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17 Farmhouse-Style Accent Chairs That Will Add a Rustic Touch To Your Living Room

Finding just the right accent chair for your rustic farmhouse can be just the perfect touch to complete your room. We have found 17 unique chairs that would be perfectly in place in any farmhouse. They support traditional rustic elements such as plaid fabrics and leather, wood and an overall antique feeling to them. If you're out to decorate a cabin, or just to add that rural or primitive touch to your stylish living room, one of these gorgeous accent chairs could be just what you're looking for.

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17 Farmhouse-Style Accent Chairs That Will Add a Rustic Touch To Your Living Room

Check out this list of rustic farmhouse accent chairs for ideas, or maybe we've even found the perfect chair for your home! And if you need more advice about this style, make sure to check out our detailed guide about rustic/primitive home decor with pictures and actionable tips.

1.Blue Buffalo Check Accent Chair

This blue buffalo check chair is too cute, and perfect for a farmhouse living area or bedroom. The blue and white buffalo check combines colors and a pattern that oozes classic farmhouse charm. This would be perfect in a corner with a small table and reading lamp in a living space or paired with another matching chair to create a cozy sitting area in a bedroom.

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2. Linen Recliner

If you want comfort, this is your chair. The linen fabric covers a polyester and foam stuffing that wraps springs for maximum relaxation. The linen is easy to clean, too, perfect for a family with children! This chair reclines, which makes it a great choice for kicking back at the end of a long day. Add this to your living room for some optimal TV time, or in your bedroom for a little reading before climbing into bed.

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3. Round Back Dining Chair

Farmhouse designs love light colors and wood, and these chairs deliver both with a fun addition of a rounded back. The wood keeps the rustic vibe while the design adds an elegance that's perfect for a formal dining room. These beauties are a great choice for any farmhouse dining room, or even as an accent in a living space or entryway.

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4. Brown Bonded Leather Chair

This comfy looking chair may not be the classic white or grey normally associated with farmhouse design, but it's definitely still a great choice for a home using this style. The leathery look and studded metal details of this chair add to the rustic element common in farmhouse style. This chair is a perfect choice for pairing with a couch in a living area or in a study for a comfortable reading nook.

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5. Tufted Club Chair

This elegant chair is stunning, and it's linen fabric combined with wood and metal accents make it a great choice for a rustic farmhouse. The added tufts in the back and seat of the chair are great added detail, along with the hand-carved wooden legs in the front. Use this in a living space with a small table for a comfortable place to sit and chat, or in a bedroom as a relaxing spot for reading. It could also serve well in a study.

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6. Parson Farmhouse Dining Chair

These chairs are gorgeous, not to mention comfy looking. The linen material and chair design pair well to make an elegant piece. The light color of the material and wooden base work together to create a classic rustic farmhouse style that's perfect for a dining area. These chairs are versatile, though, and you could use them as accents in an entryway as well as the dining area.

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7. Button Tufted Club Chair in Ivory

To bring your room design up a notch, consider this chair. The button tufts and winged arms add elegance to any design. Metal studs and wooden legs keep this in the rustic farmhouse style even though the other aspects hint more traditional roots. Linen material is used to cover the padded cushions, and the wide back adds to the comfort of the chair. This would be a great addition to a den or study as well as the more traditional choices of living areas or a bedroom.

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8. Blue Buffalo Check Wingback

The wingback style of this chair adds a traditional flavor to a favorite farmhouse pattern. Blue and white keep the look clean and fresh, while the wooden legs add to the rustic feel of your home design. The material is easy to spot clean in case of spills during chats with coffee. Use this in the corner of living spaces for a reading nook, or in a bedroom to create a small sitting area.

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9. Vintage Print Accent Chair

For a chair with a vintage flair, check this out. The cotton-linen blended material is printed with a faded script that hints at times long gone by. The light linen and wooden legs are perfect for a farmhouse styled home. This chair would be a wonderful addition to a living space alongside a couch or loveseat. The script print would also make this chair look wonderful in a study or as the featured piece in a reading nook.

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10. Rattan Dining Armchair

The rattan material used in this dining armchair is classic for farmhouse designs. The frame is crafted from elmwood, creating a sturdy, rustic seat for a dining room. The country charm found in the open curves of the frame is gorgeous and elegant, which allows this to be a wonderful addition to both casual and formal dining spaces. You could also use this in an entryway for a guest to sit in while putting on shoes or place it in a bathroom to complete a vanity.

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11. New Grange Accent Chair

The comfy polyester cushions and the warm colors in the plaid pattern are both comforting and welcoming in this armchair. The arms of the chair simply add to the cozy vibe. Added detail in the feet makes this a gorgeous accent chair perfect for any den or living space. This would also make a wonderful choice for a comfy spot for a study or reading nook.

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12. Striped Accent Chair

This chair is both cute and stylish, sporting light-colored stripes on the linen-like fabric. Wooden legs with a natural finish only add to the crispness of this chair's look. Metal studs in the arms and base bring in the rustic vibe when paired with wood. Rolled arms and a rounded seat top complete the comfortable, cozy feel of this armchair.

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13. Grey and White Plaid Chair

This chair combines polyester and wool to give a flannel appearance to the fabric. Grey, white, and brown combine with pine legs to give a cozy, rustic feel. This is a great choice for a rustic farmhouse living space or bedroom, as well as a study. Pair this with a lighter couch to warm up the room, or with darker furniture to keep a warm atmosphere.

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14. Grey Scroll Arm Chair

This grey chair has traditional leanings, but don't let that stop you from adding it to your farmhouse design. The light, linen fabric, and wooden legs are a classic farmhouse style, and the metal studs add to the rustic element. This would make a great chair for a sitting area in a master or guest bedroom as well as a chair for a reading nook or living space.

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15. Floral Print Chair

The blue and white floral design creates a beautiful and bright addition to a farmhouse. The dark legs feature added detail that pairs well with the metal studs on the base of the chair. Use this chair in a living room or study to create a sitting or reading area, or use it in a bedroom for some added sitting.

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16. Studded Club Chair

This beautiful reading chair features soft microfiber over a sturdy wooden frame. The brown color combined with the studded metal accents and hand-carved wooden legs creates a rustic vibe. This is a perfect addition to a living room, study, or bedroom in any rustic farmhouse.

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17. Udder Madness Chair

If you want to combine farmhouse and rustic, this is the chair to do it with. The cow print and dark walnut finish add plenty of both design elements to a room. Use this chair in a living room or study for a fun design choice sure to perfect your space.

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Choosing the Perfect Chair

When you decide to combine two styles such as rustic and farmhouse it can be a bit intimidating. However, as we've shown here with these gorgeous chairs, it's not as difficult as it may seem. Choose any of these pieces to create a space that's cozy, welcoming, and perfectly you. You may also want to check out our list of 21 Stunning leather accent chairs here - many of them would look great in a rustic living room. And speaking of which, don't forget to read our complete rustic decor guide too.

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