Can You Set Up The TV On Top A Table? [And How To]

Choosing the perfect spot for your appliances can sometimes feel impossible. Do you want to set your TV up on a table in your house but don't know how to do this? Well, we've done extensive research into this topic and have the answers here for you. Let's check them out below.

Yes! You can certainly set a TV up on a table if you'd like. Generally, as long as your television has an included stand, you can attach this to your appliance and set it down on a flat, stable surface.

Furthermore, you can also use a table mount for your TV to prop it up, although this can be a trickier installation process.

As we begin, we will cover all things TV installation and discuss how to set one up on a table. Whether you're trying to keep your walls hole-free or need new ideas, we're here to offer some guidance. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

Mockup tv on cabinet in modern empty room, Can You Set Up The Tv On Top of A Table? - And How To

Can You Put A TV On A Table?

Yes, as long as the table you put your television on is flat, you should be fine to do this. New TVs will often come with a stand that you can screw into them, which works for tables/other flat surfaces.

Generally, these stands will not be difficult to attach, so any skill level can give it a shot. There are also table mounting kits for the TV you can use if you want your appliance to swivel or be higher, so there are plenty of options.

Regardless of where you put your TV, make sure it won't be too close to anything that could potentially damage it or even knock it over.

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Can I Mount My TV To A Table?

As we said, it is possible to mount a TV to a standard table. Typically, you will want to purchase a universal mounting stand, which you can place on your table.

Doing this will ensure your device is correctly attached to something sturdy and allow you to move it around easier. Furthermore, you can also mount your TV to a stand and then nail it into a table, which provides an extra layer of stability.

However, this will damage your desk or table, so keep that in mind.

Mount Pro Universal TV Stand

This universal TV stand works with televisions between 37 and 70 inches, is height adjustable, has a tempered glass base, holds up to 88 pounds, and promises to leave your table damage-free.

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How Do You Set Up A TV On A Table?

For those wanting to set up a TV on their table or desk, this won't be too hard. To begin:

  1. Purchase a table-friendly TV mount or stand.
  2. Clear off your table or desk.
  3. Measure the size of your mount and mark your table.
  4. Use a drill to make holes in your table (not required).
  5. Screw/secure your TV mount into the table/desk.
  6. Following your mount's instructions, attach it to your TV.

Of course, you don't need to screw a table mount in for it to be stable. Plenty of TV stands and mounts don't require installation but instead, have a heavy base.

We recommend using a screw-in mount for bigger TVs, so if you're working with a 60-70 inch flatscreen, that may be the better option. Again, your appliance may already come with a stand that you can attach, so you may not need to purchase additional items.

How To Mount A TV To A Desk Tutorial

Here is a helpful video tutorial on mounting a TV to a desk. In this video, they go into the basics of hiding extra wires and securing a television to a table/desk, all for under $40.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A TV?

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There are plenty of ideas to consider for anyone having trouble finding a new location for their TV. Ideally, you want your television to be eye-level. That means that wherever your device is, you will easily be able to see it when you're seated.

Generally, using a TV stand is the best and most stable option for this. If you prefer using a table, this is fine if it is high enough from the ground.

Considering that floor level isn't the best spot for an expensive appliance, giving your TV about 2-3 feet of height is best. However, as long as your TV is on a stable, flat surface, it shouldn't run into any issues.

You also need to make sure your television is nearby to a power source, so that can impact your decision as well.

Can I Put A TV On The Floor?

In general, we don't recommend putting a TV on the floor. Besides the floor being an unsafe location, placing a TV that low can make it uncomfortable to watch.

As we mentioned, you want your device to be around eye level. Even if your sofa is low, a television sitting on the floor will strain your neck, back, and eyes.

Furthermore, having your TV on the floor can lead to damage. Specifically, if you have a robot vacuum or even a robot mopping system, this can ruin your TV.

So, make sure to purchase a stand or table for your television, even if it's lower to the ground.

Bestier 70 Inch Mid Century Modern TV Stand

This mid-century modern TV stand has a low profile design, grey walnut color, fits televisions up to 80 inches, and comes in a few size/design options.

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Is A TV Too Heavy For A Table?

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Generally, a TV won't be too heavy to sit on a table. Considering that many tables are designed for heavy dishes, your television shouldn't cause any problems.

However, this will all depend on how heavy your appliance is. Furthermore, the material of your table can also play a role in this, so if it isn't super durable, we don't recommend placing anything big on top of it.

Wood, metal, and even glass tables tend to be the sturdiest options, so if you don't have a table yet, you may want to consider one of those materials for your TV.

Will A Coffee Table Hold A TV?

For those wanting to put a TV on their coffee table, you should be okay to do this. As we covered above, most tables are meant to hold quite a bit of weight, so a TV won't cause damage.

Again, it's always a good idea to check the weight limit of your table and then weigh your television. Moreover, try not to put too many heavy electronics on one table, which can also lead to problems.

How Much Does A TV Weigh?

Generally, a TV will weigh about 32.4 pounds with the stand. Without, your television should weigh in at roughly 28.4 pounds. Of course, this can vary depending on the size of your appliance, so everyone will be different.

With modern televisions becoming skinnier, this makes them easier to mount on tables, desks, and other non-traditional surfaces. As we said, you want to make sure wherever you place a TV, regardless of size, is stable, flat, and not too close to the floor.

Is It Better To Mount A TV To The Wall?

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Mounting a TV is usually the best option if you have the wall space. Besides keeping your device off the floor, mounting it will ensure everyone can easily see it.

On top of that, having a professional mount your TV will allow you to move it around, even being able to lower/make it higher on the wall.

However, using a mount on the wall will create big holes. This can be problematic for those renting, hence why using a TV stand tends to be the next best thing.

Again, this will come down to your space and needs, so if you don't feel comfortable mounting your television, that is perfectly fine.

Does A TV Look Better Mounted?

No, having a TV on the wall doesn't always look better. Considering the number of cords that a TV typically has, hanging your appliance can create an eyesore.

With that said, there are ways to hide TV wires/cords, whether you run them through your wall or buy a camouflaging cover. However, simply placing your TV on a stand, table, or desk won't require the cord cover-up, so that's an advantage to not mounting your system.

To Wrap It Up

Mockup tv on cabinet in modern empty room

Whether you want to find a new spot for your TV or don't want to hang yours, knowing whether a table is a good alternative is always helpful. From what we found, you can set a television up on a standard table or desk, as long as it's flat.

Additionally, you also want to ensure the table you put your TV on is stable. We recommend checking the weight capacity on your table/desk before mounting a TV on it to prevent damage.

Regardless, find a TV stand or mount that fits your appliance, and don't be afraid to move yours to a new, non-traditional location!

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