23 Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Rustic farmhouses are unmistakable in their style. Exposed beams, wooden floors, and eclectic comfortable furnishings make up the look.

This look is usually found in farmhouses, but sometimes homeowners renovate a ranch-style home or something more suburban. Even loft apartments may sometimes be found with a bit of rustic style. If you like super sleek, clean lines, then this style is probably not for you. But if you love spaces with warmth and character, then you might give the rustic farmhouse vibe a go.

We've found 23 examples of living room that have rustic farmhouse appeal for you to draw inspiration from. Please take a look at the amazing spaces we found.

White cozy living room interior in coastal boho style, 23 Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

1. Choose Natural Finishes to Match Exposed Beams

Spacious living room with fireplace in a bright Mediterranean farmhouse

This light and airy living room boasts some really cool rustic inspiration. Natural exposed beams run across the ceiling showing the character of the home. For the decor, the designers matched soft grey upholstered pieces, with wooden tables that match the tone of the beams. A natural fiber rug under the coffee table is the same tone.

2. Plaids Can Give A Farmhouse A Woodsy Charm

Cozy living room with gray sofa, checkered throw pillows and wooden floor

If you want your rustic farmhouse to exude woodsy charm, use plaids. Here plaid throw pillows adorn the small loveseat. A smaller plaid fabric covers the ottoman, and a throw in a corresponding color looks great draped over it. 

These buffalo plaid throw pillow covers in an easy-care polyester fabric with a comfortable hidden zipper can help you achieve this look.

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3. Use Handwoven Baskets For Cute Storage

Eclectic home interior in classic blue wall and fireplace

Farmhouse interiors often include fabulous built-in storage areas, like in this room, where open bookshelves flank a fireplace. If you want to utilize the storage area without things looking too cluttered, why not use baskets to create some hidden storage that looks great when you're sitting on the sofa?

These gorgeous storage baskets are made from woven water hyacinth over iron frames. Even better? They fold flat when not in use so that they can easily be stored away under a bed or on the top shelf of a closet.

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4. Mix Modern Pieces With Older Pieces

Old fashioned rustic living room of a farmhouse

If you love the eclectic attitude, then mix things up. Here a classic sofa sits in front of a gorgeous antique coffee table. The coffee table looks like an old door that's been converted. It's the epitome of the rustic look.

But then there are the bold red chairs. They look awesome in this space, but they could also look awesome in a contemporary space. What does this mean? It means you can artfully choose pieces from different styles and still have a rustic look.

5. Make Good Use Of House Plants

White cozy living room interior in coastal boho style

If you've got a rustic farmhouse, then be sure and pile on the house plants. The warm, yet breezy interior shown here has all the classic characteristics of farmhouse style such as light furniture, natural materials, and plants. 

6. Create Design Vignettes

Farmhouse living room interior with hardwood floor and wicker basket

One thing that really makes the rustic farmhouse style stand out is its use of well-planned vignettes. Here a wooden bench serves as a place to shuck your shoes. Baskets rest beneath it to store the shoes when not being worn. A soft throw pillow makes the seating comfortable, and the decorative vase and lanterns all speak to the design style.

This similar bench in blue can help you start off your own design vignette.

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7. Put A Cozy Wingback Chair Next To The Fireplace

Country home interior, open plan room with wood burning stove in winter

Wingback chairs were designed to be placed in front of a hearth. The tall back and winged sides were made to hold heat for the weary traveler at old country farmhouse inns. Since many rustic farmhouses have wood-burning fireplaces, choose a traditional wingback chair for a perfect spot to sip a cup of tea and be cozy.

8. Change Your Decor With The Seasons

Home interior decorated for fall with orange accent pillows on the sofa

One way to keep your farmhouse living room fresh and fun is to change your decor with the seasons. Things like throw pillows, throws, flowers, and accessories can be rotated. Here, orange throw pillows and a couple of pumpkins on the coffee table say, "hello fall!" It's cheery and is bound to make all your visitors feel happy and welcomed.

You might even consider hanging a cute seasonal sign on the wall as well. This one is perfect for the fall theme going in the living room above.

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9. Find Unique Antique Pieces To Use In Your Design

Home interior cozy room in farmhouse style with hardwood floor and wooden cabinets

If rustic is your thing, then you don't want to overlook a few perfect antique pieces. We really love this tall piece, perhaps an old-timey icebox, topped with a woven basket. The woven cane chair next to it creates a spot for a little respite out of a busy day.

1o. Use A Circular Area Rug

Scandinavian farmhouse hallway interior with white wall and hardwood floor

Farmhouses with their wooden floors are often covered with area rugs. These serve two functions: warmth and attractiveness. As old farmhouses were often drafty, a good rug could help cut out any cool air coming up from below. In many rustic farmhouse interiors, area rugs are woven from rags and often in a circular shape.

This circular 4' rug made of jute is perfect for a room with a bay window as shown above.

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11. Use A Chunky Wood Coffee Table

Modern living room interior with white wall and wooden table

Farmhouse interiors are all about that natural life which is why using a big chunky table fits perfectly. Whether you get something live edge straight from the tree or choose something more refined, both will be a solid choice.

12. Use A Soft Green For Your Walls 

Blank frame in Scandinavian style home interior dining room

Though many rustic farmhouses opt for creamy white interiors, a bit of color can add to a homey, old-fashioned flair. Here a soft sage green really creates a calm dining nook in the corner of this farmhouse living room.

13. Hang An Antique Mirror On The Wall

Framed mirror above daybed

Farmhouses generally have beautiful light and windows. Why not take advantage of that by hanging an antique-style mirror on the wall. A mirror reflects all of the natural light and the beauty of your interior. This one is painted a creamy antiqued ivory that looks gorgeous with the white interior.

This distressed white mirror is a great choice for a rustic farm interior.

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14. Create A Cute Still Life On A Side Table

Cozy home rustic decor with flowers on wicker basket

Another fun thing to do in your rustic farmhouse-inspired living room is to create charming still lives on your side tables. In this collection, an old enamel pot sits next to corked bottles and a mortar and pestle. A pretty bouquet of daisies lives inside the woven basket with a heart cut out. Notice the reclaimed wood wall behind it, as you might choose to add a wall like this in your own home.

15. Decorate Your Walls With Unique Finds Like Sporting Rackets Or Farm Items

Warm rustic furnished living room with a fireplace

Rustic equates to repurposed in that all things old can become new again in the right setting. In this warm and cozy living space, the homeowner has made clever use of old badminton rackets. Rather than simply sending them off to the thrift shop, they make great wall art. You could do this with old kitchen items like colanders and whisks or old farm implements like rake and shovel heads. All it takes is a little creativity.

16. Be Eclectic

Living room of a rustic home with fireplace and cozy sofa

This is a design style you can really have fun with. Mix some heirlooms with some thrift finds. Throw in a few new pieces. A dash of leather, a smidge of bright color, and bring it all together with the things you love. This room exemplifies eclectic design, from the green wood stove to the bright yellow occasional chairs and the leopard throw on the leather couch. It's a room that has both character and coziness.

This yellow wingback chair would look effortlessly cool in such an eclectic living room.

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17. Create A Small Office Space

Black frame in bright farmhouse interior with white wooden office on blue wall

If you need a small office space but want it to stay in keeping with the rest of your design style, check out this nook. A simple sawhorse-style table in white provides ample work space. A spindle-backed chair embodies a farmhouse feel, as does the light on the desk. It's clean and simple and perfect for the look.

18. Use Furniture With Spindle Legs

Wooden console table near white wall in farmhouse entryway

Spindle legs are the quintessential look in a farmhouse. When you think of an old-timey farmhouse table, these are the legs you envision. Here a living room console table has the perfect look with its antiqued finish and spindle legs. It has plenty of space for cute displays on the top and room for storage below.

This similar table in a lovely robin's egg blue will give you a similar look.

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19. Mix In The Color Blue

Still life living room with wooden sofa, basket, cushions and books

Blue, like green, is a natural accent color for farmhouse styling. It's a color that goes beautifully with white and wood tones. Here it's in the form of linen throw pillows on an antique white wooden bench with floral upholstery. Wicker baskets and books finish out the homey appeal.

20. Find A Fun Ceiling Fixture

Cozy design loft room with white corner sofa and brick wall

If you've got a wonderful rustic living room with tall ceilings and exposed beams, show it off with a great lighting fixture. We love this multi-bulb unit that features antique-style Edison bulbs hanging at different lengths. You can find fixtures in antique stores, on crafter's sites like Etsy, and at other retailers.

This fixture takes the theme of the wooden beam and adds dangling lightbulbs. Each one is at a slightly different length to create variable lighting. It's a perfect look for a rustic living room.

Click here to see this light fixture on Amazon.

21. There's Nothing Better Than The Perfect Leather Sofa

Interior of a rustic style large living room in the forest

Leather sofas, if chosen correctly, are awesome in a rustic farmhouse style. You want to choose one that is not super modern. The leather should be soft and supple and possibly have a lived-in feel. Caramels and saddle browns are a great choice for a farmhouse. Green and blue leathers could be very interesting, too.

22. Use Your Mantel To Show Off Your Style

Stylish fall decorations on the mantel at home

If you have a wood-burning fireplace and a mantel in your home, it's a great place to show off your style. Here a cute blank window is used like a piece of artwork. Smaller objects are layered artistically to draw in the eye. This use of layering and varying heights creates a really stylish focal point.

23. White Pitchers, Planters, And Bouquets of Fresh Flowers

Spring home decor for the living room in pink and gray with plants and flowers on coffee table

If you want to give your room an effortless vibe, we suggest fresh flowers. For a farmhouse feel find vases in white, old pitchers, and even mason jars to give that country appeal. Cut masses of flowers from your garden or go for storebought bouquets of daisies and other simple old-fashioned flowers. It's a really lovely look.

This white pitcher has the exact kind of feel we're thinking of. The little imperfections give it the look of having been in your family for generations. Flowers will look stunning in this.

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Rustic Farmhouses Make For Fun When Designing

As you can see, figuring out ways to bring your rustic farmhouse living room to life is fun. From specific use areas like desks and entry benches to decorative groupings on the mantels and tables to the general vibe of this type of living room, you have lots of choices.

We hope this post was helpful for you and that you found inspiration in these images. For other posts that may inspire you on the topic, please click below:

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