Samsung Dryer Not Starting – What To Do? 

A clothes dryer is an essential appliance in most homes, and if it isn't working, it can cause a mountain of inconvenience. Samsung offers top-notch washers and dryers that are guaranteed to be the best of the best. However, machines can still become faulty after a certain period of use. So what do you do if your Samsung dryer won't start? Can you repair it on your own? We've looked into the answer to these questions and discuss them here.

Common reasons why your Samsung dryer may not start include:

  • A Blown Fuse
  • A Broken Belt Switch
  • A Bad Drive Motor
  • A Faulty Dial Timer
  • Door Switch Issues
  • Power Issues
  • A Broken Drive Belt
  • Issues With The Control Board
  • A Bad Circuit Board

An opened laundry dryer with laundry scattered all over the room, Samsung Dryer Not Starting - What To Do? 

Common Reasons Your Samsung Dryer Is Not Starting

An opened laundry dryer with cloth sticking out of the dryer

If you are familiar with appliances, you may be able to repair the issue yourself. Sometimes appliance repair can require the simple replacement of an easily accessible part. Other times, it may require the expertise of a repair technician. Continue reading to learn more about the common reasons why Samsung dryer may not start and how to troubleshoot these issues.

A Blown Thermal Fuse

Sometimes the fuse on a dryer will simply go out, and Samsung dryers are no exception to the rule. If you notice that your electric dryer starts and stops sporadically or doesn't start at all, the chances are that there is an issue with the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse activates the dryer's heating element and allows the warm air to flow outside of the vent.

If the fuse blows, the electric dryer will no longer activate. You can use a multimeter to test the fuse if it is accessible. Replacing the fuse itself is fairly easy, but accessing it may be a bit more cumbersome if you are not familiar with appliance repair.

A Defective Start Switch

If the start switch becomes defective, it will also hinder the dryer's operation. If you notice that your Samsung dryer hums when you press the start button, as opposed to starting, chances are the start switch may be faulty. You can also use a multimeter to test for continuity of this part. If the switch doesn't have continuity, you'll need to replace it, as it cannot be repaired.

A Broken Belt Switch

It's not uncommon for the belt switch to break on a dryer. This happens through frequent use and general wear and tear over a period of years. Some Samsung dryers will have a small switch that powers the dryer off when the belt is broken; older models may not have the switch. If the switch is defective, it will shut off all power to the dryer, even if the belt isn't broken.

To determine if this is the issue. Start the dryer and listen for a slight humming sound. If you hear a humming noise when starting the dryer, this is a big indicator that the belt switch is fine that there is another issue going on with your dryer. You can also use a multimeter to test it for continuity.

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A Bad Drive Motor

Your dryer's drive motor is what turns the blower wheel and the drum to expel the hot air into the dryer. It's best to do exhaustive troubleshooting before replacing the drive motor. For example, you'll want to take a look at the start switch, thermal fuse, and door switch to make sure that they are all functioning properly before taking a look at the motor.

If the motor is making a humming sound, try removing the belt and check for obstructions on the blower wheel. If the wheel is fine, the motor may be faulty. More often than not, the motor cannot be fixed and will need to be replaced. It's best to have a technician replace your Samsung dryer motor unless you have advanced appliance skills.

A Faulty Dial Timer

Sometimes a faulty dial timer can also be the reason why the dryer won't start. You can use your multimeter to check the timer for continuity. To locate the dial timer, check your user's manual. It can be pretty challenging to reach the dial timer once you take the dryer apart, so you may need a service technician to test and repair this part for you.

Door Switch Issues

Door switch issues are a pretty common reason why a dryer may fail to start. The good thing is that they're also fairly easy to fix. Make sure that your dryer door clicks when closing. If it doesn't, the dryer is not completely closed, and in turn, it will not start. If the switch is defective, you won't hear it click when the dryer door closes. And if this is the case, you will need to replace the switch. You may be able to do it yourself if you are comfortable taking the dryer door apart.

A Broken Drive Belt

A broken dryer belt can cause the dryer drum to stop turning, and in some cases, the dryer won't start at all. This being said, some Samsung dryers have a power shut-off switch if the belt is broken. Open up the dryer and take a look at the dryer belt to determine if it is broken or worn out. If it is, replacing it is fairly simple, and you can usually find them online for about $25 to $30.

Issues With The Control Board

The control board is the brain of your dryer. It controls every function of the dryer and is responsible for ensuring that the dryer operates effectively. Over time, control boards, just like other components, can become faulty with frequent use. Though this is a rarity, it is definitely possible. If you find all of the other components on your Samsung dryer working properly, you may need to check the control board and have it tested for continuity.

You can take a look at your user's manual to locate the control board for your specific dryer model, though most of them are located on the backside of the dryer behind the exterior cover. Replacing a control board is pretty simple, and all you need is a screwdriver and a multimeter.

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Does a Samsung dryer have a reset button?

While many other dryer brands have reset buttons, Samsung dryers don't come with one. So if the fuse on your dryer blows out, you will need to replace it, as it isn't resettable. However, resetting your Samsung dryer is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is unplug the dryer or turn it off from the circuit breaker and wait for about five minutes for the charge to clear. Next, turn the dryer back on or flip the circuit breaker, and it should be reset.

Where is the thermal fuse located on a Samsung dryer?

The exact location of the thermal fuse depends on the Samsung dryer. However, they are typically located on the back of the appliance. To access them, use a screwdriver to remove the back cover of the dryer. Once you remove the panel, you should see the heater element assembly on the dryer's right side, mounted to the wall.

The thermal fuse is located inside the heater assembly. You will need to remove the brackets around the assembly and possibly a couple of sensors to pull the heater assembly out away from its brackets. Once you have the heater assembly removed, you can remove the fuse from it.

Do electricians fix dryers?

Generally, most electricians do fix and replace dryer components. If you have an electric dryer and cannot troubleshoot it on your own, you should be able to call a local electrician who has appliance repair knowledge to assist you. However, it is important to make sure that the electrician is competent in repairing the brand of appliance that you own.

What are the symbols on a Samsung dryer?

Most newer-model Samsung dryers come with LED icons to help illustrate the current setting on the dryer as well as troubleshoot diagnostic issues. Here are the most common ones:

A smiley face or a child's face

This icon represents the child lock. If it is on, it means that the child lock is on, and if it isn't, it means that the child lock is currently turned off.

An hourglass

An hourglass icon indicates that the Samsung dryer is running on a timed cycle. Depending on the model you have, you may see the remaining time left in the cycle.

A clock

The clock icon represents the delay start. This is when is the dryer is scheduled to start at a specific time.

A speaker with a mute sign

This symbol represents alerts and sounds from the dryer that can be turned on or off at your preference.

A grid-like shape and a brush 

A man cleaning the lint wrap of a dryer

This icon represents the filter, and it serves as a reminder to change the filter on the dryer. You should try to clean the lint filter after every dryer use.

Three t-shirts

If you see an icon with three t-shirts next to each other, the dryer is currently running. Different Samsung models will have different patterns for the t-shirts, however. You may see wavy lines in front of the T-shirts, an iron, or a cloud of steam next to them.

A pipe

A pipe icon on the dryer represents the vent check sensor. This means that it's time to clean the exhaust vent of your dryer. It's best to clean the exhaust fan of your dryer once every few months if you use it frequently.

Wrapping Things Up

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