15 Rustic Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

If you desire a natural bedroom with wood tones and minimal decor, opt for a rustic design style. This particular aesthetic includes elements like exposed beams, stone fireplaces, and raw materials. Picture a mountain cabin or an outdoorsy vacation getaway and you'll likely think of a rustic design style. 

Since rustic design uses materials like beautiful cedar, mahogany, and stone, it tends to be too expensive. If you love this style and you're rocking a budget, don't worry! You can achieve this look with some well-placed affordable elements. 

First, try to replace expensive furniture with inexpensive swaps like wood pallets, crates, stools, old suitcases, and baskets. Keep the wall hangings minimal but gorgeous with empty distressed frames and blank canvases. Bring the outdoors in with pinecones, branches, blocks of wood, and real potted plants. 

Keep these helpful tips in mind while you get inspired with our list of 15 rustic bedroom ideas on a budget!

Trendy bedroom interior with king size bed and fury blanket. 15 Rustic Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

1. Stools Instead Of Bedside Tables

Master bedroom in rustic style with minimalist white double bed against wooden wall

Bedside tables lean toward the expensive side, especially ones with drawers and shelves for storage. One way to keep costs down includes switching out your bedside tables with simple wooden stools. 

Short stools stand at just the right height for most beds, especially if your bed sits low. Make sure to choose a flat and not curved stool for setting items like your alarm clock and lamp. If the stool has a rung, consider hanging a blanket from the rung for extra texture. 

2. Block Of Wood As Bedside Table

Luxury bedroom interior with minimal decor, loft style. Block Of Wood As Bedside Table

Another affordable option for a bedside table is a block of wood. For the most affordable option, cut and sand wood you already own. If you don't have wood logs just lying around (understandably!), ask your friends and family and check online marketplaces for excess wood.

Even if you must buy a wood stump table made by a carpenter, like on Etsy, you stand a good chance of saving money. Also, solid wood remains more durable than many cheaply made bedside tables on the market, so it will last longer! 

3. Suitcases As Storage

scandinavian style bedroom with suitcases as storage, rustic style room

Many thrift stores and vintage markets sell used and vintage suitcases. These work as excellent storage containers! Stack them up for a bedside table or to use as an extra surface for trinkets. 

Another option includes leaving them open on the floor full of blankets or books. You can even use one as a quirky planter!

4. Blank Canvases As Wall Hangings

rustic bedroom with faded painted wood styling and Blank Canvases As Wall Hangings

Much like a minimalist style, rustic design purposely leaves out colors and overwhelming amounts of decor. This means creating blank space helps soothe the eye and create a cozy atmosphere. 

Hang a blank canvas on the wall or hang a rustic shelf and lean blank canvases on it. Layering two differently-sized canvases together creates dimension and visual interest.  

Go to Amazon to view this large canvas. 

5. Pallet Bed Frame

loft bedroom with brick walls and Pallet Bed Frame, light coming through the windows

Even though rustic wood bed frames look amazing, they often break the bank in terms of price. Bypass the expense of a luxury bed frame and use old pallets instead. Sand them and piece them together on the floor before laying the mattress on top.

Pallets work great in the rustic design style because they look unpainted, imperfect, and raw. They also serve well as storage containers underneath the bed for extra blankets and shoes. 

6. Industrial Pendant Lights

attic bedroom with wood panels, large windows, industrial pendant lights

When bedside lamps made of natural materials prove to be too expensive, consider affordable industrial pendant lights. Pendant lights draw the eye up, which works great for rooms with exposed beams. 

Industrial style and rustic design go hand-in-hand due to their use of raw materials like wood and stone. The industrial style also looks a bit more modern, which breathes new life into a potentially out-of-date rustic bedroom. 

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7. Plywood Headboard

rustic bedroom with plywood headboard for the bed, metal table with wood top, blocks of wood as seating, crates

When it comes to wood materials, plywood remains one of the cheapest options. Most lumberyards, like Home Depot, cut pieces for free. Plywood also looks interesting with its exposed texture and warm tone. 

Avoid costly headboards made out of luxury materials like mahogany by using plywood! After carefully measuring the width of your bed, go to your local hardware store and have a piece of plywood cut into a headboard. Make sure you sand the surface before using this headboard since plywood often feels rough to the touch. 

8. Wood Crates As Bedside Tables

Spacious bedroom interior with rustic furniture, white walls, wooden crates and oil painting of animals.

Like wood pallets, wood crates look raw and rustic while also being functional. For a unique look, turn a wood crate on its side and use it as a bedside table. Stack books or blankets inside for extra storage. 

With a pack of crates in different sizes, split them up and use them around your bedroom. Some could be placed together as a console table area or they could be stacked in the closet for a beautiful closet system. 

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9. Basket Trunks

Fireplace, wattle boxes with pillows, bed, African posters in a boho bedroom interior. basket trunks

Instead of an expensive bench for the end of the bed, choose one or two basket trunks. These look rustic with the rattan wood material and work functionally as extra storage space.

Rustic design style not only works for adult bedrooms but also for children. Store toys, out-of-season clothing, or children's books in a nursery or bedroom for your child.  A basket trunk looks fresh and clean and brings order to a chaotic room. 

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10. Stacks Of Vintage Books

Master bedroom in industrial style with old blue wall and stacks of vintage books

If you love books, stack them in orderly piles in your room to use as tables. Take modern books and turn them with the pages out for a clean, simple look. Or purchase vintage versions of your favorites to bring more distressed tones to your decor. 

By using books you already own, you bring in a rustic element to your bedroom without even spending money!

11. Pine Cones And Branches

Christmas bedroom design with lights, spruce and cones. pine cones and branches

Implement outdoor elements like pine cones and branches in vases for a cozy, rustic cottage feel. Often, you find pine cones in your yard or while going hiking in the mountains. Gather an armful and put them in a decorative bowl. Or pick two or three to place strategically around the room.

Branches may be broken from trees in your backyard or sticks gathered from the ground. Boost the rustic feel by placing the branches in a bundle tied with jute rope or in a vase made out of clay.

12. Empty Frames

Master bedroom in rustic style with double bed and armchair. empty frames on the walls

Since rustic design avoids using vibrant colors or man-made art, empty picture frames work perfectly. Choose frames made of distressed or whitewashed wood. 

Hang them along the walls, group them on a dresser, or lean them against the wall on a floating shelf. Browse flea markets and antique malls for truly vintage frames, or purchase distressed-looking frames on Amazon for the same look. 

Go to Amazon to view these rustic frames.

13. Wooden Serving Trays

Yellow and orange bedding set with wooden serving tray and tea on it. Warm and cozy weekend at home. Modern and fresh living space

If you make your bed every day, lay a wooden serving tray atop it for an added rustic touch. This inexpensive detail adds warmth and makes a bedroom feel cozy at all times. 

Style the wood tray with simple, neutral-toned coffee mugs, teacups, candles, and small bouquets of greenery. Set it on top of layered faux-fur blankets for extra coziness. 

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14. Vintage Decor

Master bedroom in vintage style with double bed and bedside tables against old wall. vintage decor

While rustic design often avoids man-made materials, one exception includes vintage items. Antiques and vintage items like telephones, gramophones, cameras, and typewriters work great as rustic decor. Many inexpensive vintage items can be found at thrift stores and flea markets.

To marry farmhouse decor with rustic decor, look for vintage metal items like wire baskets and unique wall hangings. Lean into a traditional style with rustic elements by repurposing interesting items like butter churners and hand washing basins. 

15. Real Potted Plants

Master bedroom in rustic style with blue double bedroom against wooden paneling and real potted plants

Another way to bring in an affordable natural element to your rustic bedroom is with potted plants. Plants look outdoorsy and feel relaxing in any room. The pops of green from the plants help an otherwise too-neutral rustic room feel fresh and interesting.

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