17 Amazing Screen Door Ideas

Your home's value is heavily impacted by the exterior facade, which is why most HOAs are sticklers for a well-groomed house exterior. We all know about the luxury of having freshly cleaned siding and perfectly manicured roof shingles. However, there's more to the front of your house than siding and shingles. Your doors matter, too. 

One of the most overlooked parts of a home is the screen door (or storm door, in some cases). This just shouldn't be! Screen doors can act as a statement piece to the look of your home. If you're looking for a new screen door, check out these 17 gorgeous ways people have drawn them up.

A luxurious beach house with screen doors and glass windows, 17 Amazing Screen Door Ideas

1. Midcentury Modern

Beautiful modern luxury home exterior at sunset

It is so hard to find a home that does the midcentury modern look well, but this one would be a good example of what it takes. The entire home has a boxy, dark trim around it that contrasts with the cream and stone fittings of the home. Guess what this homeowner did with their screen door? Yep, they made it match. 

Boxy can be good. Making the screen door and garage door match is what made this look so impeccable. You may need a professional to install a screen door like this, but it's worth the money.

2. Barely There Coastal

Luxurious beach house with glass windows

This might not be the front of the house, but it still features a really chic way to add screen doors to your home. Here, the screen doors are flush with the full-sized windows. You can barely tell where the doors are. Obviously, you will need to use sliding screen doors for this look to work. 

The access they offer for the home's patio make it a great pick. Since it's fenced in and above ground, it's way more secure, too. To give your home a more breezy look nearby, add a potted palm tree.

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3. Lighthouse Views

Home with white walls and red roof with lighthouse

In many homes, people try to make the screen door blend in with the rest of their home, often to the point of it being unnoticeable. This might first seem like the case here, but it's not. Rather, what they did was coordinate the color to the rest of the house, but kept a screen door that had a noticeable architecture. 

This gives this lighthouse a very seafaring, old world look to it. You can almost feel the history in this venue as a result.

4. In The Bucket

[PIN id="4644405853749238" size="large"] [/PIN]

This idea came from This Old House and we're in love with it. Proving once again that screen doors can be a great statement-setter. Rather than turn attention away from the door, this designer decided to add decorations to it. To give their home a cozy, country vibe, the designers hung a bucket with some faux flowers right at the center of the door. 

This quick-fix can help make a worn screen door look loved again. You can hang a bucket using a hook and a Command strip. 

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5. Cool Cabin Contrast

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Do you have a home that has some unique trim colors like red or green? If so, then this is a great look for you. A great way to make your home's color scheme pop is to paint your screen door one of the colors of your trim. This is particularly powerful if the trim that you're working with are contrasting colors, like red and green. It's bold, often to the point that your home will stand out in a crowd. 

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6. Monogrammed Material

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There are few things that offer as much of a sense of personalization as monogramming. If you are proud of having your home be yours, then you might as well display it loud and proud. This door trend might involve a little DIY work for many people, but the truth is that it's well worth the effort. 

A monogram at the center of your screen door's main bar will look lovely, no matter what type of architecture you have. 

7. The Double Door Look

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When most people think of double screen doors, they think of sliding screen doors or pivoting doors. This is usually the most common way to do it. Here, we see screen doors take a French door concept and make it their own. It's elegant and makes perfect sense. Yet, it's so unusual to see, people are bound to compliment it from time to time.

Interestingly enough, this double door has a single storm door that leads to the home's interior. So while it adds a little privacy and security, the layered look is more aesthetic than anything.

8. Trim It

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Refreshing a screen door's look isn't always easy. If you're handy with paint and carpentry, though, you might be able to embellish your screen door with wooden cutouts. This designer made a cool statement by accenting the corners with a floral wooden cutout painted black. It's amazing what a little wood glue and paint can do, isn't it?

There are several ways to do this. If you're not used to altering your own doors, you should consider getting a handyman for it. 

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9. Not Just For Front Doors Anymore!

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Though screen doors are most commonly found on front doors and back doors, there are other places that you can use them on your home's exterior. If you are a DIYer who does a lot of work in your garage, you already know how hard it can be to get proper ventilation without dealing with mosquitoes in the summer. There is a solution here: magnetic garage screen doors.

These doors click into place using magnets and keep airflow up. When you're done working or just want the screen gone, you remove the entire door. It's as easy as pie. 

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10. Not Just For Exteriors...

[PIN id="140806227908545" size="large"] [/PIN]

The country-chic look of a weathered screen door is a shoo-in for a cabin, but that doesn't mean that you have to stick to using them on your home's exterior. This crafty designer created an amazing screen door that was a perfect fit for a small pantry. This gives the kitchen a more rustic feeling, all while increasing visibility so that you can see what you have available in your pantry. 

While this pantry is pretty petite for a door, the owner made it work. Thankfully, most closets have much wider doors, and finding a screen door won't be too hard.

11. Branching Out

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If there's one trend that's becoming increasingly popular among DIY fans, it's getting a screen door that has some customized woodwork in the mix. The person behind this screen door made a particularly impressive work of art, using real wood to create a tree sculpture as a part of the screen door. 

This specific design is not for newbies to try, but similar concepts might be. It's food for thought, especially if you're a fan of impressive homes. 

12. Frame Your Sliding Screens

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Sliding screen doors are a pretty gorgeous statement in and of themselves. One designer got crafty and added some dark wood supports with an arch to give this a uniquely churchlike vibe. Since the screen doors open from the inside, it doesn't interfere with the door functions but works as an unusual style accent. 

Admittedly, you have to have the right type of home to pull off this look adequately. It's best done with cabins, chalets, or European cottages. 

13. Add A Decal

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Decals have been used on walls, on cars, and now, they're making their way to screen doors. Screen door decals are gaining popularity because they are elegant, durable, and also surprisingly easy to apply. This white decal shows the number of the house right on the door in a stylish way. But, you don't need to stick to home numbers if you don't want to. The sky's the limit.

Currently, the internet is getting filled to the brim with different decals. You're bound to find some you'll adore. 

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14. Pet-Friendly

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When Fido needs to go to the bathroom, you usually have to make sure that you're home so that you can let him out. Thankfully, having the right screen door can make this issue less of a problem. This screen door comes pre-built with a pet door that's the right size for a small dog or cat. 

How good of an idea this is all depends on the neighborhood you live in. If you are in a high-crime area, adding a pet door might not be a good choice.

15. A Custom Cabinet

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If you are updating your screen door for your home, you will probably be left with an extra door. If this is the case, you don't need to throw it out. You can use it to upcycle an old cabinet. The artisan here created a new door for an old cabinet by attaching it to the cabinet's interiors, then painted the entire fixture the coloring of their choice. 

A little woodworking prowess and a lot of paint can do wonders here. This is especially true if you're artistic and want to paint some designs on said cabinet.

16. A Classic Wreath

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Walk through any Midwestern town in the fall, and chances are that you'll find autumn wreaths hung up on almost every door. While this is typically done with the main door, there is nothing stopping you from trying this classic look on a screen door. Wreaths work for the spring, fall, and winter. All you have to do is change the wreath according to the season. 

As long as you have a screen door that has some sort of wooden support in the middle, you should be able to hang it up with almost no problem whatsoever.

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17. A Pop Of Pink

[PIN id="3166662226604720" size="large"] [/PIN]

Sometimes, the best way to turn your screen door into a major statement for your home is to choose a color that most would shy away from. For example, most people would never think to paint their screen door pink. Yet, this baby pink screen door oozes a vibe of sweetness, comfort, and gentle country charm. 

While pink might not work with every home, it's definitely food for thought. Adding extra color to your world doesn't have to be a bad thing, after all. 

In Closing

Don't overlook the addition of a screen door to your home. Whether it's on the front of the house, attached to the garage, or even found its way into the house, there are many uses for this type of door. 

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