How To Set Up Multiple TVs In Man Cave

Finding the perfect way to design a space in your home isn't always as easy as it seems. Suppose you have a man cave for one of your rooms and multiple TVs you need to set up. What is the best way to position more than one television in a room? Is this a good idea?

Luckily, we've done plenty of research into this question and have some ideas to share.

The first and most popular option for multiple TVs in a man cave would be using them to create an at-home sportsbook. If you've ever been to a casino or arena with a sportsbook lounge, you'll notice a wall of TV screens. That's what you can create in your man cave.

Additionally, you might prefer to have 1-2 TVs focused on wall one and then another somewhere else, so multiple people can stream/game simultaneously. You can double your TV as a monitor if you want to play video games, so keep that in mind.

As we start this article, we will cover all things planning a man cave and give our top suggestions. Whether you have 2, 3, or even 4 TVs you need to place in your room or need inspiration, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right in below!

Can I Have More Than One TV In My Man Cave?

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Yes! If you want to create a sportsbook or have multiple people using the man cave, having more than one television might be the best idea. Usually, a man cave tends to be focused on streaming sports and playing video games, so that might apply to your situation.

For example, if one TV isn't enough to see all the action from a game (or multiple), you might want to stack your TVs on the wall. Doing this with enough televisions will create a wall of sports coverage: perfect for a man cave.

Furthermore, you might even want to create multiple "mini" rooms within your man cave layout.

If you have somebody who likes to play video games and stream on Twitch/social media and someone else who wants to watch movies or a game, then more than one TV is necessary.

Technically, you can never have too much screen power in a man cave. It's crucial to make the most of your wall space, which works perfectly for multiple TVs or other electronics.

According to Man Cave Faves, you can also use your various televisions to follow workout routines, so this is a good idea for multiple lifestyles.

How Should You Set Up Multiple TVs In A Man Cave?

Now that you know more than one television in the man cave is possible, how do you set them up? Generally, people create at-home sportsbooks with their 2+ devices, so that's a good place to start.

For example, if you want to stream multiple games or angles from the same game simultaneously, more than one TV might be your only option.

Additionally, a sportsbook at home is bound to become the talk of your entire building/neighborhood, so you'll get brownie points there.

To do this, all you have to do is purchase a multi-television wall panel or build shelving to sustain more than one TV. You can also have someone come install the TVs in a "stacked" positioning, which should achieve a sportsbook feel.

We recommend looking through images of your favorite casino or stadium sportsbooks and using them for inspiration. This will make it easier for your installer to know what your goal is.

Moreover, you can create different spaces in your man cave, meaning the TVs will not be next to each other. Instead, you may have one on a console, the other on a wall, etc.

This doesn't have to be expensive, so don't feel obliged to get crazy.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Multiple TVs In One Room?

Although you might be able to negotiate a multi-television install, the average per TV is between $158 and $360. Since installing and mounting TVs can be tricky, your total price will vary greatly by the wall, room, and required labor.

For example, Home Advisor claims that the average price to mount one TV on the wall is $259. Therefore, if you have two or three devices that need mounting, your total could be well over $700.

With that said, some installers work by the hour versus the TV, so you might pay less. If your man cave has walls that are easy to mount on and the installer doesn't have to test for stability for too long, your total price tag will be lower.

Again, every space requires different attention, so no two installs are 100% the same. We recommend going through the store or brand you got your TV to find a professional installer.

Best Buy offers this service for customers, often totaling closer to $250. That price may fluctuate depending on the number of TVs you have or the job's difficulty, but it's a nice in-home service the brand has been doing for years now.

You might also find a local company that does this for less than a big-box store, so don't be afraid to shop around for the best pricing.

What Type Of Seating Do You Need In A Man Cave?

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Reclining chairs and sofas are some of the best seating for a man cave or at-home sportsbook. Since your space needs to feel comfortable, the seating you choose must be perfect.

For example, you might prefer a huge sectional with reclining sections or individually reclining movie theater seats. Regardless of the model/brand/style, you want to ensure your man cave feels like a spot to take a nap and enjoy people's company.

Therefore, we recommend having plenty of seating on top of it being comfortable. Some people are inspired by celebrities' at-home movie theaters for their man cave seating, which we agree with.

Plush chairs and soft sofas seem universal for man caves, so try to stick to that theme. Additionally, if you have various TVs set up in your room, buying a chair that swivels might be nice.

Who's to say you can't spin around and watch a whole different game?! Remember to prioritize comfort, quality, and usability for your man cave seating.

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

This home theater seating is perfect for a man cave, made with premium top-grain Italian Nappa leather, extra plush, features electrical outlets and USB charging ports, has an LED base, can recline, has a cupholder, and gleaming reviews from customers.

Follow this link to view them on Amazon.

Can You Stream On Two TVs At Once?

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Yes, as long as you use an HDMI splitter or have separate cable boxes for each TV, you can stream more than one.

Generally, you can use the same streaming accounts on multiple devices throughout your home, including the television(s). So, if you want to watch Netflix on 2+ screens, this is doable.

The same goes for cable, as long as each system has its own cable box or HDMI splitter. According to Get Grooven, you need to connect the HDMI splitter to the source of the video and then use a cable with a male end on each end and both TVs.

Doing this allows you to have more than one TV streaming on cable at once, which can come in handy for sports games. Sometimes, you have to watch something live instead of streaming, so that's when things become more technical.

Furthermore, this shouldn't be an issue if your TVs are not stacked, as they'll both have their own power source. Stacked televisions are the more complicated to wire, so this isn't always complex.

Again, you can always ask your installer about doing this to get their opinion if you need more help.

HDMI Splitter Cable

This HDMI splitter allows two TVs to connect to the same box, works for HDTV HD, LED, and LCD systems, is compatible with gaming devices and supports Hi-Def streaming.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

How Do You Make A Man Cave In A Small Room?

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One of the best ways to transform a tiny room into a man cave is to empty it out. Many design experts recommend starting fresh with your man cave space.

Once you have a clear room, add your TVs and create a cohesive layout for your seating. As we mentioned, you might need larger furniture in a man cave, so try to figure out a way to make this possible in your smaller room.

For example, you may need to give up having a pool table if you also want to have home theater seats. You don't want to have things feel cramped in a man cave, as this can cause anxiety.

Especially if you want a TV wall for streaming sports, try and keep your man cave simple. A few luxurious chairs, some bean bags, and even a bar if you can squeeze it in.

Your man cave doesn't have to be groundbreaking to be the favorite room in your home: just make it comfortable.

To Wrap It Up

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Whether you want to redo your man cave or create one, it's always good to have a plan for your TVs. From what we found, there are various ways to set up multiple televisions in a man cave.

Generally, you want to create an at-home sportsbook with more than one TV, which will be perfect for streaming live sports, etc. Furthermore, creating mini-rooms within your man cave might be worth it for streaming movies and other activities.

The key is finding comfortable seating and having a professional install your televisions. Good luck!

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