Sage Green Throw Pillows [Pictures, Design Tips, and Shopping Links]

Sage Green Throw Pillows (Pictures, Design Tips and Shopping Links)Sage green has reinvented home décor by quickly dethroning major color palettes like gray and white to become the new mainstream. The new design style is compatible with virtually any theme, contemporary or otherwise. Despite adding new pops of color to your room, sage green offers a slightly neutral dimension to your room’s design layout.

Its greatest advantage is the ability to seamlessly integrate with nearly any interior design. Since sage green varies in saturation and lightness, it can be gray and earthly or silvery and cool, a versatile combination that gives you lots of creative play room. Another reason attributed to its success is the serene presence of sage green commands in a room. It’s the perfect contrast to the chaos of everyday life.

Sage green mimics the natural color of house plants and connects with people in virtually the same way, it has that psychological advantage many other colors lack. The subdued chalk-like finish adds a new layer of personality that cannot be matched by other traditional colors such as white or grey.

Subtlety is the new form of art and it is here to stay. At the helm of it is sage green, which is poised to become the new norm.


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Tip #1 Don't Be Afraid to Experiment with Strange Patterns

When it comes to room design, endless experimentation is the name of the game. Don't be afraid to use different colors and patterns to achieve unique results.

Tip #2 Add Warmth to Your Living Room with Greenery and Shrubbery


Green throw pillows inject a serene layer of peace to your room.  You can enhance this effect by using plants to complement the overall color scheme. The throw pillows help set the tone for the color scheme while the plants bring everything to full circle.

Tip #3 Adding Bits of Green to Complement the Dominant Whites

Although this room predominantly features neutral whites everywhere, it doesn’t hurt to introduce bits of sage green to inspire that earthly feel.

Sage Green Throw Pillows You Should Try

1. Set of 4 Throw Pillows by Emvency

This set of four throw pillows will add neutral tones with shades of green. Each pillow cover features different designs, ranging from floral murals to geometric patterns – giving you tons of flexibility since you can go bold or as neutral as you like. A good idea would be to experiment with each throw pillow and see which ones add the most value to your room.

Or you could arrange them all together for the best results. Both sides of the pillow cover are printed, which is a useful feature if you want to add more consistency to your room.

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2. Velvet Suede by the Modern Pillow

In order to maximize the potential of the sage green color, you should go for a bolder color palette so it can be paired with another neutral color. This sage green throw pillow should help you accomplish exactly that and more. Its velvet suede fabric will go a long way in making your skin feel extra comfortable as it brushes against the soft fabric of the throw pillow.

This product comes with a hidden zipper closure for easy installation and stays out of sight for better design consistency.

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3. Sage Green and White by Generic

Geometric patterns can add lots of charm to your living room. The sage green color can help create a spec that will instantly feel relaxing to you and your guests, while the pops of white serve as a strong contrast to the bold green, bringing the much-needed balance to even things out.

This throw pillow features a hidden zipper that makes it relatively easy to remove and add inserts. The yarn dyed fabric is easy to care for and extremely durable.

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4. Floral Sage Green Throw Pillow by Historic Charleston Collection

Lots of ornate embellishments with a constant, uniform sage green layout makes this throw pillow a unique addition to any room. The throw pillow cover is made with 100% that is stonewashed to provide it with a classic, vintage appearance. It is designed for long term use and can be machine washed as well.

You can buy this throw pillow in four different standard sizes with free shipping.

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5. Striped Damask Throw Pillow by La Mode Couture

Damask makes it easy to apply the gentle green hues and help transform your place to fit your needs. The masculine lines add more colors than most throw pillows on this list and are less imposing. Furthermore, the damask linen makes for a great upholstery option because of the way it feels on the skin and is extra durable.

You can buy this throw pillow in various sizes, ranging from 12 by 12 all the way to 36 by 36, giving you extra maneuverability in terms of design.

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6. Suede Throw Pillow by the Modern Pillow

This throw pillow will make the perfect addition to your living room if you’re looking to introduce a subtle pop of color to your interior without being needlessly excessive. The overall color palette will add a spa-like, peaceful feel to your living room.

Furthermore, this throw pillow is made with velvet suede fabric that is soft to the touch and highly durable. It also features a hidden zipper closure to easily add and remove throw pillows without sticking out like a sore thumb.

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7. Sage Green and Stripes by MUKPU

Sage green can be a powerful color in its own right, but if you want to diversify your room’s color palette, you can’t go wrong with choosing a striped design with widely contrasting colors. In this case, the two colors that bring about the much-needed diversity are the bits of orange, white, and slight tinges of brown in the middle.

It’s the perfect way to combine cool sage green color with warm tones for a visually striking effect. This throw pillow takes advantage of premium 65% cotton and 35% polyester blend to make your skin feel extra comfy while retaining durability for long term use.

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8. Sage Green Chevron Stripes

Add small doses of green by complementing it with bits of white in an alluring chevron striped pattern for extra design points. A good idea is to make use of this throw pillow in your living room since it is a space where you will spend the overwhelming majority of your time. This throw pillow is only available in 18 by 18 inches, perfect for small to medium sofas.

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10. Sage Green Grungy by Brawarm

Reinvent the look of your home with this potentially transformative sage green throw pillow, due to its grungy makeover, this accessory is bound to become the main feature of your living room. It features durable poly chenille fabric which is surprisingly comfortable to your skin while being highly durable to withstand wear and tear.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean this throw pillow by tossing it in your washing machine and calling it a day. Make sure to use cold water under gentle settings. You can but this throw pillow in four standard sizes with free shipping.

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11. Red Hot Sage Green

The embroidery on this throw pillow is rather unique, in that, it perfectly mimics the aftermath of a supernova, with waves of energy spiraling outwards from within a highly dense center. The bits of circular green represent this core, while the brown colors represent the outer layer that has been spewed into outer space. In other words, this throw pillow alludes to something that is burning hot.

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12. Sage Green Throw Pillow by Pakaku

This throw pillow has the perfect mix of blue and green, and it should overhaul your living room perfectly due to vibrant design them. Furthermore, its combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester makes it extremely comfortable to the skin and highly durable.

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