15 Rustic Country-Style Chair Covers To Check Out

15 Rustic Country-Style Chair Covers

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Rustic designs have become a favorite in the home decor world. This simple yet comfortable style is warm, welcoming, and fairly easy to pull off. With a focus on natural elements and colors as well as vintage and old-world looks, this style is perfect for family homes.

However, sometimes you simply can’t find that perfect piece for a rustic design. Either that or you may have a functional piece that’s still in good shape and you don’t really want to buy something new. You can’t always work something else in, but with a chair, there’s a simple fix. Slipcovers have been used for many years, both to protect the original chair and to change the style.

We’ve found 15 beautiful chair covers that would work perfectly to add that rustic charm you love. Keep reading to see these quick fixes to your design dilemma!

Floral One-Piece Chair Cover

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This slipcover has a ton of country charm, perfect for a rustic design. Florals in natural colors are always in, and the patchwork look of mixed patterns gives it a sweet vintage look. This would be perfect on an accent chair in a living room or bedroom with a table and lamp close by.

To find this chair cover on Amazon, click here.

Seersucker Stretch Chair Cover

If you’ve ever spent any time in the Southern US, you know we love our seersucker fabric. This slipcover is made to call a country girl’s heart, and it does a fabulous job. The stretchy aspect of the material makes it easy to fit on just about any chair, and the ruffle at the base adds plenty of charm and character. Use this in a sunroom for a light and breezy look.

To find this seersucker slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Twill Stretch Chair Cover

Here’s a great slipcover that keeps to the natural colors that are staples in rustic design. The twill fabric adds texture to the chair, and its stretchy design makes it a good choice for a variety of chair frames. As an added bonus, this has pockets! This extra storage space makes it a great cover for the favorite spot of an avid reader to store their novels or papers.

To find this twill slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Lace Floral Chair Cover

Country charm never looked so good, y’all. Ruffled lace and natural florals make these slipcovers a solid rustic country style. Lace is a beautiful way to add the look you’ve been wanting, and the naturally colored floral print gives that nod to nature that rustic enthusiasts love. These would be beautiful for your dining room or on an accent chair in an entryway. You could even use this on a vanity chair in your bathroom!

To find this lace slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Two-Toned Stretchy Chair Cover

This slipcover has that stretchy material that makes it versatile and easy to use. The waffled texture is cozy and warm, perfect for a rustic design. The available colors are all from a natural palet, so any would work well for this style. The added ruffle at the bottom makes for added visual interest, completing the overall attractiveness of this option.

To find this slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Garden Pattern Chair Cover

This chair cover doesn’t completely hide the chair underneath it, but it’s still a great option for our rustic country design. The floral print adds a bright mix of colors to any room. The colors are all hues found in nature, and the floral look is classic country. This design is mainly to protect a chair, either from young children or furry pets, but it still adds plenty of style and charm.

To find this chair protector on Amazon, click here.

Bouquet Chair Cover

Sweet and charming would be good descriptors for this slipcover. The neutral beige background really makes the beautiful rose and cream floral print stand out. Use this to add a feminine touch to a living room or bedroom on a chair in a reading nook.

To find this floral slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Silver Toile Chair Cover

Silver on white makes a bright statement with this chair cover. Toile is a favorite in country style circles, and the bright colors would add a breezy feel to any room it’s used in. If you don’t want to go with white, however, this cover has plenty of other naturally toned options, perfect for a rustic design. This adds an elegant look while still holding true to the rustic country look, and would work well in a formal living space.

To find this toile slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Cotton Form Fit Stretch Chair Cover

Cotton makes up most of the fabric used in this slipcover, keeping to the natural fibers favored in rustic designs. The stretchy construction of the cover is form-fitting, which makes it an easy fit for a multitude of chair frames so you can use it just about anywhere. It also comes in a variety of natural colors, perfect for your rustic country styled room.

To find this cotton slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Geometric Chair Cover

While geometric patterns might not be an automatic thought when considering rustic style, this slipcover definitely fits the bill. Perfect for adding a Southwestern flair to your room, the bright, contrasting colors will make an eye-catching statement on any chair it’s used on. This would be great on a vanity chair, accent chair in a living room or bedroom, or as a fun addition to your dining room.

To find this geometric slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Buffalo Check Chair Cover

If you want something rustic, country, and trendy all rolled into one, this is it. Buffalo check is a big favorite right now for designers and homeowners. The black and white contrast of this cover makes for a bold look while holding onto the natural colors favored in rustic styles. The ties at the front of the cover add an extra bit of character to the look and make for the perfect completion.

To find this buffalo check slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Velvet Plush Chair Cover

If you want something that’s warm, comfortable, and inviting, I’ve got your dream cover right here. The velvet plush fabric looks like a warm blanket ready for snuggling into, and the pattern used on it is perfect for rustic design. Add in the neutral naturals it’s available in and it’s a winner for this style. This cover also has two pieces as well as sturdy elastic around the bottom to help it stay in place easier. I do need to warn you though. Use this on any chair and you may never want to leave it again.

To find this velvet plush slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Basic Chair Chair Cover

If you have a Pottery Barn Basic chair or armchair, or any other similar chair, and you’ve been looking for a rustic option, look no further. The clean and simple design of this cover is perfect for rustic country, while the deep blue makes for a beautiful color to add to your room’s look. This would be great in a room that stays with more beige or white neutrals for an added pop of color.

To find this slipcover on Amazon, click here.

Microsuede Chair Cover

If you want something soft that begs you to sink into it, anything microsuede is sure to do the trick. This gorgeous beige chair cover makes for a bright and cheerful addition to a room, and the fabric encourages anyone who runs their hand across it to stay awhile. The natural tone of the cover is classic rustic, while the addition of ties in the front adds a bit of country charm to the overall look. Make sure you measure your chair before ordering, though. This cover is a bit oversized and will look messy on standard-sized chairs.

To find this microsuede chair cover on Amazon, click here.

Sure Fit Stretch Chair Cover

Sage green is a wonderful choice for any rustic design, and this chair cover doesn’t leave you disappointed. It’s not only gorgeous in color, though. The design of this cover allows for many different sizes and designs of chairs to fit in it, which makes it a great option. Use this chair cover to add a calming element to your living room or bedroom.

To find this Sure Fit chair cover on Amazon, click here.

Rustic Country

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for chair covers in this style. You can find covers for just about any chair size or frame design and in a variety of colors that fit nicely in the rustic country theme. Be sure to double-check your chair’s dimensions to be sure the cover you buy will fit, and then cover it and stand back amazed. For much less than a new chair, you breathed new life back into an older piece and easily added style to your room as well.


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