Why Isn’t My Schlage Turn Lock Feature Working [ How To Fix]

Are you here to find a solution because your Schlage Turn Lock feature is not working all of a sudden? Don't worry, we'll help you fix it. We researched the possible reasons behind this and how you can enable this feature in your Schlage lock again. Here it goes.

Your Schlage Turn Lock feature isn't working because of the following reasons:

  • the turn lock feature isn't enabled
  • the battery is running low or dead
  • the lock may be damaged
  • the lock wasn't installed properly. 

To enable this feature, you need to activate it on the keypad, replace the battery with a new one, or have the lock repaired, replaced, or reinstalled. 

Keep on reading to learn more about what's causing your turn lock feature to malfunction and what you can do in each situation to resolve the problem. We'll also teach you how to reset a Schlage door lock and how you can open it when the battery is dead. Let's get down to business!

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Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working? A Troubleshooting Guide 

Schlage is a trusted brand when it comes to door locks and hardware. They offer keyless electronic and smart locks that make keeping your home secured so convenient. 

Schlage locks make it difficult for intruders to bypass your home security, therefore, enhancing your home's protection. The keypads work with a deadbolt that increases the amount of security on your door. 

If you have a Schlage lock, you don't have to worry about forgetting your keys each time you leave the house. Just enter your user code, and you can open the door. No keys, no worries!

To lock the door from the outside, push the Schlage button and turn the thumb turn towards the door jamb. You will hear a click from the inside telling you that the deadbolt is already in place. It's that simple. The lock is already engaged

That is if your turn lock feature is enabled. This is an outstanding attribute of your Schlage lock that allows you to lock and leave your house effortlessly. 

You can enjoy this turn lock feature as soon as you start using your Schlage lock because it is activated by default. That's why it is pretty baffling when you can't use it all of a sudden. 

That's why we present to you now the possible reasons why your Schlage turn lock feature isn't working and their corresponding solutions.

Disabled Turn Lock Feature 

You might have unintentionally disabled this feature in your lock as you were programming it. You can enable it again by following these steps.

How to Enable the Turn Lock Feature

  1. Input your Programming Code. The LED indicator should flash three times and then beep three times after, indicating that it's ready for programming.
  2. Press the Schlage button and the number "7" on the keypad. Wait for the LED indicator to flash a green light and beep once. This should enable the Turn Lock feature.
  3. To test, lock your Schlage lock from the outside. You should be able to lock your deadbolt even if you don't input your user code.

Batteries Running Low or Dead 

Your Schlage lock is powered using a battery. It usually comes with a 3-year lifespan as it doesn't consume too much energy.

When your battery is running low, you will receive notifications on your device that you need to have your batteries replaced. Or you will also notice that your LED indicator keeps flashing red even when you're not using your lock. When the battery reaches a critically low level, your lock won't work even if you enter your user code.

How to Replace the Battery on your Schlage Lock

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  1. Remove the mounting screws in your inside assembly unit to open the battery case.
  2. Take out the old battery and replace it with a new one. Use only premium batteries so that you can be confident that they'll last a long time. Different models may require different battery types, so check with your particular unit.  
  3. Arrange the battery connector in its place.
  4. Reinstall the inside assembly unit.

Check out these 9V alkaline batteries on Amazon.

There's no need to reprogram your lock. It will retain your program settings once the new battery is in place.

Here's a video presentation of how to change the batteries on a Schlage lock.

Damaged Parts

There is also the possibility that your Schlage lock is damaged, that's why it won't turn. There are also rare cases of corrosion, especially in areas where there's a high level of salt in the air.

Damaged parts can affect the function and performance of your keyless lock. It can prevent the lock from turning, which is why your turn lock feature won't work.

Check with the manufacturer's customer service because they offer a product warranty. They can repair or replace your lock depending on its condition.

Poor Installation

You press your user code, and the LED indicator flashes green, signaling you can enter, but the door is still locked. There could be some problem with the connection when the lock was installed. Remove the Schlage door lock and install it properly. If it still won't work, you may contact Schlage for support to have your lock working in proper order.

Unsupported Feature

Not all Schlage keypad locks come with this feature. For first-time users, check your manual for the product information, or you can also look at the website for the particular model that you have to determine if it comes with this "lock and leave" attribute.

These are the reasons why you can't use the turn lock feature. Follow the recommended fixes so that you can enjoy a smooth keyless experience day in and day out.

How do you reset a Schlage door lock?

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When using electronic devices, system glitches are inevitable. But don't panic because sometimes all it takes is for you to reset your door lock. Resetting the lock will help stabilize the electrical connections so you can have your Schlage lock back in good working condition.

How to reset a Schlage keypad lock:

  1. Open the battery cover and remove the batteries.
  2. Press the Schlage button once.
  3. Wait for about 10 seconds before you put the batteries and battery cover back.
  4. Make a long press on the Schlage button until a green light flashes, and you hear a beep. This signals that your door lock has been reset.

That's it! Now you just need to reprogram your lock and it should work just fine.

How do you open a dead Schlage keypad?

But what do you do when the battery is critically low or goes dead, and you can't use your electronic lock?

This is easy enough if your Schlage lock comes with an emergency lock or manual key override. You can use this to gain access to your house. Here's how.

Key Override

  1. Just insert the emergency key in the cylinder outside the door lock. 
  2. Turn the key 90 degrees toward the door hinges.
  3. Push the key and cylinder into the thumb turn as you turn it to its original position. This should unlock your door.

Here's a video of a key override for your reference.

However, not all locks come with these override systems for emergencies. If this is the case for you, there's still a way for you to open the lock.

Unlocking a Schlage Lock with a Dead Battery and No Key 

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You can jumpstart the lock so you can open the door. But this only works if your lock's model uses a 9V alkaline battery. Here's how to do it. 

  1. Position the 9V battery at the contact points. These are usually located below the keypad or touchscreen.
  2. Press the battery at the exact location of the lock's contact points.
  3. Wait for the Schlage LED indicator to flash red and green lights. You will also hear three beeps.
  4. Now that you have powered the lock, you can enter your user code. 
  5. Rotate the thumb turn to open the door.

Now, you can put the new battery in the inside assembly unit so that you can enjoy all the features of your Schlage lock again. Take note also that it won't automatically lock itself unless the battery has been replaced.

Final Thoughts

Closeup of a woman's finger entering password code on the smart digital touch screen keypad entry door lock in front of the room. Self Check-in, Modern security,Temporary codes.

Use this troubleshooting guide to help you diagnose why your turn lock feature won't work and do the recommended fixes so you can enjoy the benefits of Schlage's turn lock feature and have a smooth keyless experience. 

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