11 Awesome Rustic Ceiling Lighting Ideas

There is something perfectly nostalgic about rustic home design that has caused us all to fall madly in love with it. When it comes down to designing a space, rustic can mean many different things depending on who you ask. Are you looking to add a rustic theme to your home, or simply wanting a fabulous chandelier or light fixture that looks like it's got some history? You have made it to the right post because we have done our research on all things rustic lighting and have a lot to share with you.

Choosing to have rustic lighting for your home's ceiling is an on-trend and classic decision that you won't regret in the years to come. In many cases, we have found that homes choose to use rustic chandeliers and soft lighting to brighten their spaces. Many combinations of rustic and contemporary lighting styles make it easy for anyone to hop on the bandwagon. 

As we dive into this topic, we will be discussing our top 11 rustic lighting ideas for your ceiling and even have a few products to share. Rustic design does not have to look shabby and dated and surprisingly has become a top pick in higher-end homes and spaces. Without further introduction, let's get the list started!

Loft style rustic living room with aquarium and stylized shelving for books, 11 Awesome Rustic Ceiling Lighting Ideas

1. Dining Room Duo

Spacious dining area in a bright refurbish Mediterranean farmhouse

First, we have a dual rustic lighting idea that will work well in a dining room. This rustic lighting style has a more industrial feel to it and can work well as a centerpiece over your table or seating area. We suggest following a similar design using exposed beams in conjunction with a rustic industrial light to create the same feeling in your own space. 

2. Bohemian Charm

Attic living room interior of a white wooden house

Our next rustic ceiling light comes from a bohemian design standpoint and works great here in the attic. This room is another example of dual lighting that hangs from a wood beam ceiling and is very common in rustic design. The gold finished lights add just the right amount of glamour to this room without losing that rustic charm.

3. Spiderweb Inspired

Loft living room with white brick wall and cozy design

Another rustic and contemporary ceiling light idea would be one using hanging bulbs. This lighting style has become very popular in home design for its spiderweb-like look and provides a ton of extra lighting for your room. Installation is also relatively easy and does not require you to hide the cords of the lights. 

Unitary Brand Rustic Hanging Wood Pendant Light Fixture

Here is a rustic hanging bulb pendant light fixture from the Unitary Brand that will add some charm to your space. This light comes with an exposed beam attached to the bulb lights, making it an excellent find for those without exposed beam ceilings. View this light fixture here on Amazon.

4. Wilderness Glamour

Cozy living room on cold winter night in the mountains, evening interior of chalet decorated with candles, fireplace fills the room with warmth

Here we have a classic wilderness rustic light fixture that is right out of a magazine. This is what comes to mind for many when they think of rustic design and is a timeless option for high ceilings. The antler-inspired chandelier matches perfectly with the wooden features and is paired nicely with the matte black hanging lights across the room. 

CDN Antler Design Store Sunbleached Cascading Chandelier

Here is a stunning antler chandelier we found from the CDN Antler Design Store that will add some wilderness glam to your living room. This light fixture was crafted using naturally shed antlers and hangs from a six-foot chain. View this hand-crafted chandelier on Amazon here.

5. Modern Matte

Living room, kitchen and dining room and stair are combined in one area of chalet

Following a more modern aesthetic, we have this matte rustic light concept that looks very chic. Deciding to go with a matte hanging light can give your room the rustic meets current-day flare with a modern twist. This design is perfect for chalet-style homes with light wood and furniture. 

6. Rustic Spotlights

[PIN id="454722893633921489" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Next, we have a rustic porch lighting idea using spotlights with exposed wood. This is an excellent option for outdoor spaces and even indoor that need an extra set of lights.

7. Pop Of Color

Loft style modern living room with aquarium and stylized shelving for books

Here we have a vibrant rustic lighting idea that is eye-catching and has a modern flare. Using a brighter color light in a rustic space can make for a fun feature that will keep your guests talking. We want to point out how this design chose to have red exposed cords that add a subtle pop of color to the wooden space. 

8. Wood Crafted Chandelier

[PIN id="858639485206653122" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Following an eclectic and genuinely rustic design, we have this antique wood chandelier lighting option. Choosing a rustic wood chandelier is a great way to add that charm and history to your space without having to do too much. 

PHILOMENA Antique Wood And Metal Chandelier

Here is a rustic wooden chandelier we pulled from the PHILOMENA store that will add just the right amount of charm to your space. This chandelier is made from metal and antique wood and features four candle-inspired lights. View this antique chandelier here on Amazon.

9. Farmhouse Wicker

Lamp above wooden table in rustic dining room interior with white chairs and posters

Our next rustic ceiling light idea is a wicker light fixture that has farmhouse elements. This style of rustic lighting has a small-town vibe to it and is very eclectic looking. We like how this room chose white-washed wood throughout that compliments the wicker lighting very well. 

10. One Of A Kind

[PIN id="1337074877665846" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Another rustic and personalized ceiling light idea we found is this grand tin chandelier design. This style of lighting has a DIY feel to it and truly is one of a kind. Rustic farmhouse designs tend to use reclaimed items and turn them into something livable and even glamorous. 

11. Candles And Spotlights

[PIN id="96334879519578738" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Last on our list, we have an ambient rustic candle-lit chandelier that is paired with soft spotlights. This room's design has a very warm and welcoming feeling that makes us want to kick our feet up or take a nap. Using spotlights alongside a chandelier or statement light fixture is an efficient way to add extra light to a room.

Final Thoughts

Achieving a rustic look using ceiling lights is much easier than you would think when you find the right fixture. Rustic design does not have to feel ancient and tired but can transform your space into the centerpiece of your home. Whether you are after a chalet-inspired living room or a modern rustic dining area, your lighting is a deal maker. We suggest finding a theme that fits your home's energy and running with it. An antique or wood feature is a must in rustic home design at the end of the day. 

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