom Ideas [For That Perfect Farmhouse Look]

Rustic decor immediately gives your home a warm, lived-in feeling, regardless of whether you live in the country or are surrounded by the bustle of the city. It’s also the perfect way to transform your bathroom from a utilitarian space to a cozy retreat that helps you start and finish each day with a smile on your face.

21 Rustic Bathroom IdeasTo capture the rustic look, the texture is important - think earthy stoneware, tarnished metal, or unfinished wood. Those rough-hewn elements add character and charm, and even a small addition can make a huge impact. For example, you can majorly increase your bathroom’s natural, rustic vibe by swapping out a shiny metal toothbrush holder with one made from terracotta or adding a big freestanding wooden dresser to hold extra supplies.

Rummage sales and flea markets are two of the best places to find those one-of-a-kind pieces that can take your bathroom from industrial cool to shabby chic, but you can find unique items anywhere. Read on for some rustic inspiration!

21 Rustic Bathroom Ideas for Inspiration

1. Elegant Country

Bathroom in a rustic log cabin

This bathroom's look is simple and understated but still captures a rustic aesthetic. The monotone marble tub, walls, and floor provide an elegant backdrop for the natural textures of the rich wooden doors and trim and exposed log wall. Texture is even present in the details - check out the wicker basket on the counter and painting in the hallway.

2. Minty-Tinted Naturals

Bathroom in a rustic log cabin with beautiful modern green interior

This spacious bathroom uses its mint green walls, furniture, and rugs to add a fun retro vibe. The rustic exposed log walls provide some welcome warmth and texture that contrasts beautifully with the smooth, cool green.

3. Peachy Paradise

Light tones small bathroom with a whiskey color antique cabinet

Imagine starting your day by showering in this sunlight-filled room! The free-standing wooden dresser looks like it's straight out of an elegant country home, and the claw-foot tub and wainscotting add their own rustic touch.

4. Hygge Land

Modern attic white bathroom interior

If there was a textbook definition of the Danish word "hygge" (meaning a sense of cozy contentedness), it would be this bathroom! The rich textures and details, such as the wooden ladder, soft rugs, pinecones, and candles, create a completely cozy take on rustic style.

5. Rustic Minimalism

Modern bathroom interior combined with toilet

Who said rustic needs to be kitschy or cluttered? This bathroom's sleek lines and simple fixtures give it a minimalist look, while the wooden boards, decorative stars, and potted plants keep it planted firmly in the rustic realm.

6. Pinewood Haven

Modern rustic bathroom

Wood is often the focal point of rustic decor, and you can create an even greater impact by using only one type. This bathroom highlights the golden tones of pine, pairing it with marble and crisp white accents. In addition, the freestanding tub and sink add touches of luxury.

7. King of the Forest

Modern rustic bathroom with classy interior and stone counter top washbasin

With lush emerald tones appearing in both stoneware and wooden trim, this bathroom looks fit for royalty! The intricate chandelier, spacious shower, and rich colors contrast with the simple board walls to give the space an opulent look.

8. Homestead Simplicity

Rustic bathroom in a wooden house

The practical beauty of this bathroom, with its natural light and unique translucent sink, evokes the rustic feeling of a country farmhouse. Contrasting textures are abundant with the rough boards and smooth metal and glass.

9. Golden Glow

Rustic bathroom with modern interior and stone counter top washbasin

Start and end your day basking in the golden glow of this richly colored rustic bathroom. Light enhances the rustic textures of the walls and splashboard and can be found in a variety of sources, creating a dynamic appearance.

10. Grandma's Home

Rustic bathroom with modern interior and tiled flooring

This spacious bathroom is warm, inviting, and comfortable, just like a visit to grandma's house. Rest for a while in the tub or rinse off in the shower, surrounded by the rustic earth tones of the tile and cupboards. Little rustic touches can be found in details like the wicker basket and vases of flowers.

11. Stoneware Shower

Rustic bathroom with tile interior

Rustic style incorporates lots of natural materials, and it's not always about the wood! For example, this sink and shower combo highlight the beautiful textures and colors of stones by using textured tiles ranging from dark gray to dusty pink.

12. Rough Hewn

Rustic bathroom with wainscoting, stone floor in the foreground and stone counter top washbasin

This bathroom makes full use of the rough textures of wood and stone to create a strong impact despite its small size. The rugged size and shape of the sink and walls offer a contrast with the smoothness of the mirror and chrome light switches.

13. Hey Honeycomb

Rustic bathroom with white patterned walls

Rustic style draws a lot of its inspiration from nature. While that often means that natural materials are featured, it can also refer to patterns and designs found in nature. This bathroom keeps nature front and center with its honeycomb-patterned wall tile, large wooden cabinet, and little bird figurine.

14. Into the Woods

Rustic log cabin bathroom

This bathroom offers a woodsy take on rustic style. It features fully exposed log walls, a rough-hewn cupboard, and a tree bark frame around the mirror. The forest's influence can be seen even in smaller details like the tree-trunk table lamp with deer frolicking around its base and the woven tissue holder and dish.

15. Sweet Retreat

Rustic small bathroom with modern interior

Repeating circular patterns and soft neutral tones make this bathroom a peaceful retreat. Richly textured wood paired with fluffy gray towels and softly shining chrome creates a rustic, spa-like effect. This creates a room with plenty of contrast to both engage and rest the senses.

16. Short and Sweet

Rustic wooden bathroom in a cabin

A heart-shaped mirror and twin vases of flowers over the sink give this small bathroom a sweet, quaint charm. The rustic, rough-hewn wood of the door, walls, and cabinet, however, help ground the look and prevent it from becoming too cutesy.

17. En Pleine Air

Rustic wooden bathroom with modern interiors

Pale wooden walls, high ceilings, and a window that lets in lots of natural light give this Scandanavian-inspired rustic bathroom an airy look. As you can see, contrasting texture and color are found in the window frame and wicker baskets.

18. Mountain Time

Simple rustic bathroom with stone counter top washbasin

This bathroom's roughly-cut wooden countertop and stone sink basin have a rustic, wild look as if they were hewn from a mountain. The golden hue of the wood is echoed in the golden pattern of the handtowel, which creates a rich and cohesive appearance.

19. Up North

The bath room in a rustic log cabin, in the mountains

Warmly-colored exposed logs on the walls and ceiling immerse you in a rustic experience. This bathroom looks like it belongs in a lakeside cabin and has all of the decors to match, including bright red curtains and a bevy of woodland animal figurines.

20. From Scandanavia, With Love

Washroom interior with pine wood wall planking

The textures and colors of wood are central in this bathroom, which features three different types. Pale wooden walls paired with a sleek white sink and white towels give this rustic room the light and airy flair of Scandanavian style.

21. Man of the Woods

Wooden house rustic bathroom The rustic look can be easily adapted to fit a masculine aesthetic. This bathroom captures that perfectly with dark wood and marble, simple, clean lines, and practicality at every turn. There are some fun touches as well, such as embossed bucks over the sink and a lightbulb under glass.

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