20 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas for the Living Room

Rustic Wall Decor Ideas for the Living Room

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No matter which style of rustic decor you choose for your home, you’ll be completely on-trend. Right now, the rustic decorating style is all the rage and isn’t going out of style any time soon.

In case you missed it in this comprehensive guide to rustic home decor, there are three different styles of this popular type of decorating: primitive, country, and farmhouse. All find their roots in the vintage look with a mix of textures, but each has its own twist.

  • Primitive features more dark colors and Americana style.
  • The Country style encompasses the shabby chic look with romantic floral prints, rougher edges, and soft colors.
  • Farmhouse, the most popular of this style, is comprised of repurposed furniture, industrial touches, and that oh-so-hot-right-now shiplap.

Your living room, undoubtedly one of the more used spaces in your house, is the perfect place to add rustic wall decor. You’ll find that those touches help to carry the rustic style throughout the space. Here are 20 great ideas for rustic wall decor for your living room. Make sure to go through the post, as we offer some very useful additional links in the64  summary section.


Using Unique Frames

If you want to display precious pictures, try one of these rustic frames.

Paris Loft Barn Door Picture Frame

This frame has openings for two 5″x7″ pictures. With its distressed wood look and barn door opening, it’s hard to find a more country rustic frame.

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Because of the way the barn door opens, this frame can only be hung horizontally.

Read more about this barn door frame on Amazon

Cade Rustic Barnwood Frame

Looking for a creative way to showcase your kids’ art but still keep your rustic style? Go with this barn wood frame. It looks like a window frame that has been removed right from the barn and would even look great on your wall by itself with no art inside.

It comes as a set, and the frames are two different sizes.

Learn more about this beautiful set on Amazon

Love-KANKEI Wood Photo Frame

While not traditional, this clothes-line-style display will perfectly fit your rustic decor and gorgeously display 30 of your favorite pictures. With its different elements, it can fit into any of the three rustic styles.

Hang it horizontally or vertically. It would look great holding holiday cards too!

Here’s more info on this frame on Amazon

Excello Global Vintage Farmhouse Window Frame

Similar to the window frames we featured above, this frame is a farmhouse-style stand out due to the industrial touch of the hinges and handle. The rope used to hang it on the wall is an excellent use of different textures, and the whitewashed color screams rustic.

It holds four of your favorite 4″x6″ or 5″x7″ pictures.

Click here for more on this frame on Amazon.

Add A Rustic Artwork Piece

A beautiful piece of art on your wall can pull color and promote texture in ways that highlight the rustic style of your living room.

Felt Letter Board with Rustic Wooden Frame

If there is wall decor that is instantly recognizable as part of the rustic style, it’s these hugely popular felt letter boards.

Usually, the background is black, but we love this one in gray. It makes the piece seem softer and more in line with the rustic farmhouse look.

More information about this popular board on Amazon.

Lacoffio Rustic Wooden Wall Decor

The combination of the pinewood background and the worn white letters give this piece of art a very country-rustic feel.

This piece is handcrafted by Amish craftsmen and measures 9″x12″.

Here is more information on this sign on Amazon.

Tthwallart Dandelion Woodgrain Watercolor

The look of this is all farmhouse rustic. The rich tones of the wood-grain-colored background make the stark black picture of the dandelion stand out. It will be stunning when paired with industrial style shelves, which would also have the wood and metal.

An important note is that this art is high-resolution graphics printed on canvases, so it’s not a real wood background, but the effect is still gorgeous. You get three canvases with your purchase.

More details about this artwork are on Amazon.

Madison Park Forest Reflections

The soft colors of this three-piece set will be a great complement to the colors of your country rustic living room. The soft blues, tans, grays, and creams will pair perfectly with shabby chic furniture.

The total width of these three pieces is 45″, making it a real focal point of your room.

Read more about this country rustic artwork on Amazon.

Consider Rustic Wall Sculptures

These pieces will literally stand out from your wall and make a great impression.

Miles Kimball Metal Wall Flowers

The colors in these flowers fit right in with rustic country style. They’re soft, but between the pretty shade of pink, the pop of turquoise, and the subtle cream, these will immediately draw your eye.

Sets of three are pleasing to the eye, and because each of these is almost 10″ wide, they will really make an impact.

Click to learn more about these flowers on Amazon.

Creative Co-Op Decorative Round Compass

This sculptural piece fits under all three types of rustic decor, so grab it up no matter which way you’re leaning.

This distressed metal compass measures 30″x30″ and would look beautiful against a white shiplap wall.

Learn more about this compass on Amazon.

Calatour Mason Jars with Lights

They aren’t traditionally sculptural, but the hung jars protrude from the wall, so we’re comfortable counting them. The soft ambiance that these Mason jars, a staple in rustic decor, provide with their soft light is unique – and uniquely farmhouse.

The jars are filled with artificial flowers, hung with rope on wrought iron hooks, and mounted to a piece of wood. The remote control for the lights isn’t primitive, but turn it on before your guests arrive and they’ll never know your secret!

Here’s more info about these jars on Amazon.

Haitian Birds with Recycled Steel Drum Wings

“Haitian” and “rustic” may not seem to go together, but the different tones of the metal mean they fit very comfortably in this decor.

The birds are flat when you get them, but the wings bend, making each bird and each set unique. Keep them together or spread them out in different places around your living room. Five birds come with your purchase.

Read more about these birds on Amazon.

Those Rustic Finishes: Shelves and Hooks

Some wall decor is more functional than pretty, but hey – you need a place to hang your hat too!

Acacia Grove Rustic Wall-Mounted Hooks

What better place for your hat than these iron hooks? Mounted to a piece of medium-toned wood, they look ready-made for your cowboy hat.

And if you’re not into cowboy hats, you can hang stems of dried flowers from the hooks for a country rustic look.

Here are more details on these hooks on Amazon

Industrial Rustic Modern Pipe Shelf

This is one of the more unique shelves you’ll see. It’s made of wood and pipes, giving it a great farmhouse appeal.

Because it comes unassembled, you can put it together any way that you want to fit in any space you have.

Read more about this unique piece on Amazon

Imperative Decor Floating Shelves

The medium walnut tone of these floating shelves looks made to hang on a creamy, shabby chic wall. They’re stained, but not sanded smooth so they still have the rustic feel.

These shelves will look great on your living room wall holding other pieces of rustic decor.

Learn more about these shelves on Amazon.

MyGift Wall-Mounted Interlocking Shadow Box

The overall shape isn’t seen often in rustic decor, but the clean lines of the interlocking frames and the distressed wood that they’re made from definitely say farmhouse.

The total width is 31″, giving you a lot of space to place your items.

Read more about these interlocking shelves on Amazon.

Don’t Forget Rustic Clocks & Mirrors

Although they’re obviously different, we put them together because they’re often similarly shaped and sized.

Old Oak Decorative Wall Clock

The distressed metal look, the faded tan background, and the roman numerals all combine to give this clock a very farmhouse rustic look.

Despite the name, this clock is not real wood, but you’ll never be able to tell the difference, and the look matches rustic style.

Click for more of this clock’s details on Amazon.

Sandberg Farmhouse Wall Mirror

The distressed wood frame is the highlight of this piece. Despite the name marking it as “farmhouse,” it will fit beautifully in your primitive, country or farmhouse rustic decor.

At 36″x30″, this mirror is generously sized, and you can hang it vertically or horizontally.

Read more about this mirror on Amazon.

Stonebriar Red Rust Metal Oval Clock

The best part of this clock is that it’s mounted to a pan made of red metal with rusty edges. If you have an open floor plan, this piece would easily tie together your living room with your kitchen.

Other highlights include the unique oval shape and the rusty white face of the clock.

Click for additional details on Amazon.

Stonebriar Decorative Gray Ceramic Mirror

The deep gray color, the cream highlights, and the artfully worn edges combine to make a beautiful rustic mirror that will almost be art-like on your wall.

The whole piece is only seven inches wide, so consider buying several and hanging them together as a set in your living room.

Read more about this mirror on Amazon.

Even More Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Whether you use these pieces on your own or in combination with one another, they will add that perfect rustic finishing touch to your living room. Looking to go beyond the walls? We suggest reading this super detailed concise guide about rustic home decor first. Also, if you’re still looking for more Living Room ideas? You might be interested in 64 Neutral Living Room Design Ideas That Will Inspire You.

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