11 Second Living Room Ideas [Informal Designs]

If you're lucky enough to have a second living room in your home, you might be wondering what exactly to do with it or how to decorate it. The good news is that second living rooms can have many useful purposes, so there is no right or wrong way to use the extra space.

So what exactly is a second living room? Put simply, it's a room similar to a living room that isn't enclosed, and it is typically located adjacent to the kitchen in a home.

A second living room is sometimes called a family room, a TV room, a den, and even a game room. Whatever you decide to call it, a second living room can function as a casual place in your home where you can relax in a comfort to watch TV, read, and play games. You can also turn a second living room into a home office if it meets your needs.

Second living rooms also differ from the main living room in that main living rooms are often reserved for entertaining guests and are sometimes used on formal occasions. This room is often located towards the front of the home, near an entryway. Typically there is no TV in a living room, and the furnishings are often more upscale. Often, the room will feature artwork on the walls and other decorative accents.

So how should you go about decorating a second living room? We're glad you asked! Since second living rooms are a place for relaxing, you will likely want to decorate your room less formally than your actual living room. That means that your furniture choices will be more on the comfortable side. Second living rooms often feature sectional sofas and comfortable chairs, and they often include seating choices like bean bag or Papasan chairs.

If you have been looking for help with decorating your second living room, look no further. We have put together a list of 11 spectacular second living room ideas and we have them all here just for you!

Christmas decorated rustic designed living room with a small pellet stove, white cream colored sofa with a matching wooden coffee table, 11 Second Living Room Ideas [Informal Designs]

1. Wood Galore

A room with an abundance of wood like the one seen in the photo is a great example of how a family room can be simple and cozy but still maintain a look of elegance. The comfortable sofa and wooden coffee table and TV stand work perfectly in the room and achieve a look of warmth.

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Gorgeous bohemian inspired living room with hardwood floors, wooden TV stand and white painted walls with exposed beams

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2. Fun And Games

A huge spacious living room with carpeted flooring, gray modular sofa and white ceiling with recessed lights

Second living rooms don't always need to be for sitting around—they can also be used for having fun! The room in this photo features an oversized chair in front of the TV on one end and a pool table on the other end.

The floor is carpeted which is a nice feature for a game room since it gives the room a more casual vibe. The floral throw pillows on the chair provide a nice bit of color in an otherwise sparsely furnished space.

3. Classic Family Room

Interior of an ultra rustic inspired living room with wooden furnitures and and white trims and ceiling

The room in this picture is the epitome of a classic family room. It's located right off the kitchen, and it is decorated elegantly but with a lot of warmth and charm due to the hardwood floors and earth tones.

The sofa and loveseat form an L which is the perfect layout for a night with the family watching movies or just relaxing.

4. Cozy Nook

A small living room with laminated flooring and matching wooden furnitures and blue carpets and curtains

Who says that a living room needs a couch? No matter how big your second living room is, there are ways to get creative and maximize the space. In this room, there are colorful pillows to relax on while watching a favorite tv program. The aqua drapes and rug provide a carefree vibe in this charming room.

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5. Family Forum

White leather sofas inside a bohemian inspired living room a huge square coffee table

If you like the idea of having a room where your family and friends can all sit together and play a board game, watch a movie, or just talk about their day, the space shown here is perfect!

The casual sofas and chairs all surround the coffee table so that no one is left out of the mix. The fireplace and the patterned chairs and area rug bring even more charm into the simple room.

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6. Get In The Game

A mansard inspired entertainment room with white painted walls and a Foosball right on the center

A second living room doesn't need to resemble a living room at all. Instead, you can use the space to create a fun game room for the entire family. The room in this photo features a foosball table and trendy, colorful furnishings and artwork. The look is fun—just how a game room should be.

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7. Office Space

A small minimalist working area with a modern minimalist designed cabinet and a working table with a small plant

Now that many people are working from home, a second living room can easily become a home office. This room pairs a small desk with a modern chair and several other pieces. The black and white rug adds to the contemporary flair, and the space is attractive and functional.

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8. Completely Casual

A wooden barn door inside a small narrow white inspired bathroom with a round coffee table and a small pouf on the side

If a relaxing night in front of the TV is your idea of fun, then the decor in this room is just for you! This family room is comfortable but also quite trendy.

The attractive sofa pairs well with the wooden table and TV stand, and the barn door further creates a casual and carefree vibe. The bean bag chairs on either side of the TV add just the perfect touch of easy breeziness.

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9. Modern Mood

Small living room with black sofas and chairs with matching white painted walls with huge windows

A second living room can be functional and also maintain a modern look. The room in this photo utilizes all black leather furniture to create a lovely space for family and friends to gather in front of the fireplace. Comfortable pillows adorn the couch and loveseat, providing the room with a homier, softer feel.

10. Fun And Festive

A small living room with cream painted walls decorated in a Christmas theme

This family room is the epitome of cozy. Decorated for the holidays, this space is as cute as it can be with pleasant earth-toned furnishings in coordinating colors. The wooden pieces are a quaint, light wood. and the oversized pillows on the sofa brighten up the entire room.

11. Fun And Colorful

Since second living rooms are often on the smaller side, a more compact couch like the one in this photo might be the way to go. The brightly colored ottomans coordinate beautifully with the throw pillows and walls. The result is a whimsical feast for the eyes.

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Summing It Up

Christmas decorated rustic designed living room with a small pellet stove, white cream colored sofa with a matching wooden coffee table

Second living rooms can be a lot of fun to decorate. Since they aren't as formal as main living rooms, you have more freedom to get creative with colors and furnishings, and you can style the room for functionality rather than just aesthetics. Design your second living room so that it fits your family's needs, and you will always have a relaxing and fun place to retreat in your home.

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