Seashell Bathroom Accessories That Will Bring The Ocean Into Your Home

Bring the magic of the seashore and the beach home with a menagerie of seashell bathroom accessories. The sea has the natural power to calm and cleanse, so adding attractive and beautiful accessories including seashells can do the same. Typically, many accessories come in cooler colors, pastel or jewel-tone shades of blue, green, cream, beige, or vibrant hues. Bathroom accessories with a seashell-theme pair well with mason jars, open storage, candles, and soft romantic lighting. Let yourself have fun and explore all of your available options; seashells are a popular theme in home decor and offer a lot of flexibility.

You can easily transform the look and feel of your bathroom by selecting seashell-themed accessories for your shower, toilet, and surrounding the sink. Give your seashell-themed bathroom accessories a boost by displaying natural seashells openly or in sophisticated shadow boxes. If you are lucky enough to live close to a beach or the ocean, feel free to scoop up your own seashells to adorn your home. Instantly feel a greater sense of calm and induce a state of relaxation with seashell-themed accessories made from ceramics, glass, stone, and actual shells.

Seashell Bathroom Accessories That Will Bring The Ocean Into Your Home

Give Your Home a Touch of the Seaside

Without further ado, we would love to present a selection of accessories featuring seashells for your bathroom. Seashells are a wonderful subject to embellish otherwise ordinary household items. If you were unsure of how to get started, we have a list of curated items worth gushing over. When you want to bring the peaceful and stress-reducing power of the beach to you, feel inspired by seashell accessories.

Seashell-themed Toothbrush Holders and Soap Dishes Sets

Enliven your bathroom with toothbrush holders and soap dishes featuring seashells. Kids and adults both enjoy a more exciting bathroom when they need to brush their teeth or wash their hands.

India Ink Seaside Serenity Toothbrush Holder Coastal/Beach from Zenna Home

Store your toothbrushes in this attractive resin container featuring carved shell designs and wood details. Place this toothbrush holder on your sink counter and enjoy a touch of the summer sun and the seashore. The front panel features a nautilus shell and starfish on the front, and maintenance is easy, simply wipe the holder with a damp cloth. There is a host of accessories from Zenna Home featuring seashell-themed items for your bathroom.

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Beach Cottage Soap Dish from Zenna Home

Lather up and keep your soap in this charming seashell-shaped soap dish made from resin. The soap dish is accented by a sparkling silver starfish, and it has a pearlized finish. Pair this soap dish with the toothbrush holder from Zenna Home and other seashell-themed accessories for your bathroom.

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Premium Abalone Shell with Natural Wooden Stand by Alternative Imagination

Invite nature and the power of the seas inside your home with this lovely and natural abalone shell soap dish. Each abalone shell dish is slightly different in size and shape, but it is the perfect place to keep your soap or precious items in your bathroom.

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Seashell-themed Shower Rugs

After a relaxing shower, treat your feet to a memorable experience with a plush and decorative seashell-themed rug. Shower rugs offer an extra boost of comfort, compared to drying off on a terry towel on the floor.

Ambesonne Starfish Bath Mat

Feel like you just stepped out of the water and onto a sandy beach with this colorful and tropical-inspired bath mat. Bathroom decor will never be the same with this bath mat, which features an assortment of seashells and waves of sand. Selecting this bath mat is perfect for the tub or shower because it is plush, water-resistant, has an anti-slip backing, and it dries quickly.

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Teal Non-Slip Bath Mat With Seashell Print

Enjoy a bath mat that is soft, absorbent, and features a unique wood grain pattern in teal peppered with seashells. Pair this colorful and vibrant seashell-themed bath mat with similar accessories. Maintenance is a breeze since this bath mat can be thrown in the washing machine.

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Seashell-themed Shower Curtains

Investing in a quality shower curtain is essential for any shower or bathtub to keep water out and hide away unsightly bathtub rings. Shower curtains featuring seashells is not only trending for bathrooms, but it adds a nice touch of whimsy and color. It is easy to find shower curtains made in polyester and fabric featuring high-quality printed images of seashells.

Beach Shower Curtain Set by ABxinyoule

Decorate your bathroom with this polyester fabric shower curtain that is machine washable and waterproof, so you can skip installing a shower curtain liner if you wish. Give yourself plenty of privacy and embellish your shower with a durable curtain measuring 72 by 69 inches and featuring 12 grommets for hooks. The front of this shower curtain features a conch shell, surrounded by netting and starfish.

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Beach Starfish Shower Curtain by Sylbapestry

Shower in style with this polyester shower curtain featuring a digitally printed image of a beach, seashells, and starfish. The curtain is machine washable and comes with 12 rust-resistant grommets.

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Multi-Colored Sea Star and Seashell Shower Curtain

If you are looking for a shower curtain that has a calm and cool look, this shower curtain features ivory, tan, and blue notes of color. Enjoy looking at a shower curtain made from waterproof polyester, featuring a repeating pattern of coral, starfish, clamshells, and seahorses.

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Seashell-themed Shower Curtain Rings

Why settle for plain shower curtain rings when your bathroom could use an uplift with seashell-themed rings instead. Add a touch of bohemian style and natural chic with shower curtain rings featuring resin seashells, clamshells, and starfish.

Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks by Carnation

Adorn a shower curtain featuring seashells and beach themes with a 12 piece set of shower curtain hooks. The handpainted shells featured prominently on these hooks are well-made, have high attention to detail, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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Juvale Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks

Give your bathroom a touch of the deep sea, but still offers a clean and sophisticated look. Juvale offers a 12 piece shower curtain hook set featuring a seahorse, starfish, and clamshell design on a stainless steel hook. All of the pieces are in a neutral white color and pair well with most nautical-inspired shower curtains, bath mats, and similar accessories.

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Seashell-themed Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders typically have a bland, utilitarian feel. Show off your personality and your love for nature with seashell-themed toilet paper holders. Lighten up the mood in your bathroom when nature calls with a classy toilet paper holder.

Park Designs Starfish Toilet Tissue Holder

Change up the look of your bathroom and how you store your toilet paper with this easy-to-mount holder. The durable iron holder features a charming starfish with a vintage look and white paint. Slide your toilet paper roll on in a cinch and enjoy home decor that's been kissed by the sea.

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Rustic Blue Cast Iron Shell Toilet Paper Holder

Decorate the space around your toilet with this cast iron toilet paper holder in a fanciful light blue color. The holder features a shell with detail, and it is fully functional and decorative. Your toilet paper roll easily slips on or off on the rod, and this holder has pre-set holes for mounting on the wall.

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Seashell-themed Towel Hooks

Bring the magic of seashells and the ocean home with a dramatic towel hook featuring beautiful imagery. Upgrade your bathroom immediately when you install a seashell-themed towel hook featuring clamshells, starfish, sand dollars, and soft tones of white and blue.

Beach-Style Starfish, Seagull & Seashells Wood Wall Rack

Embrace your inner sailor and show your love for all things seaside with this eclectic wooden rack with three hooks for towels, bathrobes, or other bathroom accessories. The wooden rack is decorated by hand featuring a piece of rope, a prominent starfish, a seagull, and smaller shells.

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Park Designs Starfish Ring Hook

Decorate your bathroom with a simple and clean ring design to hang your towel. Readily mount this clever and neutral-colored ring hook featuring a starfish on your wall, and bring the charm and magic of the sea to your bathroom. The hook is constructed from iron and has plenty of room to allow your towel to dry between uses.

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Sea Treasures Wall Hooks

Bring the tranquility of the sea to your bathroom with these antique, weathered-looking hangers for your towels, loofah, or bathrobe. The wall hooks are made from heavy cast iron and have a distressed paint job which gives it character and allure. The three-piece set features a sand dollar, a scallop shell, and a starfish.

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The Serene Power of the Sea and Seashells

There is something inherently intriguing and healing about seashells and related nautical-themed accessories. Many seashell-themed accessories for the bathroom feature authentic specimens from the sea and use cooling hues of cream, blue, brown, and green. Unlike natural seashells which can be fragile and are best displayed in jars, on shelves, or in shadow boxes, manufactured accessories inspired by the sea are made using resin, cast iron, and other durable materials. Let the power and magic of the ocean, beaches, and seashells change your life and bring a special touch to your bathroom.

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