15 Rustic Coffee Table Ideas You Need To See

15 Rustic Coffee Table Ideas You Need To SeeRustic decor just might be the perfect marriage of different elements of design. They're elements you might not have thought to put together, but once joined, they form a beautiful union.

Rustic decor is where soft meets sturdy, reclaimed wood meets industrial metal, and neutral colors meet natural light. It's rough edges, natural fabrics, and accents of muted colors. All of these different design choices have combined to form what we know as rustic decor, and it's currently one of the most popular decorating trends. Check out this guide to all things rustic to learn about different rustic styles and ideas.

If you're going to go truly rustic though, you'll need to carry that style into all different elements of your design. That includes things you might not think about initially, like coffee tables. A coffee table is a piece that should have rustic form but useful function, so it requires a lot of consideration.

Here are 15 rustic coffee ideas to get your creative rustic design juices flowing. Maybe you'll find the perfect one for your space!

Sauder Dakota Lift-Top Coffee Table

This table has the rough oak finish of a rustic table, but still has all of the storage you need. It has two compartments at the bottom of the table. Additionally, it has a secret compartment that is revealed when the top of the table is lifted. It raises about ten inches. Keep it up to eat dinner without crouching over or access the storage, and lower it to keep any items inside hidden.

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GreenForest Rustic Round Coffee Table

This two-tiered coffee table is three feet in diameter. With its mixture of wood and metal, it is a truly classic industrial rustic style. Use the top to showcase a few of your favorite rustic trinkets (think a lantern or a mason jar vase) and put a basket on the bottom mesh level to hold kids' toys or magazines. Beautiful form and excellent function come together in this piece!

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Vasagle Industrial Coffee Table

The metal legs on this table are made to look like old-fashioned pipes. They hold up both levels of this dark brown table. The beautiful color of the wood is a great fit for a rustic design, and you'll love how sturdy this table is. It's built to look great and hold all of the things that inevitably end up on a family's coffee table!

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FurniChoi Farmhouse Coffee Table

The mixture of the medium-toned wood top of this table and its white bottom is a hallmark of rustic design. The slatted bottom and crossed ends have a distinct barn wood look. This table fits easily into the country rustic look alongside any shabby chic furniture you already have.

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Del Hutson Designs Barnwood Coffee Table

This coffee table is made of reclaimed wood, a trademark feature of rustic design. That gives it a rough look. However, it's also surprisingly elegant and definitely sturdy enough to hold your magazines, candles, and rustic collectibles. This table is handmade in the United States and, unlike some others on the list, comes completely assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

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Ameriwood Home Carver Coffee Table

Gray is a signature color in rustic design because it's muted and doesn't overwhelm anything else. It serves as a stunning complement to the distressed woodgrain top. It's also one of just two square coffee tables on our list. Furthermore, it's three feet wide and three feet deep, giving you plenty of space to eat a meal, play a game, or display your rustic treasures.

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Signature Design Farmhouse Storage Coffee Table

This is the only other square table on our list, and it's all rustic from every angle. The sides look like a barn door, the corners are braced with a touch of metal, and the top is a door hinged with the same metal. It lifts to reveal significant storage, which hides any clutter. Consequently, when you have friends come over, all they will see is your beautiful rustic table!

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Sauder Eden Rue Rolling Chest

This shabby chic rolling chest is definitely different but still definitely rustic. The sides are whitewashed and the top is dark wood, but the most unique part of this piece is the castors on the bottom. It's easily movable from place to place in your room, so if you're a person that likes to rearrange your furniture a lot, this is the piece for you.

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Rustic Telephone Table

Wood and metal come together in this design that mimics an old-fashioned telephone table. There's a wire basket on the top shelf to hold your books or magazines and maybe even a few toys. The basket meets up with a walnut veneer top, which makes this table not only stylish but also very easy to clean. The curved edges are a unique touch to this particular piece.

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GreenForest Coffee Table with Storage

This coffee table is large, about 3 1/2 feet long, to give you all the tablespace you need in your living room. The rustic industrial legs and cross support make the table significantly sturdy. The rough finish to both tiers of the table gives this an authentic farmhouse look. Sturdy, functional, and rustic come together beautifully in this coffee table.

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Signature Shellmond Accent Table

Primitive rustic can be hard to pull off, but this table does it - and does it well. The base of the table is made to look like an old farmhouse washbasin. The shabby chic look of the galvanized metal is perfect for rustic decor. It's topped off by a hinged wooden top that opens to provide ample storage inside the tub. This coffee table is truly unique and will undoubtedly be a feature piece in your space.

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Furniture of America Reclaimed Oak Coffee Table

The one-of-a-kind shape of this table sets it apart from other standard-shaped coffee tables. The top lifts up and the inside is ready for you to put games, books, toys, or whatever else you need to store. The reclaimed wood finish is the perfect touch to complete the look of this table and ensure that it fits in your rustic space.

Rustic Country Coffee Table with Wheels

Metal plays a big part in what makes this coffee table stand out. It's fitted around the corners of the table, and it's what the cool wheeled legs are made of, mimicking an old-fashioned wagon. The woodgrain finish goes really well with the black metal, giving it a very authentically rustic look that will fit perfectly with any of the rustic design styles.

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Sauder Cottage Lift-Top Coffee Table

Simple, elegant, and yet all rustic. This table is different because the top is two distinct styles. One part of it lifts to reveal a storage compartment, and the other part is a glass display case so you can showcase all of your rustic trinkets without worrying that anyone is going to touch them without your permission. There's extra open storage on the bottom shelf, giving this country-rustic table real function in your space.

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Care Royal Farmhouse Coffee Table

Simple. Classic. Vintage. Farmhouse. Rustic. Industrial. Any of these adjectives easily describe this pretty table. It's rectangular, sturdy, and beautifully finished. It's a harmony of medium-toned wood and industrial metal. All of the storage it provides is open, but if you're worried about hiding clutter, add a few baskets for toys or books. They'll give you a place to put your things and still stay true to the rustic look.

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The coffee table is often overlooked and considered a small part of the design of a room, but it has the potential to add a big impact. Each of these tables in different from the next, however, each fits the rustic design model, and each would fit in your rustic-inspired space. Shop away with confidence!


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