17 Awesome RV Decorating Ideas

Whether you're living full-time in an RV or taking it out for long family weekends, it's still nice to personalize it with your own touches. From cute throw pillows to plants that don't need watering to a collection of perfect fridge magnets, there are ways to elevate your RV away from off the showroom floor staid.

Remember, though, if your RV is underway, you want decor that's going to stay put and not fall while driving. We've gathered 17 awesome ideas for decorating your RV that you can make your own or take inspiration from. So, here we go!

Interior of Modern Camper. 17 Awesome RV Decorating Ideas

1. Add A Decorative Backsplash

One way to make your RV's kitchen area feel homier is by adding a decorative backsplash. There are loads of cute stick-on backsplash options available that will totally work for an RV if you're not able or don't want to add real tile material. You can go super simple and choose a white subway tile design or get more ornate like the RV in this photo. They've chosen a stone backsplash that works well with the countertop design.

kitchen area inside of a motor home vehicle. Sink, stove, window.

This peel and stick design is contemporary and would like great with many RV interiors. Click here for this on Amazon.

2. Make Your Bedding Cozy, Just Like At Home

Tiny camper with a remodeled interior. Make Your Bedding Cozy, Just Like At Home

Just because you're in a camper doesn't mean it has to feel sterile. Why not add bedding that feels as cozy as home. Here, cute throw pillows and a knitted afghan dress up a simple cotton coverlet. The effect is warm and inviting and makes this home on wheels feel like it has a solid foundation.

3. Create A Simple Deck Area If You're Hanging Out For Awhile

Exterior of motor home. Camping trailer. Traveling concept.

If you're going to be parking your camper or RV for a season, here's a lovely idea. Grab your favorite handyperson and build yourself a temporary deck. Load it with plants, maybe some potted tomatoes for summer snacking, and a few of your favorite outdoor chairs. String some garlands of bulbs to make the whole area feel festive and full of summery fun.

Bulbs like these are waterproof and safe for outdoor use. Click for these on Amazon.

4. Hang A DreamCatcher

Interior of motor home. Camping trailer. Traveling concept. Hang A DreamCatcher

Dreamcatchers come from the First Nations history. They were woven to represent the spirit of the spider and were hung above the infants' beds for protection and to catch any harm that might be in the air. When you're traveling and stopping in places new to you, having your own personal dreamcatcher provides a conversation point and something beautiful.

5. Travel With Placemats And A Set Of Lovely Non-Breakable Table Ware

decorative white plates and cups with two flower vases on a table inside a caravan. Travel With Placemats And A Set Of Lovely Non-Breakable Table Ware

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you have to resort to paper. Carry along a few simple placemats and a set of plates in a non-breakable material. They can be stylish and lovely and also environmentally friendly. Then, if you want to invite friends, old or new, over for a meal on the road, you'll be able to set a table that makes you proud.

This super cool set of four place settings (12 pieces) wood-grained dinnerware is made of melamine. This material is dishwasher safe, non-breakable, and perfect for the RV'ing lifestyle. Click here for this on Amazon.

6. Use Smart Storage In Your Kitchen Area

Caravan rv inside, kitchen area. Cooking in campervan. Holidays, adventure with motor home. Van life lifestyle.

An organized RV is a beautiful RV. It's also smart. You want to have things at your fingertips, but you have to remember to be careful when you're going down the road. You don't want the inside of your camper to be like the inside of a tornado when you hit a pothole. That's why we love the use of this under mount spice rack or dry foods rack. The little jars have lids and are neatly tucked into their holders. Also, the simple caddies affixed to the wall that hold things like sponges and dish towels. 

7. Succulents Are A Smart RV Plant

cactus on rv window overlooking beautiful landscape

Everyone loves a little greenery in their lives, but traveling with large potted plants in an RV is difficult. That's what makes succulents such a super choice for this lifestyle. They come in tiny pots, require very little water, and can be wedged into a small box that you can velcro to the counter once you're moving down the road. You can even buy faux succulents if you want the look of plants without any of the hassle.

This little set of fake succulents is perfect for an RV. Click here for these on Amazon.

8. A Fruit Bowl Is Attractive And Practical

decorative plate with fruits on a wooden table inside a caravan

One thing you can do to dress up your RV is travel with a lightweight fruit bowl. This wooden bowl is beautiful, and once you arrive at your destination, you can pull it out and use it for fruit storage and decor.  The colors of the fruit and the wood grain make it a focal point on your RV table.

9. Hang A Wreath Inside Or Outside

Kitchen interior with different utensils in trailer. Camping vacation. Inside camper van. Camping in trailer, rv kitchen. Motor home with door open

Wreaths made of sticks and dried flowers are lightweight and long-lasting. That's why they make a perfect decor item for your RV. You can use command hooks or over-the-door wreath hangers to show them off, which won't harm your RV in any way. Choose colors that work with other touches you've chosen for a really beautiful look.

10. Use Bright Colors For Your Upholstery

A front-view shot of the interior of a cozy motor home

To liven up your interior, choose bright colors for your upholstered pieces. In this small RV, a bold orange poplin fabric has been used on the cushions. The cabinet lower doors have been painted a similar color, and in the upper part of the roof area, a corresponding patterned piece of fabric has been used as wallpaper to make it really pop. Take this idea for any color scheme or design preference.

11. Natural Woods Look Gorgeous In An RV

Living space of a young couple who live in a van. The sleeping area and bed are on the left. Underneath are cupboards and storage space.

This awesome van renovation is next-level. Beautiful tongue and groove siding has been used for the ceiling and walls. A corresponding butcher block was chosen for the kitchen counter area. The pale blue turquoise paint color and antique-feeling drawer pulls make this a really custom camper. The homey pillow and bedding are extra inviting in this fun RV interior.

12. And Outdoor Rug Defines Patio Space

If your camper has an awning, be sure and pack an outdoor rug when it's time to travel. An outdoor rug will create the sense of a patio and give definition to your outdoor living area. Here a rug has been chosen that works with the awnings. Bold red makes this RV patio setup fun and bright. Your camping neighbors will want to say hi for sure.

A 5' x 8' weather-resistant rug is a super handy design tool to use for your RV patio. Click here for this one on Amazon.

13. A Faux Fur Throw and Knit Pillows Add A Bit Of Natural Glam

Faux Fur Throw and Knit Pillows Add A Bit Of Natural Glam

If you want to feel like your camping in the north woods, why not add a luxurious and soft faux fur throw into your decor. Here, a subtle sand and tan wolf pelt blanket is paired with sand and tan knit pillows for a look that's both calming and wild. Who says an RV interior has to be utilitarian. As long as your decor is functional and not too bulky, it will be super in your RV.

14. Keep Some Decorative Battery Powered Lanterns Nearby

Scenic Evening in Front of Camper Van RV. Two Seats and Romantic Lanterns Light. Motorhome Camping

If you love to camp in remote spots, you can still illuminate in style. Battery-powered lanterns don't have to be boring. Here, beautiful lanterns glow on the patio area of an RV.

Click here for these on Amazon.

15. You Can Replace Stock Curtains With One's You Love

Seat and table inside the trailer. camper van interior. caravan trailer of large size, equipped with all necessary household appliances to ensure the comfort of the traveler

There's no rule that says you have to stick with the curtains that came with your RV. If you want something different that will dress up your style, then go for it. Curtains are an easy thing to use to really change the overall vibe of your camper's interior. 

16. Use Bright Accessories To Liven Up a Brown Interior

Bedroom Interior of Mobile Home. Bright Accessories To Liven Up a Brown Interior

Many RV's have some shade of earth-toned interior. If you're not a fan of brown and neutrals, you can use a few well-placed colorful accessories to change the mood of your RV's decor. Here, pink silk flowers are placed inside simple vases. There's no need for water, and the vases can be velcroed down or stowed away when traveling. Behind the bed, a couple of candles in red coordinate with the throw. These few simple touches make a big difference.

17. Make It Cute With Personalized Touches

Stylish room interior with comfortable bed and pillows in modern trailer. Camping vacation

Though you probably don't want to hang artwork framed in glass on the wall of a road-traveling RV, there's no reason why you can't hang a few pieces. In this cute RV bedroom, four decorative lightweight plaques are hung on the wall behind the bed. Light strings are used inside of the space to give it a magical feeling!

Have Fun With Design, Even Out On The Road

As you can see, RVs don't have to be sterile. In fact, the challenge of finding something awesome that will work in a traveling home adds to the appeal. 

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