15 Rustic Entryway Tables That Will Give Your Hallway That Country Look

15 Rustic Entryway TablesRustic style is hugely popular in the interior design world today. But what is it? The term 'rustic' is applied to many different styles and fashions, making it hard to nail down a definite definition.

At its core, rustic design is something natural and raw. Wood, stone, and natural fibers are a staple for this design style. Natural, warm colors such as grey, tan, cream, brown, and white are also great choices when adding rustic elements to your home.

Need to learn more? We have a detailed guide for Rustic Decor right here. It'll walk you through the themes, materials and color schemes that are typical of the rustic, country and farmhouse styles.

Choosing the right rustic Entryway Table

When looking for a rustic entryway table, then, should you opt for a sawhorse? Not exactly, though that could be a fun design element if done right.

Look for tables that showcase wooden elements, stone accents, and rougher, natural looks. The rougher, less polished it is, the more rustic. That's not to say you need an unsanded table to be true to the style, but lean more to natural wood grains and reclaimed elements.

We've found 15 entryway tables on Amazon that showcase the rustic design perfectly. Wooden frames, metal detailing, natural colors, and stone tops make these great choices for the entry of a rustic home. Keep reading to see these gorgeous tables perfect for welcoming friends and family into your home!

1. Extra Long Entry Table

This beauty is perfect for a rustic entry. The natural wood and oversized design are two big features of this style. Clean, simple lines keep the table from being overwhelming in an entry space, which could easily be given its length. This would be perfect for allowing you to decorate your entryway with seasonal decor without running out of space.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

2. Slim Entry Table

This table showcases a great wooden top that's perfect for rustic design. The metal legs also add to the rougher feel of this piece. This also makes it versatile, easily fitting in a solidly rustic space or one that adds industrial elements. The table shown here would work wonderfully in a tight space, or in making a makeshift entry within a living area.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

3. A-Frame Entry Table

The rough wooden top of this table, as well as the A-frame design, make it ideal for a rustic design. The distressed look of the white oak base only adds to natural elements. This would fit in a larger entryway nicely for decor and lamps to welcome visitors, as well as using the slatted shelf at the bottom to hold boxes or crates for storage.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

4. Marble Top Table

This table incorporates beautiful marble-looking stone on top of walnut-colored wood. The combination of stone and wood are classicly rustic and a great addition to a home with this design style. The larger tabletop is a great space for lamps and decor like shown above, and the slatted shelf built into the base is perfect for storage. The two-toned look of this table is a big bonus as well, making it easy to incorporate no matter the tone of colors used in the space.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

5. Barnwood Sofa Table

This table is made from 100% reclaimed barn wood. The roughness of the wood, as well as the natural color variations and handmade quality, makes this piece perfect for any rustic design. At right at 3 feet long, this would make a great table for a smaller entryway or used to create a makeshift entry. You could also add a small accent chair if using this in a larger space. The wooden slats making up the lower shelf also add a rustic element while adding to the storage space.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

6. Grey Console with Storage

This little grey table, although painted, still fits well with a rustic space. The spindled legs give a nod to handmade furniture, and the rattan weave drawers add a natural element no rustic piece should be without. Grey is a great natural color for a rustic design, and this charming table wears it well. Use this table to add a fresh element to an entry space.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

7. Dark Taupe Table

This table has an unusual design that lends an elegant vibe, yet still holds to the rustic standard with its wooden material. The three surfaces offer plenty of space for storage and decor. A bit more space is needed for this table given its almost 4 feet of length, so this would work best in a large area.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

8. Juliet Console Table

This console table has a great distressed look that is extremely common in the rustic design. The finish of this table allows the wood grain to show through the white-washed look of the base. When combined with the wooden top this table showcases the rustic charm it was designed for perfectly. This is a longer table than most at just a bit shorter than 5 feet, so it's better suited for a big entry or hall.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

9. Rustic Industrial Table

This unique table is a great combination of rustic and industrial designs. The metal paired with the wooden surfaces work together to give this table the combined design styles. The antiqued finish on the metal also contributes to the vintage feel of this table, a plus with this design. This long table has ample space for displaying decor to make your entry feel warm and welcoming.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

10. Distressed French Country

This charming little table has many rustic elements. While painted a slate blue color, the paint is distressed, a classic rustic trait. The shade of blue used is also a great natural color, calling to mind stone with the same look. The spindled legs and the grooves on the edges of the tabletop also add in a handmade look that's a staple in rustic design. A smaller entry would be perfect for this little table with big design value.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

11. Claymore Console with Glass Top

The glass top of this table offers a unique element with the distressed look of the top and the wooden legs. The window-paned glass allows for you to see through the top to the contents of the drawers beneath, offering a unique opportunity for design. The vintage metal knobs also offer another rustic design element, keeping with the antiqued look of the piece.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

12. Farmhouse Console

This table makes a large statement, both design-wise and with its larger size. Metal and wooden slats throughout the table work well together and add in that rough charm designers love to incorporate to rustic spaces. The ample surface area allows for plenty of room for both storage and extra decor, both huge pluses in an entryway.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

13. Acacia Wood Table

This table uses a unique wood choice to add interest to an already eye-catching design. The Acacia wood finish gives a natural vibe to this table, and the brown metal ends add an extra boost to the design. This table is perfect for an entryway and has plenty of space for both display and storage while adding a design twist of its own through the fun frame design.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

14. Three Tier Table

This table is slim and short, perfect for a narrow entryway. The three shelves offer plenty of space, and the drawer gives a hidden spot for storage. While this is painted grey rather than the natural wood common in rustic design, it's a natural color that works well in this style. The detail on the legs adds a handmade element to the table, furthering its fit into a rustic space. This sweet little table is perfect for adding a fresh and clean vibe to an entryway.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

15. Three Drawer Console

The cream color of this table is brushed on the wood, not fully covering it for a rustic look. The details in the legs, as well as the antiqued metal pulls on the drawers, add to the vintage charm already present from the paint. The raised edge around the tabletop gives it a unique look not seen in many tables. With plenty of surface space and storage, as well as the gorgeous look of it, this table is sure to brighten any entryway.

To find this table on Amazon, click here.

Going Rustic

With all the varieties in rustic design, it can be hard to find exactly what you're looking for. Whatever your preference, just remember natural elements and color tones are best when hunting rustic furniture. Look for wood, stone, and organic fibers like cotton or linen when looking for your entryway furniture. Whether you want more of a cottage look, industrial, or straight-up mountain lodge vibe, we hope these tables have given you some ideas.

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