15 Awesome Rustic Wall Decor Items For Your Kitchen

15 Awesome Rustic Wall Decor Items For Your KitchenRustic decor focuses on the natural beauty of the world. Rugged, distressed, wood items are common features of this style, along with simple earth-tones. Most things that emphasize the things we find in nature fall under rustic decor. Originally, rustic decor was known for heavy, dark pieces (think woods like mahogany and walnut); however, as of late, the style has expanded to include more contemporary, lighter pieces (like oak and birch).

Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. Rustic Wood Chalkboard

This rustic wood chalkboard is perfect for writing a small grocery list, favorite recipes, or witty kitchen quotes! The combination of the light wood sliding barn doors and mechanical wheels make this item fit perfectly into the rustic decor theme. Better yet, when you shut the doors, they reveal three picture frames on each side. It comes with pre-installed hooks, 21.5” by 31.5”, and is ready to hang in your home!

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2. Distressed Farmhouse EAT Sign 

Barnyard Designs’ EAT sign is a great way to welcome people into your space. The distressed wood planks hang from a piece of rope, bringing a natural, country vibe to your kitchen. The letters are individual, so you can arrange them however you want! Keep them all together or hang them diagonally with shelves or other decor items nearby! Each letter measures 8” by 8”, not too small but not so large that they become overwhelming. They’re perfect for designing your wall exactly how you want.

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3. Floating Wood Wall Shelves 

Love-KANKEI’s floating wood wall shelves are a beautiful accent to your kitchen. You can keep jars, canisters, spices, herb plants, and more on display, freeing up some potentially needed space in your pantry in true rustic fashion! They’re made of solid paulownia wood boards and powder-coated metal brackets, and come ready to be hung on the wall. There’s a large, medium, and small size, so you can arrange them however fits your kitchen best—you don’t even have to keep them together if you don’t want to.

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4. Personalized Kitchen Sign 

Artblox’s personalized kitchen sign adds a bit extra “you” to your rustic kitchen layout! It’s pun-filled text and distressed rustic appearance makes it a perfect accent piece. Printed directly on their handmade wooden pallets, the customizations allow you to choose the name of your choice (first, last, nickname, etc.) and the year the kitchen/home was established. In light or dark options, this sign works well with either original or contemporary rustic design styles.

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5. White Rustic Pantry Sign 

This white rustic pantry sign from MRC Wood Products is made in Indiana from baltic birch wood. It’s in a distressed style with black lettering, which pops beautifully against the white background. The lettering is permanently printed onto the wood to prevent chipping or peeling. The sign measures 18” by 6”, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can send it back for a refund!

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6. Rustic-Inspired Wall Shelf 

This rustic-inspired wall shelf from Primitives by Kathy has a farmhouse look that fits beautifully in with rustic decor. The wood slab shelf sits in a bin of distressed metal to give it a unique backing. It’s perfect for a set of spices, herbs, or other kitchen go-tos (salt and pepper shakers, for example) and displays them in a way that’s sure to draw wanted attention. It’s durable and stylish, measuring 12.5” in diameter and 4” deep, so it can even fit a small herb pot if you hang the shelf where there’s sunlight!

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7. Happiness is Homemade Wall Sign 

Nikky Home’s Happiness is Homemade sign is a perfect nod to the things you cook in the kitchen and the vibe you cultivate for your home. It’s a light-painted, distressed wood, fitting in with more contemporary rustic styles, and features metal kitchen utensils as a cute accent. It’s made of premium pinewood and galvanized sheet, measuring approximately 12” by 16”, and is even shaped like a house! It’s a wonderful gift for an rustic-style connoisseur or a just-because addition to your own space.

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8. Wall-Mounted Organizer Shelves 

MyGift’s wall-mounted shelves come with two hooks and a two-tier storage rack, adding a unique organizer to your kitchen. Set spices or canisters on the shelves, and hang things like rolling pins or ladles from the hooks—you could even hang an apron or hand towels if you have the room! It’s versatile, with a light brown distressed look that will fit flawlessly into any rustic kitchen space. It’s approximately 12.5” by 17.5”, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good spot to allocate for it.

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9. Kitchen Herb Art Prints

These kitchen herb prints come unframed, and include rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, oregano, and bay leaves. While not inherently rustic aside from the slightly distressed appearance, these will look beautiful in natural wood frames and hung above your countertops or next to a spice cabinet. Since the products are handmade and have been designed to be purposefully distressed in some places, there’s also no reason to can’t leave them unframed and make a contemporary rustic statement. The greens of the herbs still fit into the earthtones of the rustic style, and they’ll add a bit of uniqueness to your kitchen.

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10. Battery-Operated Vintage Clock 

RELIAN’S battery-operated wall clock has a unique rustic-vintage appearance that combines two styles together with ease. The large, roman numerals will pair well with any vintage items you may have in your kitchen, while the distressed outlining/design fits beautifully alongside any other rustic shelves, signs, or wall decor. RELIAN prides itself on their silent, accurate clocks—but if you have any issues, they do offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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11. Turquoise Rooster

This turquoise rooster from Hobby Lobby is a cute nod to a rustic farmhouse, even if you only love and appreciate the style but live in the middle of a big city. It has a hook on the back so that it can be hung on the wall. The distressed edges combined with the earthtones will add a whimsical, yet still rustic, touch to your space.

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12. Kitchen Rules Plaque 

Nikky Home’s Kitchen Rules encourage both your guests and family to follow a courteous, heartwarming set of directions while in your house—essentially saying to clean up after yourself and be responsible, but be welcoming to those around you and share the love of the things you make. It’s completely made of wood, with a white distressed background to the lettering and a darker wood frame. It’s a perfect gift for a wedding or housewarming, and can add a whimsical touch to your decor.

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13. Rustic Wall-Mounted Coffee Mug Holder 

MyGift’s rustic wall-mounted coffee mug rack features 12 hooks for you to hang your various cups on. Keep it classy with matching sets of earthtone color mugs that also fit along with the rustic theme—or go all out and put your colorful collection on display! Even if you want to keep an overall rustic look, there’s no reason you can’t add a bit of personality or flare to it. The rack itself, with light lettering and distressed wood, will go along with other rustic decor you have in your kitchen. The rack is 20” by 25”, so make sure you’ve got a good bit of space before purchasing!

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14. Distressed Oval Clock 

This distressed oval clock by Creative Co-op is battery-operated, featuring large roman numerals that also harken to a vintage vibe. The distressed, weathered look, though, keeps it within the realm of rustic, and it’s slimmer shape will allow you to put it somewhere that a circular clock may not fit as well. The clock is 20” by 29.25” and will make quite the statement to any guests you have in your kitchen! 

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15. Gather at the Table Pallet Sign 

This pallet sign by P. Graham Dunn encourages you and your guests/family to gather at the table to enjoy time with each other. It’s a light wood, fitting in more with other contemporary rustic pieces, and hangs on the wall with ease from a piece of jute string. The weathered look of the pine wood and the earthtone letters are the epitome of modern rustic decor. This piece could easily be the one that ties your whole rustic look together, whether in the kitchen or above a dining room table.

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