21 Great Screened Lanai Ideas

Enjoy the outdoors all summer long with a screened lanai! With such a vast space to fill out, you might not know which way to go in terms of design. We've put together a great visual list of 21 lanai ideas to spark your creativity!

When starting your designing journey, think about who will be using the lanai. Is it going to be a family space or a private getaway? Lanais are essentially the indoors brought outside since they're screened in and have a covering. It is typical for these spaces to have a concrete floor and have glass sliding doors leading into your home.

To imagine a lanai, think of a patio. Now add concrete instead of tiles, and screen it in. Ta-da! A lanai is born, giving you a natural breeze and lots of sunlight. You'll be able to keep out bugs, leaves, and other debris with the screen protecting the space.

A huge stucco walled lanai with metal dining chairs and a small pool near the window, 21 Great Screened Lanai Ideas

Summer every day

There's no better way to enjoy summer than with cool water and shade. These six designs will be sure to make you dream of sun-soaked afternoons. Whether you'd like the beach or something a little more unique, there's a style for you!

1. Pool

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Luxurious screen lanai design with beautiful tile flooring and a small pool with a jacuzzi on the side

Luxury right through your side door! A big pool with an attached hot tub will make your lanai the spot to be. Add in a fireplace with plenty of lounging chairs, expect people to want to watch the game at your place. Make the most of your space with multiple tables and different types of outdoor furniture.

2. Beach

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Rustic inspired lanai with a scenic view of the beach

Location, location, location! In this seaside lanai, you can add in smaller high tops to give you an optimal view of the ocean and sunsets. You'll be able to store bikes safely and air dry towels. Add some found seashells and candles for a special touch.

3. Tropical

Beautiful lounge chairs with white foam next to a pool

All about the plants. Take a dense corner of your lanai and make it your own tropical getaway. Here you can see there is a beautifully patterned pot with an exotic orchid on time. You'll always be able to switch out throw pillows whenever you feel the need to spice things up.

4. Skip the sand

Two rattan lounge chairs on the side of a large pool

Love the water but not all the sand? No worries! With a large shallow ledge in your pool, add a lounge chair or two with a side table. Now you'll be able to enjoy putting your feet into the water while sipping on your favorite beverage. It's an awesome plus too that you can easily go inside when it looks like your shoulders got a little too much sun!

5. Sun Soaked

Luxurious interior of a screen pool housing with a small pool on the middle next to a large lake

It's time to soak up the sun to its fullest. Limit the amount of furniture you put out to allow more walking space and large spots to lie out. You can also use this space to do yoga with the rising sun and closely watch anyone in the pool. Patio furniture that isn't often used can be stored in one corner to keep the area looking tidy.

6. Colorful

Bring out the accents! Candles, throw pillows, towels, cushions, and so much more. Add in throw rugs to mix up the concrete surfaces and really pop out your outdoor furniture. Side tables don't need to match the outdoor furniture either! Bring out the bright reds, greens, yellows and top them with a complimentary colored flower.

All about the views

Even if you don't have a pool, you can still make the most of your lanai with the view. One of the best parts of having a lanai screened in is that you can sit out in the evening without worrying about mosquitos and other bugs flying out. In the colder weather, it's a nice midway spot to bring out the hot cocoa and fleece blankets.

7. Country Club

A scenic view of a wide plane with palm trees from the lanai

Being next to the golf course lets you see clean and manicured grass for miles. To make the space your own, add in a glass table with textile chairs for breathability. Since you'll be enjoying glasses of tea out in your lanai, put down some placemats to keep the glass surface clean. Also, centerpieces never hurt! Add in some personal touches with a unique vase and flowers.

8. Outdoor dining

A huge stucco walled lanai with metal dining chairs and a small pool near the window

Let's have dinner outside tonight! Nothing beats having a nice meal with a sunny breeze. You can break out your colorful dining sets for an added flair. For warmer evenings, consider installing a ceiling fan to keep the air flowing.

9. Rustic

A screen porch design with wooden and rattan chairs

On this rustic lanai, there's a mixture of glass and screened-in windows. There's a tasteful combination of different styled furniture plus a western patterned table runner. Since there are screens and a large space, a small fireplace can be added to utilize the room in winter.

10. Brick and Wood

Rattan chairs with red foam in a Rustic wooden inspired lanai

This room is a nostalgic taste of visiting your grandparents out at their farm. Red brick with a bold choice of polished wood instead of concrete will make this room stand out. Instead of centering your furniture around a TV, make this a family gathering space to share stories over the fire. Plus, you'll be able to put more focus on appreciating the surrounding environment.  

11. Enjoy the view

When you want to keep the emphasis on the view, keep your decor simple. A small table with two chairs and comfortable cushions will let you stay in touch with nature. For outdoor lighting that isn't too harsh, add a candle or string lights. This way, you'll still be able to see the stars!


Lanais originated in Hawaii, the ultimate relaxation spot. Bring that calm aura into your own home with these ideas. Relaxation can be anything from a quiet spot to yourself to sharing it with someone special.

12. Coffee Spot

A spacious screen lanai with wooden framing and metal chairs on the side

That first sip feeling enjoyed in the comfort of your lanai. A neutral grey-colored wall with white window trims helps the concrete grey into a calm sea instead of a hard surface. Add in a couch with plush cushions to stay there for a few cups. 

13. Reading Nook

A wooden swinging lounge chair on the lanai of a huge mansion

In this smaller lanai, a hammock has been added to make the most of the space. With soft Christmas lights hung, you'll be able to bring out a book whenever the mood strikes. You can also decorate with a windchime and little knick-knacks for the window ledges. 

14. Cozy Corner

Warm lights and soft furnishings. In this lanai, it's designed like a deep breath. Rocking chairs, large outdoor views, and minimalist decore take away the never-ending supply of images you see daily. Of course, you can add in a splash of your own style with the designed candle holders and candle scents.

15. Romantic

While traditional lanais are built with screens, you can always add hanging ones to existing coverings. With the addition of screen settings, you'll be able to add privacy to your special evenings with others. As you can see in this design, multiple candles have been set out alongside the dreamy hanging light. 

16. Green House

Let your green thumb take the show with lush plants in your lanai. Plenty of plotted plants contribute a freshness to the room and let you partake in gardening without the hard work. This lanai added plenty of comfort with multiple throw pillows and a large area rug. 

Bringing everyone together

It can be hard to gather the family together for quality time. By making your lanai a space for everyone, you won't have to worry about that. Include a minibar, snacks, and games to cover all your bases.

17. Family

A beautiful screen lanai design with a huge pool and paired with beautiful landscaping on the back

The whole family's favorite spot to be. With a covered pool and calming rock garden to the side, expect to see a few belly flops! Pool floats and plenty of seating will be needed for your gatherings, and it's always a good idea to keep extra on hand for when friends pop in for a surprise visit!

18. Game Time

During football, soccer, and basketball season, sports restaurants can be overcrowded. Bring the game to your own home with a TV in your lanai. Here we see a large table to put take-out wings on and a coffee table for any size chips. A tip, keep table decor low to avoid any broken items during celebrations!

19. Night of Lights

One of the best parts of screened lanais? You can use them at night too! Bring the nightlife to your backyard with LED lights that can change different colors. A great modification to consider would be to have small water fountains and lights on their base for colorful streams.

20. Grill Spot

Contemporary inspired lanai with gray chairs on the screen designed lanai and a large pool on the side

Grills are game-changers. With a grill on the lanai, you'll be able to fire up anything at a moment's notice. There's a large table with several chairs in this home to make space for the whole gang. Another addition to think about would be a pool fence in case you have little ones running around.

21. Away from Tech

So much of your time can be spent on the computer, and it's harder to connect with those closest to you. Make your lanai a space where the conversation is all you'll need to be entertained. Multiple-sized chairs and side tables will allow your guest to feel comfortable while appreciate being with you in person.

As you can see

Lanais are an extension of your home. These rooms create a space of welcoming and friendship. You'll be able to design your screened lanai in several ways to accommodate the size and who all will be using it. Now it's time to take a good look at your space and envision the perfect hang-out spot!

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