15 Gorgeous Santa Fe Style Throw Pillows You Need To See

Whether you live in the south-west or you just want to recreate that fantastic New Mexico atmosphere, a couple of Santa Fe themed throw pillows could instantly transform your living room!

Also known as Mission style or Southwestern, the Santa Fe style of interior decorating is all about creating the pueblo adobe atmosphere inside the home. It does so by incorporating the red, orange and yellow colors of the New Mexico desert, with striking shades of blue and turquoise (the stones traditionally used by the Navajo people).

15 Gorgeous Santa Fe Style Throw Pillows You Need To See

In terms of pattern, traditional Navajo and Pueblo designs are key. These are gorgeous geometric designs, often arranged in rows. However, if you're looking to recreate great vacation memories from Santa Fe, you could also use motifs of chilly peppers or even an Indian dream catcher (we included these in our collection).


Ok, enough talking - let's take a look at these beautiful throw pillows!

1. Red and Teal Pillowcase by KIOAO

Expertly crafted throw pillow that features a Southwestern theme thanks to the rustic red, teal, and brown pattern. The design is a rough approximation of a color palette that results when two cultures merge, it does borrow heavily from Native Indian styles for best results. Both sides of the pillow are printed, to ensure consistency in case you flip the pillow over.

Durable cotton protects your pillow case from wear and tear. A hidden zip makes it easy to remove and install your pillow insert with minimal efforts. All in all, a good product.

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2. Santa Fe Pepper by CafePress

Now here’s a color scheme that perfectly sums up Mexican cuisine without going overboard with elaborate designs – a red chili. The white backdrop allows the red chili in the background to become even more prominent. A cool caption lets you display your love for Southwestern culture.  This pillow cover comes in two options, one with an insert included, and one with the cover only.

The cover case itself has five different color options for its layout, ranging from brown, orange, blue, green, and neutral. The material is soft to the touch and durable enough withstand rough use. It even comes with a hidden zipper to enhance the overall aesthetics.

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3. Set of 4 Throw Pillows by Emvency

If you’re inspired by Native Indian color palettes and want to bring these elements into your house, then this set of 4 throw pillows is exactly what you need. Featuring rustic geometric designs that perfectly represent Native Indian culture without going overboard. The best part is that both sides of the cover are printed to maximize its aesthetic appeal.

You can buy this throw pillow in three different sizes, ranging from 16 by 16, 18 by 18, and 20 by 20. The durable poly fabric material guarantees comfort and durability. There’s a hidden zipper for easy installation too!

Get this set of 4 throw pillows here.

4. Red Southwest Theme by Capsecoll

If you’re running out of ideas and don’t want to look far and wide to bring Southwestern interior design into your home, then this throw pillow definitely has you covered. The teal and yellow colors make authentic geometric designs that are very inviting due to their ethnic overtones. A red backsplash instantly greets the eye, making a great first impression on guest.

The set of 2 throw pillow covers are available in four different sizes, ranging, make sure you get the right size before ordering. The fabric is made out of an extremely durable polyester fabric that the best of comfort.

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5. Southwest Canyons by WEINIYA

Southwestern interior designs make heavy use of both metal and wood in great detail, which just so happens to be this cover’s theme. The backdrop of rusty red-brown hues looks attractive enough to help you spruce your room up. Geometric patterns on the center do look a little out of place, but shouldn’t detract from the overall experience.

Do keep in mind that only one side of the throw pillow cover is printed.  There are eight different size ranges to choose from, including the massive 20” by 36” which should look overkill. A blend of 65% cotton with 35% polyester makes the fabric feel extra soft to the skin and durable. In case you’re wondering, this throw pillow is fairly low maintenance and can be machine washed.

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6. Throw Pillow Case by Ahawso

This is a brown Santa Fe-patterned throw pillow with unique embroidery to evoke rustic Southwestern vibes. A healthy mix of yellow with brown colors should give you creative powers to spruce up your room with minimal effort. Despite being small and, the rustic design elements will draw attention from guests.

Both sides of the cover are printed for a more convincing pattern. There are three different sizes available to choose from, including 16 by 16, 18 by 18, and 20 by 20. The high quality short-pile velvet fabric maximizes comfort without sacrificing durability. A hidden zipper makes it easy to install and remove inserts with ease.

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7. Southwestern Throw Pillow Cover by Mission Del Ray

This set of two throw pillows reminds you of the rustic old Native American style from yesteryears. It heavily features chevron patterns complemented with geometric embroidery. There are plenty of colors on the covers, which should look great in most bedrooms and living rooms. The front portion of the throw pillow is handcrafted while the back has neutral colors.

If you want a western theme, you won’t go wrong with this throw pillow.

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8. Kokopelli Southwestern Tapestry by Simply Home

A gorgeous and bold print with lots of decorative tapestries that imbue your room with that rustic Western feel. The colors seen on this magnificent throw pillow are made using high quality ink that doesn’t fade when stress is applied.

Furthermore, the front features 60% cotton and 40% polyester fabric, the back has a 70%/30% blend of polyester and cotton respectively. This will become more evidently clear you run you hand across either side. All in all, this throw pillow will complete your living room with its high quality Native American theme.

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9. Mudcloth Inspired Pillow by Rivet

Mudcloth patterns were a mainstay theme of Native American tribal traditions. Symbolic designs were hand painted using dyes, bleach, and sticks to convey different ideas and stories. This throw pillow merges those patterns with a more contemporary, global design. The material is a blend of polyester and cotton fur extra durability.

This should feel extra soft and comfortable to the skin. The product also comes with its own stuffing made with 100% cotton.

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10. Southwest Native Pillow Cover by Embency

This gorgeous Native Southwest pillow case features ethnic-inspired motif in shades of green, yellow, teal, brown, and black. For people with keen eyesight, there’s also a bow and arrow on the print. The upholstery is made with soft-pile velvet that is extremely soft to the touch.

Maintenance with this throw pillow is relatively simple. You can machine wash the cover, just make sure to use cold water separately, under a gentle cycle, and no bleach.  This throw pillow can be bought in three different sizes.

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11. Cimmaron Pillow by Casrstens

This is an authentic throw pillow case with a rustic southwestern style pattern featuring red and chocolate colors.  Its fabric is plush, soft, and extremely durable thanks to its 100% polyester fabric. A hidden zipper makes simplifies the process of installing and removing pillow inserts. The intricate pattern should give your room a more inviting, Southwestern vibe.

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12. Southeastern Navajo Print by Capsceoll

This throw pillow cover borrows heavily from Native American art and culture, utilizing chic geometric patterns that look gorgeous without going too over the top thanks to the neutral backsplash. This throw pillow will act as the ideal statement piece to your living room due to the vibrant theme.

The cover itself is very durable and lightweight, although it won’t stand a chance if you apply high temperature ironing to the fabric. Both sides of the throw pillow are printed with bright colors to make your room look extra appealing.

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13. Wool Throw Pillow by Mission Del Rey

This tribal wool throw pillow features shades of grey complemented by geometric patterns in different colors that include red, teal, and orange. The fabric is hand woven using 100% wool, which explains the rich texture with its knife-edge details. A Velcro closure makes it extremely easy to install and remove the pillow case.

The throw pillow is available in set of 2. The wool feels extra soft to the skin and should instantly help you sleep.

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14. Western Embroidered Throw Pillow by HiEnd Accents

This is a special accent pillow that features a beautiful star embroidered with geometric precision towards the center. Making its design look more authentic are the stud spikes which complete the southwestern theme the artist was aspiring for. The pillow case is made with 100% polyester to maximize durability and comfort.

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15. Southwestern Woven Pillow Covers by Mission Del Rey

Old Native American tribes revered colors and considered geometric patterns in high regard, which explains why they used them throughout the years. The blue green and turquoise colors represent different elements of the earth, including the sky and desert. This throw pillow cover authentically recreates those old patterns and lets you bring them into your abode.

The acrylic fabric is extra soft to touch and fairly durable for longevity. This throw pillow is available in only one size: 18” by 18”.

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We hope you liked this curated collection of Santa Fe throw pillows!

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