15 Rustic Throw Pillows That Will Give Any Room That Country Style Chic!

Looking to add a touch of that "rustic cabin" look to your living room, or perhaps the bedroom? Throw pillows can provide you with an easy and very affordable way to do just that. In this design guide, we'll show you four different types of rustic throw pillows, through a total of 15 gorgeous examples -

  • Buffalo plaid style pillows
  • Farm animal designs
  • Throw pillows with "rustic" sayings
  • Coarse burlap pillows

Use one type or mix and match to add a touch of rustic charm to any room. Let's take a closer look at these fluffy stylish cushions.

15 Rustic Throw Pillows That Will Give Any Room That Country Style Chic

Buffalo Plaid Style Throw pillows

Buffalo plaid is a classic checkered design which has its roots in Scottish tartan patterns. It was lovingly adopted in the Old American West, quickly taking its place in the selection of country-style designs.

1. Classic Buffalo Plaid Design by UPOOS

This throw pillow features a simple buffalo plaid that gets the job done in terms of design and aesthetics. Lots of colors make an entry here, including the dark, silver, white, blue, yellow, and of course, red.  It should look elegant with most interior décor settings, especially ones with minimal Nordic themes. If your room has largely neutral color palettes, you could spice things up with this buffalo plaid throw pillow.

You can get this product in three different sizes, it’s durable, soft. You can’t go wrong with this throw pillow.

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2. Black and White Buffalo Plaid Throw Pillow

Here’s another simple throw pillow with a chic black-and-white buffalo plaid print on both sides. In fact - it's a set of two pillows, and not one.

These throw pillow covers are highly durable thanks to the polyester-and-cotton blend used to make them. They feature a hidden zipper at the back to make removal and insertion of pillow easier. Plus, it's hard to go with black and white - a classic in almost any decor setup.

See more about this pillow here.

3. Decorative Buffalo Plaid Throw Pillow in white and red

If you’re a fan of the checkered plaid design, then this product should be high on your list. Featuring an elegant combo of tonal variations of red and bright white, this throw pillow cover instantly reminds you of farmhouse nostalgia, a jog down the memory lane if you grew up in the countryside. The product itself comes in two different shapes, 18 by 18 inch and 20 by 20 inch.

It is available in pack of 2, giving you lots of options when it comes to decoration. The hidden zipper at the back makes installation easy and convenient. Maintenance is fairly straightforward, just toss the cover into the washing machine – the color won’t be fading anytime soon.

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4. Buffalo Plaid Silhouettes Throw Pillows by Acelive

Take your love for the buffalo plaid design up a notch by getting this set of 4 pillowcases, each featuring an artistic silhouette of the great outdoors. It will definitely inspire you and your family to go out on an exciting camping trip.

There’s a silhouette of a deer, a pine tree, a minivan, and a small car. Just a single cursory glance at the adventure-themed pillow covers will make you want to explore the outside world. Not bad for a bunch of throw pillows. The print is on only one side of the cover, so if you ever get bored of the color palette, simply flip the pillow on its side to reveal a plain burlap design. It’s as versatile as it gets.

You can get the throw pillow covers in three different sizes, make sure to do your research before ordering them.

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5. Buffalo Plaid can be girly too!

If you want something a little different than the usual, then this pink-and-white buffalo plaid throw pillow cover should fit the bill. Instead of different shades of red, this product swaps out the red with different shades of pink. This gives it a more feminine touch that should look chic with most rooms. You can pair this throw pillow with a neutral themed couch for best results.

The print is available on only one side, so you can turn it over if the pink color theme isn’t your thing. There’s a hidden zipper at the back for easy maintenance and insertion of the pillow. Just don’t use bleach or hot water for washing and this pillow cover will last you long.

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Farm Animals Patterns

Another way to introduce a charming rustic element is by going to the farm! Cows and chickens, round wooden barrels and bails of hay - they can all instantly grace a room with a countryside feel and look of farm life (fortunately, without the smells!)

6. Rooster Painting Throw Pillowcase by Easternproject

Who doesn’t like a rooster pecking in their backyard at the slightest hint of dawn? This cool looking burlap throw pillow cover takes full advantage of advanced printing technology, giving the artist full creative control. We really get this whole ‘countryside’ theme which should look good on interior decors that heavily feature vintage and retro themes.

The best part about Easternproject, the manufacturer, is that they also offer this throw pillow cover in 10 different designs, each featuring a cute roster on the front. If you love the bright colors and want to bring the rooster into your home, then this product is built just for you.

Click here to learn more.

7. Vintage Farm Animal Throw Pillow by Fukeen

This pack of 4 throw pillows is just what you need if you love farm animals. Each pillow features an animal that should take you a trip down the memory lane if you grew up surrounded by farm animals. The rustic throw pillows themselves are highly durable, featuring a thick cotton linen blend that should last several years after purchase.

There is a hidden zipper at the back for easy removal and insertion. The manufacturer also offers 6 other different options, each featuring either farm animals or artwork that should give your room an artistic makeover.

Get this pack of 4 pillowcases here.

8. Cow Rustic Pillow by Smilyard

Smilyard is a popular manufacturer of throw pillow covers, and this print of a watercolor cow should showcase their prowess. The artisan hand drew this chic portrait of a cow with a lovely caption that says, “Farm Fresh Milk”, in all capitals. It perfectly communicates your love for farm animals without going overboard with outlandish designs.

The durable cotton linen blend will last a long time. The print is available on only one side, with the other side featuring a natural rustic color.

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Country/Rustic sayings

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, sometimes a well-put quote can really set the mood too. Here's how.

9. Different Quotes Pack of 4 Pillows by Fukeen

Here are four different pillowcases, each featuring a cute little quote that should sit in well with your mood. The artist took some creative liberties here in terms of design, with all pillows featuring elaborate woodwork.

The pillow covers are only 18 by 18 inches, so make sure to do your research before ordering.

Get this pack of 4 here.

Coarse Burlap Pillows

Burlap is a fantastic material for adding a bucolic touch to any room. Traditionally used for ute sacks in working farms, designers have taken it on to create gorgeous throw pillows with an instant rustic flare.

10. Fallen Foliage by Kelysun

This burlap throw pillow features very minimal color patterns and designs, although a slight tinge of red fallen leaves at the far edge of the pillow adds a splash of autumn. This throw pillow cover is just what you need to spruce up your room without breaking the bank. And the best part is that it features the visually striking print on both sides. This should add a layer of consistency to your room.

The pillow cover is made with durable polyester that is smooth to the touch and breathable. There is a hidden zipper at the back, making it easy to insert and remove pillows.

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11. Burlap Throw Pillow by Semtomn

This burlap throw pillow cover features no colors or ornate murals, it’s as barebones as throw pillows come. The manufacturer went so far as to call it a ‘sackcloth’, due to the complete lack of any design. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, minimalistic themes are a trending thing these days. So if you want something more functional than aesthetically friendly, this throw pillow is for you.

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12. Burlap Sack Brown Throw Pillow by Staromil

This throw pillow features a unique layout that should look good in most rooms. The subtle golden hues with a brown backsplash make an interesting matrix that has been intricately woven into the fabric. The elegant print won’t fade away with time. This throw pillowcase it extremely durable thanks to its polyester blend that adds a couple of extra years into its lifetime.

It is available in three different designs, ranging from 16 by 16 inches all the way to 20 by 20 inches. A hidden zipper at the back makes it easy to install and remove the pillow.

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13. Coarse Burlap Throw Pillow by Emvency

This coarse burlap throw pillow does not feature any design, perfect for those of you who don’t want their throw pillow making a statement. It is available in three different sizes, make sure to do your homework before ordering one for your couch. The advantage with a coarse white drapery is its almost universal compatibility with most interiors, almost guaranteeing it will look good.

Get this throw pillow cover here.

14. Blue Burlap Throw Pillow by UPOOS

If you love blue colors or simply want to spruce your room with a splash of blue denim pattern, then you’ll definitely love this pillowcase. It features a coarse layout that should add a layer of texture to your room. It feels incredibly soft to the touch thanks to its short pile velvet material, which just so happens to be very durable.

Get this throw pillow cover here.

15. Burlap Throw Pillow by VANMI

Another barebones throw pillow cover that features a minimal color palette. This throw pillow is perfect for those instances when you just want to lay your head on something soft and fluffy. It comes in three different sizes, a hidden zipper, prints on both sides, and all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern offering.

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We hope these products help inspire you in your quest to designing a country-theme living room or bedroom. Throw pillows are such affordable quick home decor accessories, you just can't ignore them when decorating a room!

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