15 Rustic Farmhouse Throw Blankets That Will Warm Up Any Room

15 Rustic Farmhouse Throw Blankets That Will Warm Up Any RoomThe farmhouse design style is huge in home decor right now, and for good reason. This offshoot of the rustic style can work in virtually any home to create a warm, inviting space. Designers do this through a combination of natural elements like rough-cut stone, natural wood, metal details, and natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or wool.

Casual comfort is also a big part of the farmhouse style as well. Large, comfortable furniture, fluffy pillows, rugs, and of course, large throw blankets are staples to this design. Finding a throw blanket that perfectly fits this style can be a bit intimidating, however.

When looking for a farmhouse style throw blanket, keep in mind the material used to create the blanket. You also want something in natural colors, so avoid that neon pink. Choose something in grey, white, blue, green, or tan tones to truly embody the farmhouse look.

To see examples of some fabulous farmhouse throw blankets, keep reading!

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 1. Herringbone Cotton Throw Blanket

This blanket is on-trend in more than one way. Herringbone patterns are huge in the farmhouse sector of the design world. The simple grey and white colors offer that fresh yet natural look that's so loved by designers in this style. And those tassels are a super cute detail that completes this throw blanket perfectly. This blanket is also made from 100% cotton, so you know it's soft and warm. Use this blanket as a finishing touch in your living area or across your bed for a sweetly complete room.

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2. Buffalo Check Throw Blanket

If you want a blanket that screams farmhouse, check this out. Buffalo check patterns are a staple for the rustic look, and the black and white colors are classic. This blanket meets that 'natural' requirement with its 100% cotton fibers, and would be perfect anywhere in your home for a soft, warm cover to cuddle up in. This blanket would be perfect to put out during fall or winter months for a little added design.

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3. Striped Farmhouse Throw

Stripes are a great pattern no matter what your design theme, but when it's paired with gorgeous natural colors like this it's perfect for a farmhouse setting. The picture above showcases the soft grey and white option, but you can also get this in blue, green, blackberry purple, and stone colors. The tassels are once again added to the ends of the blanket, finishing off the blanket with another farmhouse trend.

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4. Knitted Chenille Throw Blanket

Handmade items are staples of the farmhouse style, so it's no wonder that this blanket made our list. While not exactly handmade, the knitted appearance gives it the look you want. This blanket is made from a polyester chenille yarn, but the design and color add enough of that rustic farmhouse charm you can get away with it. This is a great blanket to toss over the back of your couch for a cozy addition to your home.

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5. Diamond Patterned Throw

This blanket isn't made from natural materials, but we'll forgive that given how cute it is. The diamond pattern is great for visual interest, and the fringed edge gives it that polished unfinished feel that's so fun in farmhouse homes. This blanket is super soft, and the grey stone color of it fits right into the color family you want in farmhouse design. Keep this blanket on the back of a chair or across the foot of your bed for easy access when you want a warm cover.

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6. Tartan Throw

Farmhouse style loves tartan patterns, and we do, too. This throw blanket showcases the classic look that's a favorite worldwide in fresh white and grey. Tassels only add to the farmhouse look, and the combined design makes it perfect for decorating your home in fall and winter.

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7. Cable Knit Throw Blanket

You won't get much more farmhouse rustic than a cable knit blanket. The handmade appearance is a great addition to any home showcasing this style, and the warm ivory color shown here, plus the other three it's available in, are all in the natural collection of shades. This is perfect for cozying up a bedroom, den, or living area in your home.

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8. Faux Fur

We know farmhouse is an offshoot of the rustic style, and you can't get much more rustic than a faux fur blanket. This blanket is huge and super soft, which fits right in with that big and comfy look that farmhouse lovers adore. When used in a home with a farmhouse design, the fur look of this throw will also add a luxurious feel to any room you use it in.

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9. Blue and White Stripes

The blue and white used in this throw are perfectly farmhouse, and the stripes only add to its charm. Alternating sizes of the stripes on this blanket are great for adding a bit of visual interest while you're using this to complete a living room or bedroom. Keep this around for movie nights and reading in your favorite comfy chair on cooler days.

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1o. Grey Plaid Throw

This gorgeous grey and white plaid throw blanket is a perfect addition to any farmhouse design. The colors are natural, which is a staple in this style, and the material is cotton, a great natural fiber that's light and soft while also being warm and cozy. Another great aspect about this throw is that it's handcrafted, which just pushes the whole thing solidly in the farmhouse theme.

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11. Winding Wave Throw

This throw uses a wave knit to create a classic farmhouse look. Handmade items are big in this design family, so knitted blankets will always have a spot high on the list. The natural color and the fringed edge are perfect choices for when you want something warm and welcoming to toss across the arm or back of a seat in your home.

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12. Oversized Plaid Blanket

Plaid, as we said, is a great pattern to use in a farmhouse styled home. When you use plaid on an oversized blanket that's made of 100% cotton, that's a match made in farmhouse heaven. This blanket also displays those fresh natural colors we love so much as well as the fringe that completes any farmhouse throw. This blanket is perfect to keep on the foot of your bed for some added warmth at night, or for those days you and your sweetie decide to binge-watch TV.

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13. Faux Cashmere

When it comes to choosing a throw for a farmhouse-inspired home, comfort and simplicity is the name of the game. And this faux cashmere blanket promises to be the queen of comfort. Soft material that's warm and cozy is a great choice for a living or sleeping area, and the simple design and neutral colors make it versatile. While simple, the faux cashmere material will add an unexpected elegant luxury. Use this anywhere in your home to add warmth to the room.

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14. Green Knit Throw Blanket

This gorgeous green is a perfect color to use in a farmhouse styled home. The 100% cotton material is sure to be warm and snuggly while still being lightweight, perfect for warmer months. The knit design lends a bit of that handmade look that's so popular in the farmhouse world. It's also a large blanket, which makes it a great choice for using during a movie night with the family.

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15. Paisley Blanket

This throw displays yet another favorite farmhouse pattern, paisley. The slate blue and white colors are perfect for this style, and the combination of cotton and linen make it warm and soft. Added fringe on the edges of the blanket gives it that fun rough element that is so popular in farmhouse designs. This would be a great blanket to use in the warmer months for snuggling up on the couch with a good book.

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The Perfect Throw

When you're looking for a farmhouse throw, it's easy to get a little overwhelmed with the number of patterns and colors available. However, as long as you stick with handmade looks, naturally occurring colors, and natural fibers you're sure to find something you love that fits your home design perfectly.

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