17 Rustic Storage Benches That Will Look Great In Your Bedroom

17 Rustic Storage Benches for the BedroomThe rustic style is big right now, and it’s no wonder. Natural materials and colors in cream, brown, grey, green, and blue create a cozy, welcoming vibe. Creating this look in a bedroom is easier than most think, and a great way to add to it is with a storage bench.

When looking for a rustic storage bench, though, what should you aim for? A stone bench doesn’t really fit your idea of comfort, and a rough wood bench gives you visions of splinters. Don’t worry, that’s not really our idea of comfort and style either. Look more for natural fibers in an upholstered bench that showcase hues found in nature, such as brown or cream or green or a solid wood frame.

Finding a few different options to choose from is an easy task as well. Amazon has more than a few offerings, and we’ve picked 17 of our favorites. Keep reading to get some design inspiration for a great storage bench!

Padded Wood and Metal Storage Bench

This is listed as an industrial style bench, but it has plenty of rustic charm as well. The rough wood look of the bench sides gives this bench a great rustic vibe. Black metal works well for rustic designs, too, and the padded black cushion seals the deal on style.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Grey Wash Bench

The grey wood of this bench is great for rustic style. It doesn’t showcase the traditional look of wood, but grey hues are a favorite with this design trend. The wood and metal construction of the bench combined with the slatted shelf offers plenty of both style and functionality.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Split-Seat Storage Bench

This sweet bench would look great tucked at the foot of the bed in a rustic bedroom. The natural wash of the wood material gives it a great look for this style, and the split seat hides a ton of storage space. This would be perfect to hold blankets for a cold night and a spot to perch while putting on your shoes in the morning.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Rustic Oak Storage Bench

This beauty of a bench showcases a ton of rustic style. The oak look of the work combined with the natural cotton cushion on top work well together and could create a warm, welcoming spot in your bedroom. The addition of the natural colored bins makes a perfect spot for hiding miscellaneous items while keeping your space tidy.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Grey Wicker Storage Bench

The grey of this bench is a favorite look in today’s styles. An added cushion in beige creates a light and relaxed look. When paired with the added wicker bins that slide into the bench, this piece is an altogether beautiful addition to any room! Push this against the foot of your bed or have it beside your door to store your bag, slippers, shoes, or even a few blankets in.

To find this grey storage bench on Amazon, click here.

Fabric Storage Ottoman

This piece is beautiful and could easily fit into any room. The light grey linen-like fabric is easily cleaned, and the length combined with the deepness of the hidden storage gives you plenty of space for anything you may need to place in it. This would be right at home at the foot of your bed.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Farmington Bench

The look of this bench is gorgeous. It would be a showstopper in any bedroom with its lovely deep brown color, and an added cushion to the seat would only add to it. Rather than a lift-top design, this bench features two large, deep drawers for storage.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Reclaimed Barnwood Bench

Reclaimed barn wood will always have a special spot in the hearts of rustic design lovers, and this bench is no exception. The rough wood combined with the metal details makes this bench perfect for any bedroom showcasing this style. Add in a few woven or wicker baskets on the shelf below the seat and you’ve got an eye-catching bench to place in your bedroom.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Cow Print Storage Bench

You don’t get much more rustic than cowhide, and this storage bench showcases the print beautifully. The dark brown and cream colors along with the wooden feet are all classicly rustic. Add that to the deep, wide storage under the seat and you’ve got the perfect showpiece to add that extra something to your bedroom while also gaining some storage space.

To find this cow print bench on Amazon, click here.

Sliding Door Bench

While finding the barn doors we all love for rustic designs might be hard to come by on a bench, this option comes close. This bench features sliding doors that hide storage shelves below the bench seat, creating the perfect balance of decor display and hidden storage. We can see this being the perfect spot for keeping his and hers slippers at the foot of the bed!

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Galvanized Metal Bench

Metal detailing has always had a home in rustic design, but galvanized metal is king. This bench showcases the more rustic metal look perfectly. The beige cotton fabric seat finishes the style for this bench, and plenty of storage beneath is sure to make this one a favorite in this list.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Shaker Storage Bench

This storage bench is simple yet attractive. The Shaker build is full of pure rustic charm with the warm wood construction and the clean lines of the structure. Three cabinets add plenty of storage to this bench without showcasing what’s stored under the seat. If a plain wooden bench seat is too stark for your tastes, a tufted cotton cushion would look right at home on this.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Four Drawer Storage Bench

This sweet little bench is whitewashed for a natural look. The woven seats on top of the bench have a classic rustic charm, and the four drawers beneath are built in a simple manner that’s well-loved in this design family. Put this at the foot of your bed or close to your bedroom door for style and function that will complete your bedroom perfectly.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Solid Wood Storage Bench

Solid wood furniture is a favorite in rustic design. This bench combines the wood frame with a leather seat that features metal stud detailing. The leather and metal look is perfect for a rustic theme, and this bench would work well in any bedroom showcasing this design. This is perfect for a spot to store and put on shoes before leaving the house in the mornings. Add a small side table to store wallets and bags for a complete dressing area.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Bench with Baskets and Drawers

This bench has a variety of storage options and plenty of style. A solid wood base and leather-like cushion place this bench firmly in the rustic design family. Woven baskets in the base combine with three drawers to create an abundance of storage options. This bench would work really well to keep up with shoes and bags in your room while completing the room’s style.

To find this bench on Amazon, click here.

Shutter Style Bench

The shutter look is a favorite in rustic style, and this bench showcases them beautifully. The lift top seat has a removable cushion with a linen-like fabric that’s a staple with rustic looks. This bench has a wonderfully relaxed look that would be great in a bedroom. This would be a great fit at the end of a bed or beside the bedroom doorway. The deep, wide storage section would be a great place to store blankets, shoes or any number of essentials in.

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Metal Storage Bench

This bench echoes the galvanized metal bench earlier in this post, but this option showcases a more polished look while keeping with the rustic style. Antique black metal is a great choice for any rustic bedroom, and the steel construction makes it a sturdy seat. The cushion lifts off, revealing plenty of storage underneath for any of your bedroom essentials.

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Rustic Benches, Bedroom Storage

The benches above showcase any number of rustic design staples. Metal detailing in either brackets or studs are staples of this design. Natural fabrics such as cotton or linen for the cushions make a bench comfortable and inviting. Warm wood creates a cozy atmosphere, while a lighter wood or whitewashed wood adds a breezy element to the room. Any of these storage benches would make a great addition to the rustic bedroom of your dreams!

Need more help? Make sure you read our detailed Rustic Home Decor Guide here. And if you’re considering which type to get, these white storage benches might appeal to you as well.

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